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Salt Lake City, Utah is not called “The Crossroads of the West” for nothing.  It is the central nexus hub of the Western D.U.M.B. – A.S.S.  according to numerous eye-witnesses I have personally interviewed.  First constructed during the 70’s and expanded every decade since, underground elevators connect to tunnels that in turn service the Union Pacific junction, the LD$ Temple, Conference Center, and World-wide “Office Building” of LD$ Inc.   Ex-security guards have testified of witnessing Mitt Romney, Sen. Kerry, Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger, the Clintons, the Bush Boys, “BeBe” Netanyahu, and many other elite Washington/Israeli insiders covertly attending midnight “sessions” in the SLC “Temple”.    They testify that they come and go via the massive secret tunnel system and bullet-trains that covertly cross this nation.

This is all in the name of “National Security” mind you.   LD$ Inc. members compose a disproportionally large percentage of CIA and NSA Agents.  This is called the “Scowcroft Faction” after ex-NSA director, and devout Mormon Brent Scowcroft’s massive influence.  Scowcroft has always been arch-Satanist Henry Kissinger’s right-hand man, and has used his powerful and entrenched bureaucratic position over four decades to help promote many of his co-religionists, including Mittens Romney, and Mike Leavitt.

NSA Chief Scowcroft meets with VP Rockefeller and CIA Chief Colby in 1975

NSA Chief Scowcroft (center) meets with VP Rockefeller and CIA Chief Colby in 1975

This group of rabid ZIONISTS wanted Romney in the White House in the worst way, because Romney and his transition team boss Mike Leavitt, also a Mormon, are visibly embarked on a policy of favoring Mormons for top positions in the “Intelligence” community.  Wikipedia has this to say about Brent Scowcroft, the NSA Director under BOTH Presidents Ford and H.W. Bush:

“Before joining the Bush administration, Scowcroft was Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. He has had a long association with Henry Kissinger, having served as his assistant when Kissinger was the National Security Adviser under Richard Nixon, from 1968.

He is the founder and president of The Forum for International Policy, a think tank. Scowcroft is also president of The Scowcroft Group, Inc., an international business consulting firm. He is co-chair, along with Joseph Nye, of the Aspen Strategy Group. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, a board member of The Center for Strategic and International Studies, and The Atlantic Council of the United States.[3] 

To my disbelieving Mormon “critics” out there – nobody fills the position of the ultimate Washington “insider” better  than “Brother” Scowcroft!!!

This “Scowcroft Faction” is merely a subset of a secret society called “The Hellfire Club”, which included such early American “luminaries” as Benjamin Franklin.  See

Notice the very accurate description of the early days of this 18th century Satanic cult by TIME magazine: The Hellfire Club was no ordinary club. Located deep beneath the disguise of an innocent looking church in England, members of the Hellfire Club descended hundreds of feet deep into the earth; into a series of excavated tunnels, rooms and caverns; where members fornicated with prostitutes; and occult sacrifices were offered to Satan. God only knows what evils took place down there; but the Franklin Boys Town Cover-up reveals what’s happening today.”  

That was then.  What about NOW?  What better disguise than to have the “Hellfire Club” meeting directly  underneath the epicenter of a world-wide “innocent looking” Church supposedly devoted to Christ?

Don’t forget that the NSA “Data Collection Center” in southern SLC is mostly constructed UNDERGROUND as well.    SHHHHH!   Don’t Tell!  It’s not SECRET – it’s SACRED!!!!  Furthermore, it’s GREAT for Utah’s ECONOMY.  (Mormons need more mullah to shop at LD$ Inc. owned City-Creek Mall Stores!)

Brother "Dubya" Slips Mormon "Prez" Monson the Secret Temple Grip

Brother “Dubya” Slips Mormon “Prez” Monson the Secret Temple “Token” Called:                     “The Sure Sign of the NAIL” (Satan’s secret name is ‘The Nail’ – aka SIX in Hebrew.

Not only are there high-speed trains whisking VIPs from coast-to-coast faster (and more securely) than Air Force One, there are veritable underground cities being supplied with semi-truck load after load (including Sam’s Club merchandise).  Occasionally, a Dumb-Ass Trucker speaks a little too freely about what he has experienced in America’s “Underground” like this D.U.M.B. – A.S.S.  primary entry point in the Ozark Mountains: