I kid you not, folks.   It’s the next logical step if you are at the head of an Anti-Christian SATANIC Cabal.

According to the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, evangelical Christians who teach truth about the King James Bible are now a national security threat.  They are to be watched and monitored as “Terrorists” by certain Jews running the show.   Hmmmmmm!

Yes, I see now why Ashkenazis such as Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, who so falsely brag they are the “Royal Bloodline of David” would make numerous fraudulent “reports” to the FBI concerning me, and maintain a clearly libelous and slanderous blog/website attacking yours-true-ly as being a “Jew-Hater” and “cointelpro murderer” when in reality I am nothing but a Truth-teller !   In their eyes, wide-awake CHRISTIANS ARE TERRORISTS!   It all makes complete sense now.

So – in the popular  pattern of Mr. Jeff Foxworthy, I offer this list of what to look for to identify a “terrorist”.

–If you enjoy singing How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace, and believe that the King James Bible is divine– you might be a terrorist.

If you dare to question that Big-Box preachers such as Billy Graham, John Hagee, Bennie Hinn are working for the NWO – you may be a terrorist.

-If you say “bless their heart” after you hear that someone did something really, really stupid – you might be a terrorist.
· If you believe Jeremiah was a prophet and not a bullfrog – you might be a terrorist.
· If you feel obligated to say you’ll pray for someone instead of gossiping about them – you might be a terrorist.
· If you watched The Bible on the History Channel and thought Satan looked a whole lot like Obama – you might be a terrorist.
· If you believe it’s wrong and ungodly to hijack airplanes and jam them into skyscrapers full of innocent people – then you might be a terrorist.
· If you celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter – you might be a terrorist.
· If you give money towards the preaching of the gospel and to works of charity – you might be a terrorist.
· If you love your neighbor as yourself – you might be a terrorist.
· If you recognize, appreciate and wish to pass on to the next generation America’s godly heritage – you might be a terrorist.
· If you like the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights – you might be terrorist.
· If you have Jesus Take the Wheel on your iPod – you might be a terrorist.
· If as a single man, you have told a homely single lady that, “all you’re looking for is a godly woman and that you don’t care that she’s not attractive.” – you might be a terrorist.

And finally – if you find yourself in prayer and meditation to your maker at least an hour each and every day  – according to Big Brother – you are without a doubt a most feared TERRORIST.