The author’s name is John Bertrand (J.B.) Phillips, and his seminal book is titled: “Your God is Too Small”.   It was written and first published in the year 1953 – but Phillips’ words and message are never more relevant and meaningful than they are today.   TRUTH is simply timeless – and this little book is loaded with empirical facts (aka TRUTH).

In this “modern” world of “smart” cell phones, WIFI internet, and HD TVs – the concept of “God” has been systematically eroded into a form of “universal” idiom over the years – i.e.  God is LOVE – and all you really have to do to worship God is to LOVE and be a good neighbor.  It really doesn’t matter if you are a Jew, or a Mormon, a Pagan or a Catholic – all that matters is to perform good deeds and to respect other faiths.  Heaven, after all, is UNIVERSAL – all GOOD PEOPLE are going there eventually – so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This sounds good at first blush, but is it really the truth?

This concept is spawned from the fact that the vast majority of people on this planet have adopted diverse false concepts of God promoted by totally blind and power-hungry false prophets and teachers over the years.   As science expands and  modern novel conveniences become routine and customary – most people’s fanciful images of “God” have been slowly but surely replaced with different forms of secular humanism.  Scientists are becoming the new clergy – and “Science” is the new “priesthood” if you will.

This is bound to happen when one remains blind and ignorant concerning the true nature and character of God.   If God is merely an “exalted man” – or some sort of harsh galactic policeman, or a hyper-busy Managing CEO, or some ancient Grand Old Man – then it is natural to eventually embrace a form of quiet agnosticism while simultaneously mentally and spiritually embracing Science as Humanity’s Savior.   For whatever reason, Christ’s “pastors” are not effectively mass- feeding God’s sheep – and so the vast majority of people are wandering into the dens of ravening, spiritual wolves as they are searching for sustenance.

For instance, if a person is repeatedly taught as an innocent child that God (Elohim) is nothing more than an “exalted” man of flesh and bone, who became God  by means of upward evolution via strict obedience to prescribed WORKS to glorify yet another man-who-became-God on another planetary orb somewhere in the universe, who as an exalted MAN creates “spirit children” to populate “earths” through innumerable polygamous wives, who broke His own sacred Laws of Chastity to come in his sexual flesh to an earth Virgin named Mary, to copulate with her, and thus create an “only begotten Son” of the flesh named Christ (thus Christ is merely a human “elder brother” to all mankind) – then is it any wonder that an intellectually HONEST person at some point in their adulthood seeks more credible answers from the mathematical-based/logically-correct fields of SCIENCE?

Many people will chuckle at what I described in that last paragraph – for surely nobody in their right mind “believes” such illogical nonsense, right?  Wrong!  Millions of members of what is called the Mormon (LDS) faith believe that very thing!   You see, because God (Elohim, aka “Father”) is to them a wonderful, loving, powerful, EXALTED MAN – his time and abilities are pretty limited thereby in breadth and scope.   You see, the God of Mormonism is restricted to communicating with his subjects on earth only via specific, well-defined, “HOT-LINES OF AUTHORITY”.  The ‘Hot-Line’ operates like this:  Elohim, (aka The Father) tells his will and decisions concerning planet Earth to his most favored son Jesus, who then “reveals” Elohim’s will to the Mormon “Prophet” (and him alone) in the “Holy of Holies” in the LDS Temple – who then tells the Mormon apostles, who then tells the “seventy” – who then informs the Stake Presidency, who then informs the Bishops, etc.   Of course, in this mindless misogyny only MEN are allowed to participate in this “priesthood” line of “authority”.   Women are to be the baby-making machines you see – both on earth and throughout all eternity.

The founding, first “prophet” of Mormonism, Joe Smith Jr., had all of this “structure” revealed to him, and him alone.   When other wanna-be-prophets like Hiram Page claimed “revelation” – Joe and his faithful followers quickly disciplined and quelled such rebellion in the ranks.   They declared then (and now) that Elohim is a God of order – and can only speak to ONE PROPHET!   While the Mormon “Holy Ghost” can whisper personal inspiration to rank-and-file Mormons – they are simply not allowed or encouraged to seek or receive one-on-one communion with this mighty, EXALTED MAN named Elohim.     Mormons also take in Holy Joe’s biggest base lie, hook line and sinker – the LIE that God hid himself from planet earth for centuries, waiting solely for the advent of 14 year-old Holy Joe to “restore” his lost church.  In other words, Jesus Christ – the “only begotten” of Father Elohim – didn’t and couldn’t do the job! The Gates of Hell indeed prevailed against Him and His early Church, according to the Mormons – Jesus lied and Matthew 16:18 is completely wrong!   In plain language, Christ failed and His crucifixion was all in vain!  Satan won the victory – and humanity was left alone without any communication from the exalted man named Elohim for over a thousand years.    This then makes JOE SMITH greater than JESUS CHRIST in many ways,you see.   No wonder he is so revered in Mormonism to the point where they actually sing HYMNS to his memory such as: “Praise to the MAN who Communed with Jehovah!”

What this grand deception has spawned is a “religion of man” composed largely of very sincere, yet hopelessly naive people who are governed by fear and false prejudice spawned by their way-too-small false God.   They are enslaved by the very real binding chains called peer-pressure and selfish ego gratification.  They dare not think for themselves and dare not ask questions.   They dare not search for liberating TRUTH – because the very act of searching means they may be perceived as being unfaithful.  Then, of course, they would not be able to stroke their false egos by being selected for some high and mighty leadership position.   All the while, the nagging thought haunts them: ‘AM I GOOD ENOUGH?  HAVE I DONE ENOUGH GOOD WORKS TO GAIN EXALTATION WITH JOE SMITH AND BECOME A GOD WITH HIM AND RECEIVE MY PROMISED HAREM OF WIVES??”   That’s the big problem with faiths spawned by the false “God of the Earth” – you never really know for sure – there is never any real yardstick provided to tell you where you stand with that Exalted Corporate CEO Man in the Sky – aka Satan the Deceiver.

The TRUTH is that all false religions have this same problem – whether it is the Mormons, or the Roman Vatican structure, Eastern mysticism, New-Age “ascended masters”, or pure Satanism (which is at least honest in declaring the actual identity of their rebellious god) – you will never be taught the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!      Legions of false deceiving “Familial (aka Familiar) Spirits”  are very skillful at evoking human EMOTIONS by spewing half-truths and employing fear.

Now, at this point most readers have either quit reading, or are thinking: ‘What makes this guy True Ott tick?  Why is he doing this? What’s his “angle.”   Fair question.   Here’s the answer.

I am not a “pastor” and I am not seeking a following.  I’m not asking that money be donated for this message – and I am not forming any “Church”.   I am doing this for one reason only – to Glorify Jesus Christ – Alpha and Omega – THE TRUTH – and Him alone.   I hope you can see the difference.  Joe Smith, Mohammed, Constantine, Pope Ratzinger and others all had/have ulterior motives – they sought to enrich and exalt themselves first, not giving their ALL for the One True God and Him alone.

With that said, here then is the answer that millions of people are seeking to find.  THE HOLY BIBLE CAN BE 100% TRUSTED.   It, the KING JAMES ‘AUTHORIZED’ VERSION has been, absolutely, positively, without a shadow of any doubt – translated correctly.   It has the complete information – the height, breadth, depth and width of all TRUTH.   You see, there is a reason the KJV will always be the most-printed and most-widely distributed literary work in the history of the world!   It is God’s prescribed word of TRUTH in its entirety!   No need for shadowy channeled texts literally pulled out of a hat via a seerstone – no need for a Koran, no need for a Talmud, no need for Urantia messages from ascended masters, no need for demonic necromancy ghost writings.   The answers to all of life’s problem – and the blueprint for eternal life are all contained in that book, and it alone.

There you can find exactly HOW to find the TRUE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE -and how you can make him a very real part of your life – each and every day.

Let me give you a short synopsis – if you want to learn more, I highly suggest you get the book “Your God is Too Small” – (see link below.)

God is indeed “Alpha and Omega” the beginning and the end – the first and the last.   He is NOT an exalted man.   He is as infinite as the mathematical numbers – high and low – to infinity.   He Created ALL THINGS via his WORD (vibrational frequencies) – even the fallen angel Satan and Satan’s rebellious legions of “demons”.   This physical “World” is merely an illusion and as such it is ruled by Satan the fallen angel on a much lower vibrational plane of time and space.    Time itself is an illusion.  In the ethereal realm – time ceases to exist.   This then is the very real truth of ETERNAL LIFE as taught by Christ.

God is not a man of flesh and bones who evolved via exercising blind obedience into God.  Exactly the opposite is true.  God condescended and DEVOLVED from his much higher plane of existence and BECAME A MAN ON THIS FALLEN EARTH.    This was done because of His all-encompassing LOVE and the desire to rescue from the shrewd traps of the renegade angels, those whose hearts are pure and seeking TRUTH at all times.    This is the “condensed version” of the entire message of The Holy Bible.   It is the TRUE story of the “Rescue Plan’.   It is why Satan and his minions constantly fight against messengers of this most important truth.

But, you as any reasonable, thinking person may ask:  “How can you KNOW this?”  What makes this any different than Mormonism’s claims?  The answer, like I said above, is found in the Holy Word:  John 7:17 – Here Emmanuel (God With US) aka Jesus Christ gives us the grand KEY of David:  If any man will do His [God’s] Will, he shall KNOW of the Doctrine – WHETHER it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.”   In other words, Christ is declaring a universal principle of all SCIENCE – “You can’t KNOW, until you are willing to DO!”   Any scientist will tell you that hypothesis never becomes empirical fact without DOING experimentation.

What then are we expected to DO?   Here are the steps He outlined in Matthew 16:24 1. DENY YOURSELF.  This simply means abandoning your false ego or sense of self.  Totally strip yourself of all false PRIDE.  You do this by realizing all worldly honors, wealth and power ends at death – and as such they are completely meaningless to God. You came into this world naked, and you’re going out the exact same way, my friends.  You have to come to the grim reality that you are NOTHING but a creature born in sin – and as such, you are hopelessly separated from God. You are NOT born a “Child of God” – but are born a Child of Sin.   (Sin simply means separation from God.)  2. TAKE UP THE CROSS.  This means bearing the painful cost of denying one’s false self.   This is not easy.  Friends, colleagues and family members stuck in their damning,  false religions will mock you and claim you are possessed by demons.  Often, they will disown you and defame you if at all possible.  3.  Simply FOLLOW HIM.  Meaning that you now live your life positively, following Christ’s pattern and teachings to the letter.

It is my personal witness that once these three steps are accomplished – you will KNOW the doctrine.  You will tap into a very real and very powerful RIVER OR STREAM OF LIFE (His LIVING WATER) and you will absolutely KNOW that you are ONE WITH HIM – and that Eternal Life is very real, and very personal.   Then you are “born again” in Him.  You follow Him, not because you are seeking tally points with a Church of peer-reviewed men – but because you are ONE with Him in every way.   It is no longer in your nature to be adulterous, to lie, or rob, murder, or steal.  You are ONE with His Love.

When that event happens, you will also KNOW the “mysteries”.  You will know exactly how it is that Christ is also God the Father, as well as the COMFORTER – Three in One.   You will understand completely His declaration in John 14:9 “He that has seen Me, has seen the Father.”  You will understand in your humility, that indeed, you are HUMAN – and no man can ever hope to be equal with his creator.  You will make mistakes, you WILL make errors – for to err is human.  Christ understands that fully, and LOVES you anyway- because you love HIM.   His forgiveness is Divine and always there for those who honestly follow the prescribed three steps.

You see, the true God is never too small.   Unlike the pantheon of demonic minions of Satan and their false structures – this GOD will never deceive nor mislead you.  Remember, his ‘yoke’ is indeed easy, and His burden is indeed light.

For a historical list of Satan’s prior and current modern escapades (why Satan needs TEMPLES and how he controls false religions through emotions and material wealth and POWER) including an accurate biographical sketch of Satan’s powerful demonic underlings as PERSONALLY revealed to their living “prophets” – go to the “Joy of Satan Ministries” at:

Furthermore, if you think Satan is some red horned creature, and a harmless myth created to scare children, you are greatly mistaken.  He appears as a most benevolent ANGEL OF LIGHT –  often in a PILLAR OF LIGHT – to his “prophets” – and bestows upon them his “priesthood” via his universal sign of:  THE NAIL.  See