Retired army lieutenant colonel Potter has reason to be concerned.

Before you listen to his presentation, you need to check out this 2008 Power Point, prepared by Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVIES (EMS) and presented to FEMA and DHS.   The very NAME says it all:

Planned Mass Casualty Event

The NYC Marathon was canceled because of a massive “super storm” that was in fact steered to the Big Apple.   Now this bizarre event at the Boston event.  Nothing more than a strange coincidence?   A “Tale of Two Cities” – Marathon Disasters indeed.

I submit that these Navy Seals and this Black Ops PSYOPS are not stupid – they WANTED to be exposed by Strategic Forecasting (StratFor) agent Alex Jones.   WHY?   To foment hostility and anger to the point where it will boil over into violence AGAINST the government.  You see, it’s all there – Problem, Reaction, Solution.   Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis.

Now you know why DHS needs a billion soft-point, anti-personnel bullets, drones, and armored tanks.

Strategic Forecasting (StratFor) is all about EXECUTING the master plan – the very ENDGAME Alex Jones is so vocal about!