I have had a bellyful of Mr. Horowitz’ hypocrisy and fraud.  I have been patient long enough with these vindictive deceivers.

Here’s an offer for you, Horowitz – if you and your home-breaking girl friend Ms. Kane will cease and desist telling LIES about me, (drop your defamatory website using my given name which is the ULTIMATE COPYRIGHT “INFRINGEMENT” and IDENTITY THEFT), I in turn will quit telling the TRUTH about you two.  DEAL?  That’s simply  called “Quid pro Quo”.  As long as your defamatory website exists, I will continue to tell the TRUTH about YOU!

Ms. Kane continues to spew her false accusations against me, this time in the form of yet another nit-picking, hair-splitting DMCA complaint against this blog in an attempt to stifle free speech and enact CENSORSHIP against any critical analysis of their bogus “LOVE FREQUENCY” scam!

What Horowitz and Kane AND ALL KHAZAR IMPOSTERS hate and fear above all things is the mass dissemination of simple TRUTH.    Truth fears NO investigation, Horowitz.   Instead of INTELLECTUALLY DEBATING my critical review of their “movie” – they instead chose to destroy the public documented argument via the filing of a legal notice of alleged “copyright infraction” against my blog.  This in turn caused WordPress to block public access to the critical post.

That’s right folks.  First, they SEND ME A SPAM, UNWANTED, BLAST E-MAIL to advertise their ultra-loving, world-saving,  “movie trailer posters” etc. (this act constitutes a mass release to the PUBLIC DOMAIN since there was no Copyright notice placed in the spam E-mail) – then they cry FOUL when the contents of their SPAM is used on this blog in a critical review!

Furthermore, blocking the critical post is not enough.  Kane then adds:

"This WordPress link is also promoting hate against a religious group in this case, 
Jewish people, which is a violation of WordPress policies.
Please remove the infringements. This blogger is a repeat offender and this
account should be terminated by WordPress for continuous violations."

What’s truly amazing is the warped,  narcissistic mindset of these two individuals.  Anytime truth is offered which exposes their ongoing lies and fraud, they of course call it “PROMOTING HATE”  – while they simultaneously have the exclusive “copyrighted” corner on the world’s LOVE frequency??    Again, removing the so-called  “infringements” – (which are the self-same PROMOS for their movie they first sent to me in an e-mail, and thus placed by THEM into the “public domain”) is not good enough for them.  These PROMOS were sent to ME with zero notice of copyright, thus they belong to me when they entered my inbox.    They demand in their “royal” decree that the entire website is to be  “terminated” just because I expose their garbage for what it is.  In other words, this is simply a ploy designed only to stifle dissent and eliminate critical writing of their “movie”.  They want to eliminate free speech.   So typical of these bloodline hijackers!

Kane and Horowitz operate their “business” under a LLC umbrella they call “The Royal Bloodline of David.”   Really?   You really think you are “Royalty” directly descended from the Biblical King David, Mr. Horowitz?   Are you really so narcissistic and deluded that simply because you and your girlfriend are “Jewish” – you are somehow superior to everyone else?

Well, here is yet another dose of TRUTH (or in your words and mindset, HATE) for you.

According to  1 Samuel (that’s a BIBLE BOOK, Mr. Horowitz) Chapter 16: v, 12, and then again in Chapter 17: v. 42 we learn that King David was “ruddy” – meaning he had extremely fair (white) skin with RED or CHESTNUT AUBURN HAIR!   See definition of “ruddy” – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ruddy   Is it “promoting hate” to ask how it is that the black-haired, dark-eyed Leonard Horowitz can possibly claim to be the “Royal Bloodline” since he doesn’t exhibit whatsoever the basic physical “ruddy” complexion of King David and his posterity????

Here’s another fact that is an obvious problem for you and your ilk, Mr. Horowitz.  There is something called genealogy.   If you haven’t produced a clear family tree of your Horowitz Eastern European ancestry, how can you ever hope to provide PROOF of your claims – basically that you are NOT “Khazarian”, HMMMM?   Ditto for you Ms. Kane!     The TRUTH ABOUT KHAZARS, written by a fellow “Jew” named Benjamin Freedman clearly shows that Eastern European “Khazars” are most definitely NOT of the “Royal Bloodline of David”.   There are also “JEWISH” DNA studies, conducted by a JEWISH researcher at Johns Hopkins.   Talk about anti-Jewish “hate promotions”.

No, TRUTH is my defense.   Lies and fraud will be exposed, sooner, or later.