The year was 1951.  The place, a small village in the south of France named Pont-Saint-Esprit.  WW II was over, and the “cold war” was just beginning.

On 15 August , a strange “epidemic” rocked this village.    Marked by acute psychotic episodes similar to “zombie” mental insanity depicted in Hollywood movies, and various other bizarre physical symptoms, the world newspapers focused on Pont-Saint-Esprit for many months. More than 250 people were victimized, including 50 persons interned in mental asylums and four people died a most horrific death.

The “official” explanation for the incredible event?   Ergot mold poisoning.   This led to public demonizing of millet seed flours (supposedly more susceptible to ergot molds)   by a man named Ezra Taft Benson, secretary of agriculture under Eisenhower.    Wheat grain became the “safe and correct” source of the nation’s commercial flour as a direct result.

Here’s the “Story Behind the Story” that you’ll never read except on this website.

First, during the year 2008, when the CIA learns that an honest investigative journalist named Hank P. Albarelli Jr. is talking with certain CIA whistleblowers concerning the TRUTH about Pont-Saint-Esprit, and that Albarelli is working on a book on the subject, they immediately spring into all-out defense mode.   They commission Edomite “historian” Steven Kaplan to quickly write and publish a definitive report on the event titled Le Pain Maudit, and publicly bill it as “an extensive historical account of the incident and its repercussions”.    The Pont-Saint-Esprit event was 57 years old, and long forgotten, yet here is Kaplan making a public case that the poisoning might have been caused by nitrogen trichloride, a chemical commonly used to artificially (and illegally) bleach flour.   It is clearly timed to strategically precede the release of Albarelli’s book – and of course, to discredit it in the Edomite-controlled media as a wild “conspiracy theory”.

I interviewed Hank Albarelli on my radio show.   In his 2009 book, A Terrible Mistake,  Albarelli documents that the OSS/CIA tested the use of LSD on the population of Pont-Saint-Esprit as part of its MKULTRA  and covert biological weapons program!!   He also documents that CIA murder victim Frank Olson‘s involvement in and knowledge of the operation was the reason for his murder – (which of course was made to look like a suicide).   Albarelli testified that he located a top secret report issued in 1949 by the research director of the Edgewood Arsenal, where many US government LSD experiments were secretly being carried out.   The report states that the army should do everything possible to launch “field experiments” using the drug. Using FOIA requests, Albarelli also got hold of another CIA report issued in the year 1954. In it a representative from the giant Swiss chemical company, Sandoz Chemicals (formerly I.G. Farben, and whose factory that produced LSD under contract with the CIA was geographically close to Pont-Saint-Esprit), said, “The Pont-Saint-Esprit ‘secret’ is that it was not the bread at all… It was not grain ergot.”     According to Albarelli’s incredible book, the Pont-Saint-Esprit incident was intended as a precursor to similar experiments scheduled to take place in America.   Furthermore, Albarelli  points out that Sandoz Laboratories was covertly producing LSD for the CIA at the time and that Sandoz scientists falsely pointed the finger at ergot as the culprit.

Did you get that dear reader?   Have “similar experiments” been covertly going on in America since the 1950’s in order to “dumb-down” the American people as a whole?   I submit it isn’t only LSD that is being “experimented” with here in America.  I submit that substituting wheat grain for millet flour was and is itself an ongoing “experiment” in controlling human minds in a most dastardly manner.     Keep in mind the mass demonization and eventual abandonment of millet seed flour was a direct CIA manipulation in America following the Pont-Saint-Esprit event.

Consider the following facts.   During this same time period, sodium fluoride, a KNOWN neuro-toxin rat and cockroach poison, was widely introduced by government “scientists” to the American public as a substance that prevents tooth decay.  That notion that Na Fl protects teeth is simply a bald-faced lie.   Also during the same time period, BIG PHARMA began their blitz of selling their VACCINATION PROPAGANDA – peddling toxic mercury-laden shots to America’s children with full governmental support.   On top of that, anti-nutrient-rich UNSPROUTED GRAIN became the staple food of America concurrently – again by governmental decree.   I highly doubt this is all mere coincidence.  Want to know another strange fact?   The little French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit just happens to be the home town of a family named Bouvier.   Yes, that’s right, as in Jaqueline  Bouvier – the wife of Jack Kennedy.   Considering the history of  open HOSTILITY AND ANTAGONISM of JFK concerning the CIA and the Dulles boys, it has to make one at least say HMMMMMM!

You see, unlike millet seeds, grain is loaded with toxic substances called “anti-nutrients”.  That right folks – anti-nutrients.   Chances are great you’ve never heard of “anti-nutrients” – but that’s understandable considering who controls the mass media.  Unsprouted wheat is full of phytic acid, gluten, and lectins.  Oh my.   In a nutshell, these substances accumulate in the gut and not only make it nearly impossible to absorb minerals and vitamins from the healthy food you may eat – but they also block the formation of ATP energy at the cellular level.  When you have low ATP, dear reader – you also have imbalanced hormones.  When you have imbalanced hormones – guess what – you are extremely likely to be diagnosed as chronically depressed – i.e. you can’t produce nor ‘uptake’ the hormone seratonin.   Your white-coat MD trained at “Harvard” then will take a blood test -and then tell you you need a miracle drug like Prozac or Zoloft.  Get the picture yet?   When a medicated anti-nutrient infested person loses control and starts shooting, what happens then?   Blame the guns of course.   Gut the 2nd Amendment – and vilify people like A. True Ott, Phd.

Can you handle the truth good people??

For just one example of people coming awake to “anti-nutrients” – see