Apotheosis is a Greek word literally meaning man becoming a God THROUGH HIS WORKS.   This is the ultimate end goal of the Gnostic secret societies since the days of Adam.   Gnosticism literally means secret knowledge. 

Why has this knowledge been so “secret” and hidden for thousands of years?  Why is it to this day protected by initiates to the point of exacting oaths of secrecy upon penalties of death if they are revealed?  Simply because it is Satan’s High Priesthood.   Satan operates in the shadows, and in secret.   He fears public scrutiny.   He fears total transparency.  You see, if it was for the BENEFIT of humanity, and not for the MANIPULATION of humanity for the enrichment of an elite few, there would be NO REASON for secrecy.   Welcome to the world of EDOMITE Kaballah and Freemasonry.  

Jesus Christ, GOD INCARNATE, the Creator of the Universe – operates exactly the opposite.  He told His earthly disciples: “For there is NOTHING hid, which shall not be manifested,  neither was any thing kept SECRET, but that it should come abroad.”  (Mark 4:22)  Thus secret knowledge and blood oaths are exclusively the domain of the Anti-Christ and his demonic minions.  

If you ever happen to find yourself in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington D.C. – take a good long look over your head.  You will see a massive fresco painted there.  It is called the “Apotheosis of George Washington”.  It depicts George Washington becoming an EXALTED GOD.  It also depicts all of the SIX PRIMARY PAGAN GODS AND GODDESSES of ancient Rome as well –   Columbia – the goddess of “War,” (as in District of War – D.C.) Minerva – the goddess of “Science,” Neptune, the God of the Oceans or “Marine,” Mercury, the Roman God of “Commerce,” Vulcan – the God of the underworld – fire and forge – i.e. “Mechanics,” and finally, Ceres, the Roman Goddess of “Agriculture”.   All of this “work of art” is surrounded by 72 pentagrams – the universal “seal” of the Satanist!

So, who created this masterpiece and when?   A Roman Catholic 33rd Degree Freemason named Constantino Brumidi in 1865 – shortly after the conclusion of the Civil War.   Brumidi had quite an impressive resume.  He worked for three years in the Vatican under the direction and tutelage of Pope Gregory XVI, and served several European masonic aristocrats as an artist for their massive palaces and villas, including the prince Torlonia.    

 He was a high initiate.  He knew the Satanic priesthood’s highest and best-kept secrets.  

The Apotheosis of Washington – U.S. Capitol Rotunda!

Below you will find a link to a very long, yet extremely informative YouTube video titled “Secrets in Plain Sight.”   It is posted by a group called “GnosticMedia.”   They would have you believe that gnosticism is wonderful and perfectly safe.  They would want you to believe that secret knowledge is of Jesus the Christ.   They would have you believe Joseph Smith and Brigham Young’s – (both MASTER MASONS) – core teaching that “As man is, God once was, as God is, Man may become” (pure Freemasonic APOTHEOSIS) is completely true.

You see, the problem is – this “apotheosis” is Satan’s false promise – it is is ultimate “priesthood”.   Satan would have you believe that Godhood can be achieved through secret knowledge (gnosticism) and mortal works.   This is how he “beguiled” Eve in the primordial Garden.  He promised her FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE – with the end result being the promise of apotheosis – YE SHALL BE AS GODS.   (See Genesis 3:5) 

Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet made it very clear that the desire for apotheosis was the goal of Lucifer/Satan from the outset – and was the sole reason why he was banished from heaven and established his earthly kingdom.  (Isaiah 14:12-13).   This, dear reader, is also the exact reason Emmanuel – God With Us – Jesus of Nazareth – came to Earth in the flesh – to REDEEM humanity from the LIE of his adversarial fallen angel – Satan.  Indeed – it is the ultimate Heresy! 

The exact OPPOSITE doctrine of Satanic Apotheosis self-exaltation is found in the core message of Christ’s saving Grace.  Only through complete humility – ABANDONING ALL PRIDE AND SELF-CENTERED EGO – and kneeling as dust before Him and inviting Him into your heart – can you then become His Joint-Heir – which of course means being exalted through Him.   He taught this core truth in Matthew 23:12 “And whosoever shall exalt HIMSELF shall be abased (i.e. cursed), and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.” 

Indeed, HE alone is the “Way, the Truth and the Life.”   There is no need for secret gnostic societies with all the blood oaths, death, and murder/mayhem.   This is how Satan rules with “blood and horror” upon the earth.  Again, this why it must be kept so esoteric and SECRET.

The founding Mormon “prophet” Joseph Smith became a master mason – and plagiarized EVERYTHING MASONIC into his temple “endowment”.  It too, is “secret” and can be given only to “worthy” Mormons.  It is elitist and highly Satanic.   It is a well documented FACT that just before his death, Smith ran to the Carthage jail window and gave the universal masonic distress symbol – raising his hands over his head and yelling “Is there no hope for the widows son?”   Apparently there weren’t any secret satanic brethren in the crowd – because they shot him dead anyway.  

It is also a FACT that Albert Pike directed most, if not all, of the actions of Smith’s successor, Brigham Young.   Albert Pike made it abundantly clear who was the “god” of the masons and thus the Mormons – “Lucifer, the Light-Bearer”.  

Keep this in mind as you view this video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= L777RhL_Fz4&feature=player_detailpage