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BioPhotons, Light, Life, and 728 Hz

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BioPhotons, Light, Life, and 728 Hz

By A. True Ott, PhD,

©2013, All Rights Reserved

“——And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face OF THE WATERS.  And God said,  Let there be LIGHT, and there was Light. And God saw the light, THAT IT WAS GOOD”  KJV Holy Bible – Genesis 1: 2-4

Speaking as a biochemist, the incredible miracle called LIFE can be explained in two words which form the basic pillars of all biochemical interactions: Water and Light.   Clearly, whether the reader “believes” in God as the divine creator of all life or whether he/she claims to be an atheist or agnostic, the fact is that the first step of the Genesis creation story also begins with the combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen primal gasses (what we call H2O water) and something simply called “Light”.   Also, take notice of the sequence of events in the Genesis account: First there was Water, and THEN there was Light!

Water is easy to define.  It truly is the combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen ions.  However, the English word Light is a bit more difficult for the average person to define.  Everyone (except those born blind) knows what “light” is.  They know for instance, that light is the exact opposite of darkness.   Darkness can also thus best be defined as the absence of light.   There are varying degrees of darkness, and these degrees are directly related quite simply, to the absence of light waves.  For instance, the darkness one experiences in a deep underground cave when all artificial lighting is extinguished is the very definition of absolute darkness.  Absolute darkness is simply a condition where there is ZERO light, and far beneath the surface of the earth, ZERO light energy penetrates.

So think deeply about it for just a few minutes:  What then is LIGHT?   Here now is the science of physics definition of Light: “LIGHT: The electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength; sometimes only referring to a range of wavelength (about 400-700 nm) visible to an unaided human eye.”   Did you get that?? The “Electromagnetic RADIATION of any WAVELENGTH” often measuring a mere 400-700 nanometers is what constitutes LIGHT.    When it comes to understanding and unlocking the SCIENCE of Health and Longevity (I.e. ABUNDANT LIVING) – this knowledge has to be a basic pillar of truth.

What then is the Physics definition of the terms “electromagnetic radiation” (E.R.) and “wavelengths”?  E.R. is defined as:  the propagation of energy through space and time.  ENERGY is synonymous with LIFE, you see.   In the context of this report, electromagnetic radiation (specifically natural gamma rays and low-level H+ X-rays from the sun) is also completely synonymous with what is called corpuscular radiation (alpha particles, electrons, protons, neutrons) capable of producing ionization.   (Ionization is any process by which a neutral atom gains or loses electrons, thus acquiring a net charge.)

The Physics definition of wavelength is quite simple really:  “The length of a single cycle of a wave, usually measured from crest-to-crest.  For electromagnetic waves (i.e. RADIATION), the wavelength determines the type (either radio, far infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-Ray, gamma-ray) of radiation. In the case of visible light, the individually measured wavelength determines the color of the light generated; the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave.  It is also a measurement between two successive points of a wave, which can be used to measure things such as light and sound. The wavelength of lights visible as “colors” to the human eye range from violet (400 nanometres) to red (750 nanometres).”

Interestingly also, there are seven colors of the rainbow, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.   Rainbows are observed only when the LIGHT of the sun’s rays of radiation interact with WATER.   The Bible informs us that the rainbow is a divine symbol guaranteeing LIFE – a symbol of a covenant made with mankind following the Flood of Noah.

I know this has been somewhat “technical” – but let’s try and simplify it a little.   Most people have seen the ocean and the waves called the “surf”.   You can physically measure the pattern or timing of each wave’s crest as they crash on the sand or the rocks.   That is basically the same thing as a wavelength of light, only on a much, much larger scale.   Isn’t it interesting that in Genesis, WATER comes first, THEN the LIGHT (ionizing waves of water-spawned energy) before anything else could ever be created – once again, light is simply the extension and physical nanometer manifestation of the water’s signature WAVES.   This substance called LIGHT in turn dispels the DARKNESS – i.e. the ABSENCE OF LIFE.     Perhaps now you can also begin to understand why Jesus Christ, whom the Apostle John declared was THE WORD MADE FLESH,  (John 1: 1-3 – the “word” is sound (also a wavelength) that creates EVERYTHING)solemnly declared: “I am the LIGHT of the World: he that follows me shall not walk in DARKNESS, but shall have the LIGHT OF LIFE!” (John 8:12)  I submit that one’s quality of life here on earth is directly proportionate to one’s personal relationship level with his/her creator – which is Jesus Christ.   This in turn, can lead one fully into the promise of ETERNAL LIFE through embracing the true LIGHT of the World.    See, science can indeed support spirituality, for they are interconnected!

Now that we’ve covered the topics of LIGHT and LIFE, let’s delve into the other two topics of this paper – specifically BioPhotons and 728 hertz.

Nothing elicits cries of “QUACKERY” and “BOGUS PSEUDOSCIENCE” from the sacred halls of the allopathic elitist Big-Pharma mega-money bankster stream faster than an open and honest discussion of the truth of BioPhotons and 728 Hz photon light energy cellular cleansing and balancing.  NOTHING!  I personally found this out the hard way.  My experimentation in this field between 1999 and 2001 resulted in my arrest on false and spurious legal charges of “practicing medicine without a license”.   I submit what the “establishment” was really afraid of was the truth that my project was uncovering and proving – that incredible, almost miraculous healing can in fact occur by ingesting pure water molecules and pure earth minerals, that have been electromagnetically charged (ionized) with BIOPHOTON ENERGY pulsed at 728 hz.   This is exactly what such pioneers as Georges Lakhovsky discovered and completely documented many decades earlier.   It’s easy and logical to understand their attacks against myself and other investigators.  I submit that this field of study has the very real potential to awaken the sleeping masses from their hypnotic slumber – and heal the human mind, body, and spirit like nothing else!   A balanced, healthy human mind, body, and spirit also means there is no room for dangerous chemical drugs such as anti-depressants, NISAIDS, Opiods, etc. etc. etc.   Literally TRILLONS of filthy lucre is at stake here.  Who can blame “Them” for seeking to protect their gigantic cash flows?

At this point, I would like to quote verbatim the writings of a colleague named Tristan Anderson.  His website is called Integral Health Guide, and his article titled BioPhotons, the Light in Our Cells can be reviewed at

Anderson writes: “Among the many fascinating discoveries found within the last one hundred years, a certain discovery has remained relatively unnoticed, yet it may be one of most profound realizations that humans have witnessed thus far. This realization has come to be known as biophotons. 

History and Definition of Biophotons

Biophotons were first discovered in 1922 by a Russian embryologist named Alexander Gurwitsch and are classified as ultra-weak photon emissions from living systems (1). Further research done since the 1960′s has conclusively demonstrated that these biophotons do indeed exist and play an important role in the functioning of living organisms (2).

This low-intensity glow that is emitted by living organisms cannot be seen by the naked eye, however, equipment such as biophoton analyzers and photomultipliers can pick up these weak signals and present researchers with data and diagrams.

One of the main researchers on this topic is Dr. Fritz Albert Popp. For over 30 years Dr. Popp and his team have done extensive research and experimentation on biophotons, and have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that biophotons do exist, have specific properties, and can fluctuate at different levels. These levels have been measured through a device created by Dr. Popp and others called a biophoton meter.

Theories and Properties of Biophotons

Among one camp in this field, it is generally theorized that biophotons relay cell regulatory and metabolic information between and within cells. Increasing the level of biophotons in an organism is also believed to improve health by improving cellular communication.


Dr. Popp used his biophoton meter to measure levels in foods and came up with the following startling information:

1. Wild foods gave off the most biophotons and had levels double that of cultivated organic foods.
2. Organically farmed foods emitted five times more biophotons than conventionally grown foods.
3. Highly cooked and irradiated foods gave off almost no detectable biophoton energy.

What this research suggests is that by including a significant amount of organic and wild foods in our diet, we can increase the overall biophoton levels in our body and thereby potentially increase our overall health through increased cellular communication.

Other Interesting Properties of Biophotons:

1. Levels increase during the dying process and then go down to zero upon death (3).

2. They have been shown to have a high degree of order or coherence and have been called biological laser light (4).

3. This biological laser light is able to generate and keep order and to transmit information within an organism (5).

4. Cancer cells have been shown to emit an entirely different spectrum of biophotons than normal healthy cells (6).

5. Test subjects practicing breathing exercises were able to increase their biophoton emissions by up to 100 percent (7).


Current research on biophotons continues to expose the fascinating truth about our bodies: we are a complicated, living system of energy guided by coherent light. Only when seen in an integral or holistic manner will we be able to see the full glory of living bodies. We may be made of components, but those components all exist in a state of interconnectedness.

I encourage you to meditate on this light within you and to increase its intensity through certain foods and meditative practices such as breathing exercises. This may open whole new experiences for you in terms of connecting to your body and to the living field of nature in which we are embedded. Enjoy!

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I am so pleased that more and more “natural” healers like Tristan Anderson are awakening to the reality of BioPhoton science.  This means that the island I have been on for 15 years is now being discovered by others.   It also means my credibility is increasing, albeit slowly.

Allow me to conclude this paper by emphasizing the key point in Anderson’s writing: “it is generally theorized that biophotons relay cell regulatory and metabolic information between and within cells. Increasing the level of biophotons in an organism is also believed to improve health by improving cellular communication.”   BioPhotons, you see, are quantifiable and measurable LIGHT EMISSIONS on the cellular level.  Remember the physics definition of LIGHT!   BioPhotons operate on the violet end of the spectrum wavelength.   This corresponds with the VIOLET RAYS OF ARGON NOBLE GASSES PULSED AT WHAT LAKHOVSKY IDENTIFIED AS THE “MASTER HARMONIC FREQUENCY” OF 728 HZ.

This is exactly what I have been providing the world via my company Mother Earth Minerals since 1999.   I specifically designed my business logo to reflect the BIOPHOTON LIGHT HEALING PLANET EARTH and dissolving the DELTA OF DARKNESS currently enslaving the earth.   Each of my individual mineral supplements are electromagnetically enhanced to increase the body’s natural BioPhoton emissions based on Dr. Popp and Dr. Linus Pauling’s earlier findings.   Through a powerful healing machine we named The Photon Sound Beam, a person can further boost the actions of healing minerals and markedly increase the all-important BIOPHOTON ACTIVITY in every single cell of the body.

For more information, go to

Listen to my long-time colleague Gabriel Cousin M.D. and his declarations on this subject:

Furthermore, I was the first person in America to purchase and use Dr. Korotkov’s BioPhoton Measuring instrument in 1997 as explained and demonstrated in this short clip from “Russian Times”.

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