Her name is Stephanie Meyer, author of the best-selling “Twilight” vampire and werewolf romanticism novels par extraordinaire.   Although her “religion” is Mormon and she was educated at Mormon-owned BYU, Meyer’s “bloodline” is Yiddish, originating in Eastern Europe.  As a matter of fact, the surname Meyer is a Yiddish, ASHKENAZI JEWISH variant of the Jewish name Meir (as in Golda Meir) which means “enlightened, or ILLUMINATED” .  See    “Illuminated” by the Babylonian Sun God Baal, aka Lucifer – the shining SON OF THE MORNING according to the Old Testament prophet Isaiah.

The Shining Son of the Morning, Baal, on the Mormon’s Nauvoo Illinois “Temple”.

Meyer’s “Twilight” series has become a cult classic within the Mormon Cult.  In fact, Meyer’s books top the checkout list at the BYU library!  According to FOX News, Meyer’s books are far more in demand than such tepid offerings as Mormon Grand Poo-bah “President’ Boyd Packer’s book: “THE HOLY TEMPLE” – which came in at a distant number 10.  See

The “genre” of Meyer’s Twilight novels is supposedly fiction – however Meyer clearly projects her Mormonism doctrine and culture into the tapestry of the books’ main characters.    This, I submit, gives us a very real glimpse into the true identity of “The Lord, or POSSESSOR” which the Mormon people are actually honoring in their temples scattered across the globe.

A uniquely Mormon doctrine and over-arching tenet of Meyer’s Mormonism, is that because of the “endowment” given in the Mormon temples, (combined with human effort called “works”), humans can (and have) become “exalted” –  which means they have achieved God status and of course have “eternal life”. In the “Twilight” series, the family of vampires named Cullen was once human but now the entire family bloodline lives without death in a resurrected condition. Their immortality is a kind of probationary period for eternal life according to Meyer.  Meyer describes the Cullens, particularly Edward, as “godlike” and “inhumanly beautiful.”  It would appear that in the mind of the crypto-Jew Mormon Stephanie Meyer, the human blood-guzzling Cullens family is the end result of being Uber Mormon and fully honoring ones Mormon temple rituals.

It also seems more than a mere coincidence to me that the surname “Cullens” in Meyer’s books is all but synonymous phonetically  with the surname “Collins” – who according to ex-Satanist John Todd, just happens to be one of the most powerfully satanic bloodline families in the world.   Todd describes the powerful black magic rituals he personally witnessed as being continually practiced by the “Collins” family – including bizarre human sacrifices of innocent children, BLOOD DRINKING (aka vampirism), and of course “shape-shifting” into animal forms.

Mormons believe that angels are resurrected beings of flesh and bone. The most familiar angel to Mormons is the iconic Moroni, who stands high atop all of the Mormon temples, shrouded in pure shining and glimmering gold (just like the B of M “plates”), with his trumpet declaring the Gospel of Joe Smith to the four corners of the earth. The Book of Mormon informs its readers that Moroni was a fifth-century prophet who visited founder Joseph Smith in 1823. Smith described Moroni as radiating light and “glorious beyond description.”   (Funny how this incredibly perfect American prophet named Moroni, who was the very icon of LDS “righteousness’ never made it to EXALTATION and GODHOOD – even though he did everything Joe Smith’s gospel demanded – Moroni was merely an angel – not a God.)

Meyer’s heroine named Bella describes her vampire boyfriend Edward as “an angel” whom she can’t imagine “any more glorious.” Edward’s skin literally sparkles in the sunlight (just as does the glittering gold “graven image” adoring all Mormon temples), and surprise, surprise,  he magically visits Bella’s bedroom at night just as Moroni magically visited young Joseph Smith.

By the conclusion of the “Twilight” series, Bella’s  “Quileute Indian” friend, Jacob, “imprints” on her daughter, meaning he will marry the girl when she’s older and thus will establish a genetic link to her vampire family. Mormons similarly believe they share a common heritage with Native Americans through ancient Israel, even though modern DNA science proves this to be a complete FICTION.

The Book of Mormon teaches that a remnant of the ancient Israelite nation came to America around 600 B.C. at the time of the prophet Jeremiah, and so because of their “righteousness” escaped slavery in Babylon.   According to the Book of Mormon, their only surviving descendents, aka the Lamanites, are the ancestors of the Native Americans.  Meyer’s Quileute (Lamanite) names in the series are decidedly Book of Mormon/Joe Smith inspired: Jacob, Paul, Sam, Ephraim, Jared, Seth, Joshua, Levi, Rebecca and Rachel. Jacob’s last name of all things is Black, a rather thinly veiled reference to the Lamanites’ “loathsome skin of darkness” – a CURSING from God primarily for “murmuring” against the “prophet” Lehi.

In conclusion, isn’t it just a bit bizarre that millions of Mormons are attracted to Meyer’s supposedly fiction stories glamorizing demonically possessed humans who have somehow achieved eternal life completely outside of the atonement and Testament of Jesus Christ??   Isn’t it even more bizarre that these same Mormons truly believe the Book of Mormon to be non-fictional “scripture” primarily because of some WARM AND FUZZY FEELING they may have received??   Yet in spite of all these facts, Mormons desperately want to be called “Christians” solely  because they have placed Jesus Christ’s name in their church title.

Tales from the Crypt of Hell itself.