What America has to realize sooner or later is this:

1.  The “Debt” is fraudulently owed to a PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL called the “Federal Reserve”.   It is “fraudulent” because the Federal Government through it’s Treasury Department can issue SPECIE (legal paper money) and regulate the value thereof completely DEBT-FREE!   There is absolutely no need to “sub-contract” this most vital responsibility to Edomite Anti-Christians who detest individual freedom!

2.   The IRS  is also a private “for-profit” corporation that simply collects a PORTION of the interest on the national debt for the Edomite banking cartel.    Without the private “Federal Reserve” there simply is no need for collection of “income tax”.

3.   Through the NATIONALIZATION of PUBLIC TRUST ASSETS such as the mighty Bakken Oil Fields, every American is in reality a multi-millionaire – with no need to saddle children and grandchildren with the fraudulent burden of debt.

This video is a great starting point – but it doesn’t expose the bigger picture.  THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANY DEBT-CEILING IF THERE IS NO NEED TO LIVE IN DEBT!   No Federal Reserve means no Federal DEBT.

Get it yet, America???  No need for “sequestering” – no need for “shutdowns” – no need for partisan bickering.  WAKE UP!!!

Finally, watch and listen to this GREAT historical explanation: