Paul Harvey delivered his heart-felt tribute to America’s heartland back in the year 1978.    I remember hearing it live, actually – and LOVED IT then!

He did it because the American Farmer was under extreme attack and duress during the 70’s.   High EDOMITE BANKSTER interest rates (usury) were driving record numbers of small family farms into foreclosure.   Peanut-farmer-president Carter was doing nothing to stop it.  The small family farm was being replaced with CORPORATE MEGA-FARMS and CAFOS (massive Confined Animal Feeding Operations).

The demise of the American family farm was a key plank in the “Progressive” Agenda of socialism/communism that has a death-grip on the jugular vein of America today.

How appropriate that Edomite Jews in Madison Avenue would take this poignant message from Paul Harvey, and turn it into a million-dollar-a-minute advertisement benefiting corporate interests.   Never mind that the vast majority of the remaining small farmers of America cannot afford a new Dodge truck today.  Never mind that the primary fleet buyers of Dodge Trucks are the mega-rich agri-corporations owned and controlled by the very people who want to take ALL freedoms away from We The People.

Paul Harvey is turning over in his grave.

Here is the Future Farmers of America YouTube video that inspired the commercial: