This is a true American Dream story – but it’s also a Nightmare.

Listen closely to his remarks on this video.  Notice how he doggedly contacted nearly 200 labs before he finally received one consent to allow him lab access in order to test and prove his theory.    Thank goodness for that one laboratory!

Now comes the other “reality”.  His 3 cent, non-invasive test to screen for pancreatic cancer now has to be “approved” by the FDA and “Cancer Society” complex process.  This process typically costs millions of dollars, and averages TEN YEARS.    Think of all the people who will die from pancreatic cancer during that decade.

The odds that Andraka’s “test” will only cost the consumer three cents when the process is completed is slim to none.   Make no mistake, somebody at Big Pharma will cut a deal with Andraka – paying him substantial money up front for any and all patent rights to the test.   When it finally comes to market – it will be available only to oncologist hospitals and clinics – at an astronomically higher price of course.

When all is said and done, CANCER IS BIG BUSINESS – and they don’t allow ANYTHING to threaten their stream of gold.

That is simply how the Medical Mafia operates in the good old USA.