Most Americans believe everything they see on the Tel-Lie-Vision.  They don’t feel the need to think for themselves, let alone search for the truth of all things.  They are blissfully ignorant as to how pervasively deep the Edomite-conrolled propaganda machine goes.

Here is just ONE dose of reality – the unvarnished truth about the cultivation and empowerment of Saddam Hussein by CIA Chief George HW Bush.   This is a must-read today, on the 10th Anniversary of the “Liberation” of Iraq.

1959: After failed attempt upon life of Iraqi President General Qassim, Saddam Hussein flees for his life to Egypt.   In Cairo, Hussein repeatedly visits the US Embassy, and meets with CIA/MOSSAD agents interested in the downfall of the Qassim Government.   Source: – PBS Frontline      – Upon his return to Iraq, the CIA installs Hussein in an apartment on al-Rashid St.,  directly opposite Qassim’s office in Iraq’s  Ministry of Defense, to observe his movements.  Saddam Hussein is officially on the CIA/MOSSAD payroll.  Source:  – UPI

1963: Iraqi President Qassim is assassinated in the first Ba’athist coup. The United States is among the first nations to recognize the
new government, and arms shipments begin immediately.  The next five years bring two more CIA/MOSSAD-backed Ba’athist coups. Under their regimes, Western business interests, such as Mobil, Bechtel and British Petroleum begin operations in Iraq.  U.S. President John Kennedy is given a full report, including the development of Israeli nuclear arms at Dimona.   Kennedy demands CIA accountability and nuclear inspections of Dimona.  Kennedy is assassinated 5 months later, in November.1968: The final Ba’athist coup brings Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr to power, who places his 1st cousin, Saddam Hussein in charge of the state security apparatus.

1979: Paid CIA asset, Saddam Hussein seizes power in a palace coup – afterwards, he liquidates all political opponents within the Iraqi Ba’ath party.1980: The incoming Reagan administration, seeing the Islamic revolution in Iran and the exile of the Shah as a threat, openly encourages the subsequent Iraqi invasion of Iran, with promises of unlimited arms, money and intelligence.  In addition to billions of dollars in arms, the Reagan Administration (via Donald Rumsfeld) provides the Iraqi Regime with chemical and biological weapons. One year after Iraq uses US-supplied chemical weapons against Iranian troops, the Reagan Administration resumes normal diplomatic relations with Iraq, and removes it from the list of countries that support terrorism.  The Iran/Iraq War stretches on for 8 years, claims over a million lives and bankrupts Iraq.  Saddam Hussein notifies his CIA “handler” George HW Bush, that he is no longer a puppet of the CIA/MOSSAD.  This is what is called “Blowback” in CIA slang.

1988: After the war ends, and Hussein quits following the CIA’s orders, Iraq’s erstwhile ally, Kuwait floods the world oil market, lowering oil prices, worldwide.   Kuwait does this because it has “nationalized” its oil for the benefit of the Kuwaiti citizenry – not the Standard Oil barons.   This not only undercuts Iraq’s efforts to rebuild its war-ravaged economy and infrastructure, but it also erodes the clout of OPEC and George HW Bush’s HOUSE OF SAUD.   After Hussein’s pleas to Kuwaiti oil executives fall on deaf ears, he begins to consider military action against Kuwait.  When he informs the US about his plans to invade Kuwait, US Ambassador, April Glaspie tells him: “We  (The United States) have no opinion on your border dispute with Kuwait. James Baker (then Secretary of State) has instructed our spokesmen to EMPHASIZE this instruction.”  Given this green light to invade Kuwait, Saddam Hussein does so.

The Bush Administration immediately renegs on its assurances of neutrality, and begins preparations for war.  Iraqi offers to withdraw from Kuwait, in exchange for convening a Middle East peace summit.  All offers are summarily ignored.  Bush launches “Operation Desert Storm” and the Kuwaiti oil fields are torched and ruined.   Oil prices spike.  George HW Bush and his Saudi OPEC “House of Saud” immediately recoup billions of lost profits as world oil prices spike.September 11, 2001: Mossad/CIA agents launch a coordinated attack on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon.   The paper trail of $2.3 trillion in missing Pentagon inventory and funds is erased.   Using these attacks as a false-flag pretext, the Geoge W.  Bush Administration launches a second war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq – Even though there are absolutely no links between Iraq and the intelligence agents who executed the 9/11 attacks.   In this invasion, hundreds of Americans and thousands of Iraqi civilians die.

December 13, 2003: 40-year veteran CIA/MOSSAD-asset, Saddam Hussein is handed over to US occupation forces by an undisclosed Iraqi group.

– Ladies and Gentlemen,  see what happens when you go against the CIA/MOSSAD?  If you are a sitting U.S. President, you get shot to death in Dallas.   If you use CIA/MOSSAD funding to ascend to the top of a Middle-Eastern country, your nation is invaded, millions of innocent civilians die, and then you are hung on a scaffold.