“Pastor Jim” Catlin directs the small, non-denominational Christian “Main Street Church” in Brigham City, Utah.   He is a wonderful teacher, and I love and support him as a Brother in Christ.  In the hope that it may help other Christians, I am publishing an e-mail letter to him.

Hello Jim:

This e-mail is a bit late, for I hesitated in sending it after observing your personal zeal in promoting the “Jews for Jesus” program.   However, in the interest of the pursuit of all truth – I now feel the need to share some of my personal concerns with you.

Remember – truth fears NO investigation, right?  Also, please understand this is offered in the spirit of Love and sharing in His name.

As you know, Joan and I attended the “Jews for Jesus” Passover Seder presentation.   Please allow me to share some of my observations with you concerning this event, and the modern, so-called “Jews” in general.

1.   It has been my personal experience that the “Jews for Jesus” movement is largely an outgrowth of LDS – specifically BYU – proselyting inroads into the Khazar-controlled modern nation of “Israel” during the decade of the 70’s.   For years during my time as a devout Mormon, especially during the early 80’s, I attended numerous “Seder” presentations sponsored by BYU,  knowing full well that the so-called “Jews for Jesus” organization was primarily their covertly-controlled and funded outreach ministry to proselyte Mormonism’s brand of “Christianity” to Jews in Israel and NYC via BYU’s campus on Mt. Scopus.  See http://ce.byu.edu/jc/   I know this to be true because I was actively involved and raised and donated funds for the LDS sponsored “Jews for Jesus” movement.  The project was portrayed as being EXTREMELY “divine” – for it was (and still is) the LDS leaders highest goal to oversee the building of the “temple” (an LDS Temple mind you) in Jerusalem.   According to CNN, these Mormon/”Jews for Jesus” Seders are still an annual ongoing event, and draw much larger LDS crowds than what we experienced in Brigham City.  CNN reported that BYU sponsored 7 Seder events in 2011, and each one was filled to capacity with a long waiting list.   See http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/15/a-mormon-passover-seder/ 
2.  Modern-day “Jews” are simply NOT the literal bloodline of ancient Israel (Jacob), Jim, despite their vociferous claims to the contrary.   Their claim to this “birthright” is simply one big falsehood designed to give them special privilege on the world stage, while duping good Christians into believing a most diabolical lie!!  The truth is, the vast majority (98%) of today’s “Jews” are descendants of Japheth’s line through Gomer (Gog) and Ashkenaz, not Shem and thus Abraham. (Genesis 10:2-3)  In fact, another name for them is “Ashkenazi” Jews in honor of their father Ashkenaz.   There have been numerous scholarly studies on this subject over the years.  The best documentation is provided by Arthur Koestler (a Jew) in his book “The Thirteenth Tribe”.  See    http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/13trindx.htm     Of course, the TRUTH is not popular with those who continually promote such a massive LIE.   Most recently, a team of Jews at Johns Hopkins set out to disprove Koestler’s “hypothesis” via extensive DNA testing models.   Their results fully CONFIRMED Koestler’s scholarship instead of debunking it.  For the full report go to http://www.scribd.com/doc/123652605/Genome-Evolution-of-Jewish-Population-John-Hopkins  

A great article on this was also written by Texe Marrs:


3.  Christ’s Grace is no respecter of persons.  There are no distinctions in race or color in His eyes – all who fully embrace Christ are adopted into His new covenant and become His heirs of the promise (New Will and Testament) – just as Jacob (Israel) originally WAS.   If that is true, why is there any need to separate into, much less promote a clearly special, or “elitist” group such as “Jews for Jesus”?  Are we not all simply CHRISTIANS FOR JESUS?   Why would any true Christian be involved in promoting such a thing?   I submit that traditions (especially false ones) literally mean NOTHING when one becomes truly born again to Christ.  Do we not become NEW CREATURES unto Him?   I would, as a repentant ex-Mormon who has come to Christ, personally never declare myself an elite “MORMON FOR JESUS”, and continue to honor the pagan Temple traditions of the LDS cult through a “MORMONS FOR JESUS” campaign to the BODY OF CHRIST – unless I had a deep, ulterior motive for doing such.  Could such an agenda be driven by a profit motive, perhaps?

4.  Just as Joe Smith and Mormonism is a damning falsehood, so the Mormon leaders from the earliest days connect INSEPARABLY with the Khazar fraud that is modern “Israel”.   In fact, if you really connect the dots, you find that the entire “Zionism” hoax is part and parcel of Mormonism’s agenda to become the world’s only religion. (Ditto with the Jehovah’s Witness scam.)  Mormons and today’s “Jews” connect at the very highest levels – both historically as well as in the modern era.   Mitt Romney and Bibi Netanyahu are MORE than just close friends, Jim.   Early Mormon “apostle” Orson Hyde was a devout Ashkenazi Jew, who traveled to Palestine and there, on the Mount of Olives, DEDICATED PALESTINE FOR THE MODERN JEWS (Khazars).   Today, the “Orson Hyde Memorial Gardens” on the Mount of Olives documents this history.  For a more complete Mormon perspective on this most important subject, see https://www.lds.org/ensign/1991/10/orson-hydes-1841-mission-to-the-holy-land?lang=eng   

I just want to express my deep concerns to you, Jim.   Listening to a Khazar woman from the seed of Japheth falsely declare her “family” history and tradition as being the literal bloodline of ancient Israel is very hard to swallow – when one knows the full truth.   Of course, she herself is a victim of over seven hundred years of false custom and tradition as well – and she is so zealous in her false religious fables and “tradition” that her extreme FALSE PRIDE will likely keep her from seeing the complete truth.   Just like the MORMON faithful, it would appear. 

As Dorothy often says, “What does it Profit us” to be involved in such a Quasi-Mormon agenda?  In fact, the covert LDS funding of Jews for Jesus is so well hidden that I doubt one in a hundred would know it exists.    (Yet another reason why LDS Inc. financial sheets are so very TOP SECRET!)

Most Sincerely, Your Brother in Christ,