For the record – this site was VICIOUSLY hacked once again despite numerous changes to my password.

I received a rather urgent call from a concerned friend who knows me very well.  He was appalled at what he saw on my blog.  Going into my “dashboard” and looking at what I actually wrote, there was only a picture, no “hyper-link” in sight anywhere.   However, going to a different computer and downloading the post (as others would receive it) revealed something totally different than what I officially “posted”.

On my latest post concerning the Boston False Flag (do you just Believe, or do you Think?) – clearly the content was hacked and significantly altered once again – a picture at the beginning of the post was deleted and in its place a hyper-link was placed accessing a hard-core porn site featuring children.   In Utah, that’s enough to get you a decade in State Prison.  (Not the hacking, mind you – just ALLEGEDLY distributing links to kiddie porn is a crime.  You don’t have to be guilty to be arrested and charged, and it’s obviously quite easy to frame somebody – just ask those Chechen boys from Boston!)

Sadly, I have no choice but to discontinue this hacked blog, at least temporarily, until this issue is resolved.

WordPress is free.  I guess you get what you pay for – there can be no “free lunch” when the stakes are so high.

Thanks for following this blog.  Sorry this happened.

Most sincerely,

True Ott