Man, what I wouldn’t give to see this “Savage Chick” square off with Edomite Khazar Psycho Sherri Kane.

It would make THE OCTAGON of the MMA look like a Sunday School picnic!

She nails it all RIGHT ON THE HEAD!  No “hate speech” here, just a good 10 minutes of gospel TRUTH.    I would just simply add that the “Nation of Islam” is, as are the phony Khazar “Jews”, controlled at the highest level by the satanic, anti-Christian Edomite cabal called the “Illuminati”.   The good Reverend Farra-con is (excuse the pun) calling the kettle black.

The “Tea Party Christians” are indeed brain dead dupes when it comes to their blind ignorance about Israel.

Now – if you think the “Savage Chick” is full of misguided hate and immorality – compare her declaration with a small sampling of what appears daily on Israeli Television.

Check out this nearly naked sex siren and her mocking of Jesus Christ.   Who is “hateful” and who is telling the truth?  Who is so full of immoral aggression that they would conspire to kill HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS over the centuries?

The answer should be quite obvious, my friends.

WARNING – this video is borderline pornographic (Jews also control the Porn Industry BTW)  and shocking to true Christians!