Fifteen years ago, I started my mineral supplement business – originally named Energy Images.   Today it is incorporated and is named Mother Earth Minerals.   I personally designed my company logo to represent the planet earth surrounded by a dark delta pyramid of evil dissipating thanks to the golden rays of Christ’s Truth.

During the past 18 months various extremely mean-spirited, defamatory and malicious accusations have been circulating concerning my academic credentials and business products.    Hardly a day goes by without somebody phoning my company, or e-mailing me personally because of such baseless rumors and innuendo.   Accusations include such things as: “A. True Ott is NOT a PhD:  he is in reality a dangerous covert agent working for some top-secret federal agency.”   That’s bad enough, but more recently my unique and proprietary product line of mineral supplements have also been maligned with declarations such as: ‘They are fraudulent, for they are NOTHING but water!”   Oh, good people!  Water is EVERYTHING.   Don’t take this miracle of God for granted!!!

The simple TRUTH is that I have never in my life received a penny from any governmental “agency”, and because of that,  like most honest Americans, I have to earn a living by means of my profession – which is helping people maintain, and in some cases, regain, their MOST VALUABLE ASSET – their health and well-being.  The TRUTH is that over the last decade and a half, thousands of individuals all over the world have seen extremely positive results from consuming my products, combined with following my dietary tips and recommendations.

The TRUTH is, my Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Nutrition was earned at a time (the early 90’s) when NUTRITION DOCTORATES were largely unheard of here in America.   No “accredited” university in the U.S. offered a “doctorate” in Nutrition.  I was eventually referred by a research MD friend in Washington to an online PhD course of study centered in the “Headquarters of Homeopathy” – Dresden, Germany via the Kneipp Institute and brokered by the World Naturopathic Health Organization in Washington D.C.  It was not easy to be accepted in this course – it took 5 professional references and interviews to finally gain admittance.

It didn’t take long to realize why such a course and incredible body of KNOWLEDGE was to be mocked, ridiculed and belittled by the B’nair B’rith Masonic-controlled “Regents” who grant “accreditation” here in “the land of the free” America.  Imagine – learning about MINERALS, and ENZYMES, and PROTEINS, and ANTI-NUTRIENTS, and FREE RADICALS – and most of all the INCREDIBLE STORY OF HEALING WATER!   I learned about the Austrian “water wizard” named Viktor Schauberger and his incredible “water cure” that was being validated and promoted in Eastern Europe during the early 90’s.   Could it really be true?  Could pure WATER be such a powerful healing mechanism?  After all, didn’t the vast majority of Jesus Christ’s many miracles revolve around water? Didn’t He turn water into wine?   I reasoned there was only one way to find out if the course study was legitimate -and that was to TEST it objectively and see.

Schauberger and his modern students in Austria, Germany, and Russia (Ukrainian Christians) were/are declaring that WATER has imprinted memory – and as such, can either be extremely healthy, or conversely, extremely toxic to the human body leading to chronic health challenges.  My PhD dissertation declared that if this was true about water, and thanks to pioneers in mineral research such as Dr. Linus Pauling – I knew that MINERAL DEFICIENCIES were the root cause of ALL disease states –  it seemed logical that extremely pure minerals added to extremely PURE WATER combined with high Gauss magnetic fields could possibly provide the ULTIMATE combination for reversing chronic disease and more importantly – maintaining health and vitality.   This is what inspired me to start my business.

Beginning in 1997, I partnered with a young licensed chiropractor in Cedar City, Utah – and began to test my theories of water and minerals.  I hosted a live radio show titled “Your Health is Your Wealth” on Saturdays, and also “The Story Behind the Story” live on Thursday afternoons.   In retrospect, the good people in conservative, predominantly Mormon Southern Utah didn’t know what to make of my public lectures and declarations.   More than a few likely thought I had lost my mind.    I purchased a commercial water distilling machine to “rebirth” the water – then added specific minerals, then applied specific electro-magnetic frequencies to the final product as instructed by Schauberger’s papers.  On my radio shows I invited people with serious health challenges to “try my experimental protocols”.   Within months I had over 150 “volunteers”.   The vast majority experienced what they termed “miraculous” results within 90 days.  Needless to say, I was elated.  I could see a real NEED for my products and naively thought that orthodox medicine would just as enthusiastically embrace them BECAUSE THEY WORKED!

At this time, Leonard Horowitz was living near Sandpoint Idaho, and was associated with my good friend and fellow researcher Dr. Joey Puleo.  Indeed “Joey” and I were communicating weekly, as we shared ideas concerning the secrets of water and shared success anecdotes.   At this time, I received a phone call from Horowitz announcing that he, his wife and children, were planning a Disneyland trip to S. Cal., and that he would like to visit me and see what I was working on as they would be needing a travel break.   Indeed, while his wife and kids took their break, I showed Horowitz what I was doing.   It was all very cordial and friendly, and after about 30 minutes,  he and his family headed south on I-15.

Two weeks later, I was arrested by Utah DOPL agents along with federal FDA agents and charged with a Class I Felony – “Practicing Medicine Without A License.”   They seized all my records and my equipment.   Worse, if convicted I was looking at 30+ years in Utah State prison.   How could honest “research” be a criminal felony, I asked?  At my preliminary hearing, thanks to an Amicus Brief personally presented to the court by my colleague Dr. James Dissault, head of the WHNO, Judge Braithwaite dismissed the charges with prejudice.  When he asked the prosecution who had been “damaged” – or in other words, who had filed the complaint, the “prosecutor” said that I was raided because of an “anonymous” complainant.

Of course, I don’t know WHO made this complaint- but I submit it likely had to be someone with clout and credentials – and more importantly an AGENDA to keep my work from progressing.   I was highly respected in my town of Cedar City, Utah – at least I liked to think I was.  Not all people there may have agreed with my study – but I highly doubt they would see me as a criminal threat – BECAUSE I DID NO HARM TO NO PERSON (I actually helped more than a few) – I only sincerely wanted to help humanity.

As he was leaving the courtroom that morning, Dr. Dissault told me he knew who had been behind this, but didn’t have the time to fill me in.  He was on his way to AZ to hep another researcher similarly charged as I was.  He told me to contact him in a week at his D.C. office – and he would fill me in.   A week later, I phoned his D.C. number – and found out that he had been shot and killed – and his World Naturopathic Health offices had been “firebombed”.    Just a coincidence?   Perhaps.  But on the other hand – maybe not!

I recounted this story briefly during a radio interview with Greg Szymansky a number of years ago – but in no way did I accuse Len Horowitz of being the rat.   Approximately two years ago, a woman named Sherri Kane called me out of the blue with the bald-faced lie that she was a “Fox TV news reporter doing a story on Dr. Len Horowitz”.  She was basically calling to know if I had publicly accused Horowitz of being the person who filed the complaint against me years ago.  I told her I simply didn’t know.   I told her it well could have been Horowitz, but honestly, I didn’t know.   She then told me how WONDERFUL Len Horowitz is, and that he couldn’t have done such a dastardly thing.   Fine, ok with me – it doesn’t really matter, right?  It’s all old history, right?

For the record, that’s what has precipitated these mean-spirited attacks.  The FACT is that if Len Horowitz didn’t maliciously seek to have my work shut down THEN, he most assuredly is doing what he can to do so NOW.  By his own public admission, he has filed NUMEROUS complaints against me to various FEDERAL AGENCIES.   All false, malicious,  slanderous, and damaging to my work and good name.   All BOGUS!  All designed to ruin me and my wonderful family permanently via organized harassment.  Amazingly, he has even maintained a libelous website using TRUE OTT as the URL name. (  Who in their right mind is so vindictive and obsessive to not only do such a thing – but to maintain such for so long?

Looking back, I realize that my work in the healing arts has always centered on water and imprinting it with energy in the form of minerals and Gauss fields.   Only a small minority of Americans have taken my research and work seriously, unfortunately.   They are simply ignorant and uninformed about the amazing properties of water.   Fortunately, science is now proving my theories independently.   It is nice to be vindicated!!!!!