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Boston Pressure Cooker Blog Post HACKED

A provocative single sentence “Boston Marathon bombing false flag event by Jewish Government” was added by a hacker minutes after I officially posted the  story.

It was quite accidental that I happened to catch this, actually!

Seems I had better check many of my other blogs for similar hacks designed to portray me as an irrational “Jew Hater”.

HMMMMM.    This world just keeps getting stranger and stranger!!


Check this out:

Also, Rumsfeld’s long-range PSYOPS plan dated October 30, 2003 calls for I/O career hackers to “add words to blogs to destroy the blogger’s credibility”. This is called “fighting the Net”.

Maybe I should take this as a compliment?

See related story at:

Boston Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cookers are dangerous killers!   They may explode and kill innocent children!  Handle them with EXTREME CARE!

They are so very dangerous, that they can be used by domestic terrorists (such as Bible-believing Christians) as bombs!

It’s high time we banned these hissing cauldrons from hell from our store shelves!!   Any person deranged enough to purchase such a device under the guise of canning and preserving items for their long-term food storage clearly doesn’t trust FEMA and Homeland Security to protect and feed them in an emergency – so clearly they MUST be part of a large, anti-government TERRORIST group such as the PFN (Preserve Food Now) or SOFC-CTN (Save Our Food Crops – Can Them Now!)  To save our society from ruin – at the very least we must conduct background checks on any party wishing to buy pressure cookers.  Thank God there is no organized opposition to regulating, or better yet, banning the sale of Pressure Cookers.   Thank God there is no NPCA (National Pressure Cooker Association).

Seriously now, the American controlled press across the nation have done a great job of terrorizing the entire nation by showing gory pictures of bloody bodies and dismembered limbs in living color plastered on PAGE ONE.   One such picture is shown below.

Boston Marathon

Nothing fills the average American with horror, shock, and awe more than seeing an ashen-faced, innocent bystander being rushed away in a wheelchair with nothing but a footless, bloody stump and tourniquet.  TERROR – TERROR – TERROR!   Horrific!   Damn those evil PRESSURE COOKERS!!!

Not so fast folks – check THIS out.  Don’t you find it a bit odd that there just happened to be a wheelchair available for this poor, hapless victim with bloody, footless stubs of bone protruding to be whisked away in??  Is it POSSIBLE that he had already lost his legs in Afghanistan?  If so, can we believe ANYTHING the media puts out concerning not only this event – but also any other headline event?   See – it’s all about CREDIBILITY, actually.   You know the story about the boy continually crying WOLF??

You see, the problem is – after the plethora of LIES surrounding September 11,  ANYTHING branded a “Terrorist Act” is going to be met with a certain level of skepticism for those minority of American patriots who are wide awake and aware – and rightfully so.   Logic and critical thinking dictates that if the events of 9-11, 2001 was purely a false-flag event (which it most definitely was) then “Homeland Security” is really not existing to “protect” America – but instead is designed to slowly and surely further enslave Americans.   Logic also then dictates that any further act of “terrorism” is quite possibly more of the same – a contrived, controlled event designed to enhance a specific Propaganda Agenda.

I for one find it quite odd that in the same genre as 9-11, poisonous letters (this time laced with Ricin) are mailed to certain public officials as well.   (C’mon guys, can’t you at least change the official ‘script’ just this once?)

Of course, anybody who dares QUESTION the official story – MUST be demonized as a wacko “conspiracy nut” fruitcake in the controlled media.  For example, check out “political cartoonist” Will Bagley’s offering in the Salt Lake Tribune this morning: