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Update: Another Anomaly on the Sandy Hook Line and Stinker Hoax

This is an incredible smoking gun, dear readers.   It should be more than enough evidence to open a Citizen’s Grand Jury investigation.

Imagine –  absolute PROOF of a series of Vimeo posts and Twitter/Facebook accounts “memorializing’ the Sandy Hoax Shootings a full month before the event???   When this was first uncovered, Vimeo responded that people can post a video with one date, and then they can change out the first video with a new one – and the new one would still bear the date of the first video.   Yet – they offered no examples of this being done on a regular basis.   And of course, WHY would anybody want to post a memorial video over a previously posted video?  Usually, this is done ONLY as an “update” to the first video.

Of course, this doesn’t begin to explain the TWITTER records – which absolutely cannot be falsified.    This is positive proof that this is indeed a huge HOAX.   WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KIDS AND THE TEACHERS????????????  Does ANYBODY have a picture of a dead child in a coffin?



Published on Jan 9, 2013

After watching this and having kept a close eye on the situation since it happened…..i can no longer keep silent about this….MIRROR from dutchsinse – Streamed live on 8 Jan 2013
Regardless of timestamps at “vimeo”, you can’t fake TWEET timestamps ! And you can’t fake the FUNDRAISERS setup days beforehand. All links below.

Sandy Hook School Shooting was on December 14, 2012

Twitter posts from November 10, 2012 and video here:

GET IT BEFORE ITS GONE!!!! google cache of the twitter for sandy hook being tweeted on Nov 10, 2012 !


I just did the vimeo video switch / twitter experiment

Only the title of the video EMBED changes..

the title of the tweet and the text of the tweet DO NOT CHANGE.

see my twitter page now for the example: here is a screenshot

Again, the text and title of the original tweet DO NOT and CAN NOT be changed on twitter.


Tatoot1009 has documented the entire thing here as well:


facebook post with twitter screencapture here:


facebook post showing fundraiser setup to receive funds days beforehand: On December 10, 2012

Man, what I wouldn’t give to see this “Savage Chick” square off with Edomite Khazar Psycho Sherri Kane.

It would make THE OCTAGON of the MMA look like a Sunday School picnic!

She nails it all RIGHT ON THE HEAD!  No “hate speech” here, just a good 10 minutes of gospel TRUTH.    I would just simply add that the “Nation of Islam” is, as are the phony Khazar “Jews”, controlled at the highest level by the satanic, anti-Christian Edomite cabal called the “Illuminati”.   The good Reverend Farra-con is (excuse the pun) calling the kettle black.

The “Tea Party Christians” are indeed brain dead dupes when it comes to their blind ignorance about Israel.

Now – if you think the “Savage Chick” is full of misguided hate and immorality – compare her declaration with a small sampling of what appears daily on Israeli Television.

Check out this nearly naked sex siren and her mocking of Jesus Christ.   Who is “hateful” and who is telling the truth?  Who is so full of immoral aggression that they would conspire to kill HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS over the centuries?

The answer should be quite obvious, my friends.

WARNING – this video is borderline pornographic (Jews also control the Porn Industry BTW)  and shocking to true Christians!