Human beings are curious creatures.    We hunger and thirst for TRUTH just as we inherently seek for beauty, loveliness, and goodness in life.   Society as a whole is innately drawn to beautiful things – whether it is found in works of art, natural landscapes such as majestic snow-capped mountains framed by a fire-red sunset, a perfect newborn baby, or the soothing music of a symphony orchestra.

Conversely, society is repulsed by hate, evil and ugliness.   Society as a whole does not glory in war, death, and wholesale destruction –  but indeed there are way too many people on this planet who are consumed with a perverse, almost erotic attraction for such.   They are attracted to the SERPENT named Satan just as surely as a moth is attracted to a flame.

Did God, our Creator, leave us without a safe anchorage in time of stormy weather?   Did He provide us with rock-solid evidence of His divine nature, or did he set humanity adrift without any book of instructions?

If you want to know the answers, download and read my paper “God’s Anvil” by clicking here:   God’s Anvil

Also, take 10 minutes and listen to Dr. Kennedy’s powerful sermon on this very subject: