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The King James Bible – God’s Anchor for the Soul

Human beings are curious creatures.    We hunger and thirst for TRUTH just as we inherently seek for beauty, loveliness, and goodness in life.   Society as a whole is innately drawn to beautiful things – whether it is found in works of art, natural landscapes such as majestic snow-capped mountains framed by a fire-red sunset, a perfect newborn baby, or the soothing music of a symphony orchestra.

Conversely, society is repulsed by hate, evil and ugliness.   Society as a whole does not glory in war, death, and wholesale destruction –  but indeed there are way too many people on this planet who are consumed with a perverse, almost erotic attraction for such.   They are attracted to the SERPENT named Satan just as surely as a moth is attracted to a flame.

Did God, our Creator, leave us without a safe anchorage in time of stormy weather?   Did He provide us with rock-solid evidence of His divine nature, or did he set humanity adrift without any book of instructions?

If you want to know the answers, download and read my paper “God’s Anvil” by clicking here:   God’s Anvil

Also, take 10 minutes and listen to Dr. Kennedy’s powerful sermon on this very subject:

New Avian Flu Strain Strains U.S. Relations with Red China

Just as Red China’s barking dog, aka North Korea, is rattling military sabres like never before, a Chinese Red Army “Colonel” is making some very harsh allegations against the United States.

He is proclaiming that the latest “Bird Flu” virus – the H7N9 variety is a bio-weapon released compliments of Washington, D.C.

Of course it is a “bio weapon”.  Ditto with the H5N1.   Normally, bird influenza is part of the natural cycle designed by God to keep bird populations in check.  Only when its genetic “firewall” is altered in a covert lab like Ft. Detrick Maryland will it infect humans with deadly results.

The only real questions are, WHO released it, and Why?

Check out the story by Bill Gertz:

April 9, 2013 6:05 pm

A Chinese Air Force officer on Saturday accused the U.S. government of creating the new strain of bird flu now afflicting parts of China as a biological warfare attack.

People’s Liberation Army Sr. Col. Dai Xu said the United States released the H7N9 bird flu virus into China in an act of biological warfare, according to a posting on his blog on Saturday.

The charge was first reported in the state-run Guangzhou newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily and then picked up by several news outlets in Asia.

State Department spokesman Jason Rebholz dismissed the claim. “There is absolutely no truth to these allegations,” he told the Washington Free Beacon.

Seven deaths from the bird flu outbreak were reported as of Tuesday in state-run Chinese media. As many as 24 people reportedly were infected by the disease in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui.

Chinese authorities are trying to calm public fears of a major epidemic, claiming there is no evidence the virus can be transmitted between humans.

The government also is claiming that the outbreak is not related to the recent discovery of thousands of dead pigs floating in a river in China.

The accusation of U.S. biological warfare against China comes as the Pentagon is seeking closer military relations with China. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is set to travel to China for talks with Chinese military leaders later this month.

Dai is a military strategist who in the past has been outspoken in seeking to foment conflict between China and the United States. He told the Global Times in August that China should go to war over U.S. support for Japan’s claims to the disputed Senkaku Islands.

Writing on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site akin to Twitter, Dai stated that the new bird flu strain was designed as a biological weapon similar to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which he also claimed was developed as a U.S. bio-weapon, that affected the country in 2003.

According to Dai’s posting, the new flu outbreak should not be a cause for concern. “The national leadership should not pay too much attention to it,” the PLA lecturer at the National Defense University wrote. “Or else, it’ll be like in 2003 with SARS!”

“At that time, America was fighting in Iraq and feared that China would take advantage of the opportunity to take other actions,” he said. “This is why they used bio-psychological weapons against China. All of China fell into turmoil and that was exactly what the United States wanted. Now, the United States is using the same old trick. China should have learned its lesson and should calmly deal with the problem.”

Dai said that even if “a few may die” from the flu outbreak, it will not equal one-thousandth of the deaths caused by vehicle accidents in China.

Dai in the past has called for China to punish the United States for U.S. arms sales to rival Taiwan, by selling arms to U.S. enemies. “China recognizes that a few perfunctory protests will not have any effect,” Dai said in 2010. “China can’t directly sanction American arms companies since they did not do business with China … but China can sanction companies that are doing business with China directly, like Boeing or General Electric.”

Dai also has said the United States has used crises with North Korea and offers of cooperation on the issue as a plot to drive a wedge between Beijing and its fraternal communist ally.

Dai also has said U.S. efforts to counter Chinese espionage and intelligence-gathering were part of a U.S. “plot theory” of “western countries threatening others by [releasing] information gained through spying in order to damage the reputations of other countries.”

A State Department official said China notified the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 31 about its first detected human cases of H7N9 infection. Fourteen cases were confirmed by the WHO by April 5, of which six were fatal. The organization said there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

“U.S. Embassy Beijing and U.S. Consulate Shanghai are monitoring the situation, working closely with counterparts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and the Beijing and Shanghai municipal governments,” the official said.

The colonel’s accusation provoked a widespread response on Chinese websites. One post in reaction joked that Dai’s comment about auto deaths must mean that the United States and Germany are responsible for a conspiracy to produce cars, according to a report in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post.

Luo Changping, deputy editor of Caijing, said most PLA soldiers would not support Dai’s comments and he urged the colonel to resign and apologize to those who have died from the current bird flu outbreak.

A defiant Dai then said in a new posting Sunday that “it is common knowledge that a group of people in China have been injected with mental toxin by the United States.”

“Now, a group of fake American devils are attacking me,” he wrote in another post. “I will not retreat even half a step.”

Analysts say the colonel’s remarks are a reflection of the growing xenophobic atmosphere within the Chinese military that views the United States as its main enemy.

Former State Department intelligence analyst John Tkacik said China’s military was largely to blame for mishandling the 2003 outbreak of SARS. Tkacik said there was speculation when the epidemic began that “the PLA suspects SARS had emanated from its own biological laboratories and was all the more eager to keep it secret.” China is known to have a covert biological arms program.

“Col. Dai Xu is a shameless liar when he accuses the United States of using bio weapons,” Tkacik told the Free Beacon. “He’s probably motivated by a desire to exculpate the PLA for their mishandling of the epidemic—no doubt most Chinese have happily forgotten the episode—as much as by a cynical xenophobia. But, that’s what passes for deep strategic thought at China’s National Defense University these days.”

The Pentagon has been trying with varying success to develop closer ties to the Chinese military as part of a strategy aimed at building trust. However, China’s military leaders believe the U.S. offers of closer ties are a ruse designed to contain China’s growing military buildup.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke by phone with China’s Defense Minister Gen. Chang Wanquan on April 2. Chang is the No. 4 defense official after Chinese President Xi Jinping and two other generals who run the Central Military Commission, the Communist Party’s ultimate power organ.

“The leaders both expressed their intention to work together to continue to build a military-to-military relationship that serves the vision of both President Obama and President Xi,” Pentagon press secretary George Little said in a statement after the call.

“The secretary discussed the importance of focusing on areas of sustained dialogue, practical areas of cooperation, and risk reducing measures,” he said.

U.S. ties with China are strained due to China’s reluctance to rein in neighboring North Korea.

China provides North Korea with large amounts of fuel oil and other goods. However, Beijing has not taken steps to pressure Pyongyang using its economic leverage during the ongoing crisis.

The flu has lit up China’s thriving Internet, according to analysts. Over 945,600 microblog postings addressed the flu between April 8 and 9. Since the outbreak began some seven days ago, between 1.3 million and 3 million postings were put online on outlets including Sina Weibo and QQ Weibo.

Tens of thousands of users expressed doubts about the official Shanghai municipal government’s denial of any link between the dead pigs found floating last month in the region’s Huangpu River.

The proximity to the initial outbreak in Shanghai and the river has led to speculation that the pig deaths may have been linked to the flu virus jumping from animals to humans.

That speculation was fueled by reports that one of the victims of the flu was a pig butcher.

The avian flu strain is similar to an earlier outbreak with a significant difference: The current strain does not kill the birds it infects, making it more difficult to identify infected poultry.

The Shanghai government waited 20 days before announcing the first H7N9 infection on March 31.

Most Americans believe everything they see on the Tel-Lie-Vision.  They don’t feel the need to think for themselves, let alone search for the truth of all things.  They are blissfully ignorant as to how pervasively deep the Edomite-conrolled propaganda machine goes.

Here is just ONE dose of reality – the unvarnished truth about the cultivation and empowerment of Saddam Hussein by CIA Chief George HW Bush.   This is a must-read today, on the 10th Anniversary of the “Liberation” of Iraq.

1959: After failed attempt upon life of Iraqi President General Qassim, Saddam Hussein flees for his life to Egypt.   In Cairo, Hussein repeatedly visits the US Embassy, and meets with CIA/MOSSAD agents interested in the downfall of the Qassim Government.   Source: – PBS Frontline      – Upon his return to Iraq, the CIA installs Hussein in an apartment on al-Rashid St.,  directly opposite Qassim’s office in Iraq’s  Ministry of Defense, to observe his movements.  Saddam Hussein is officially on the CIA/MOSSAD payroll.  Source:  – UPI

1963: Iraqi President Qassim is assassinated in the first Ba’athist coup. The United States is among the first nations to recognize the
new government, and arms shipments begin immediately.  The next five years bring two more CIA/MOSSAD-backed Ba’athist coups. Under their regimes, Western business interests, such as Mobil, Bechtel and British Petroleum begin operations in Iraq.  U.S. President John Kennedy is given a full report, including the development of Israeli nuclear arms at Dimona.   Kennedy demands CIA accountability and nuclear inspections of Dimona.  Kennedy is assassinated 5 months later, in November.1968: The final Ba’athist coup brings Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr to power, who places his 1st cousin, Saddam Hussein in charge of the state security apparatus.

1979: Paid CIA asset, Saddam Hussein seizes power in a palace coup – afterwards, he liquidates all political opponents within the Iraqi Ba’ath party.1980: The incoming Reagan administration, seeing the Islamic revolution in Iran and the exile of the Shah as a threat, openly encourages the subsequent Iraqi invasion of Iran, with promises of unlimited arms, money and intelligence.  In addition to billions of dollars in arms, the Reagan Administration (via Donald Rumsfeld) provides the Iraqi Regime with chemical and biological weapons. One year after Iraq uses US-supplied chemical weapons against Iranian troops, the Reagan Administration resumes normal diplomatic relations with Iraq, and removes it from the list of countries that support terrorism.  The Iran/Iraq War stretches on for 8 years, claims over a million lives and bankrupts Iraq.  Saddam Hussein notifies his CIA “handler” George HW Bush, that he is no longer a puppet of the CIA/MOSSAD.  This is what is called “Blowback” in CIA slang.

1988: After the war ends, and Hussein quits following the CIA’s orders, Iraq’s erstwhile ally, Kuwait floods the world oil market, lowering oil prices, worldwide.   Kuwait does this because it has “nationalized” its oil for the benefit of the Kuwaiti citizenry – not the Standard Oil barons.   This not only undercuts Iraq’s efforts to rebuild its war-ravaged economy and infrastructure, but it also erodes the clout of OPEC and George HW Bush’s HOUSE OF SAUD.   After Hussein’s pleas to Kuwaiti oil executives fall on deaf ears, he begins to consider military action against Kuwait.  When he informs the US about his plans to invade Kuwait, US Ambassador, April Glaspie tells him: “We  (The United States) have no opinion on your border dispute with Kuwait. James Baker (then Secretary of State) has instructed our spokesmen to EMPHASIZE this instruction.”  Given this green light to invade Kuwait, Saddam Hussein does so.

The Bush Administration immediately renegs on its assurances of neutrality, and begins preparations for war.  Iraqi offers to withdraw from Kuwait, in exchange for convening a Middle East peace summit.  All offers are summarily ignored.  Bush launches “Operation Desert Storm” and the Kuwaiti oil fields are torched and ruined.   Oil prices spike.  George HW Bush and his Saudi OPEC “House of Saud” immediately recoup billions of lost profits as world oil prices spike.September 11, 2001: Mossad/CIA agents launch a coordinated attack on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon.   The paper trail of $2.3 trillion in missing Pentagon inventory and funds is erased.   Using these attacks as a false-flag pretext, the Geoge W.  Bush Administration launches a second war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq – Even though there are absolutely no links between Iraq and the intelligence agents who executed the 9/11 attacks.   In this invasion, hundreds of Americans and thousands of Iraqi civilians die.

December 13, 2003: 40-year veteran CIA/MOSSAD-asset, Saddam Hussein is handed over to US occupation forces by an undisclosed Iraqi group.

– Ladies and Gentlemen,  see what happens when you go against the CIA/MOSSAD?  If you are a sitting U.S. President, you get shot to death in Dallas.   If you use CIA/MOSSAD funding to ascend to the top of a Middle-Eastern country, your nation is invaded, millions of innocent civilians die, and then you are hung on a scaffold.

U.N. Passes Small Arms Treaty

Listen up, Friends:
You must understand, this issue is not about “gun” control – it is all about PEOPLE control.
You must also understand the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that INTERNATIONAL TREATIES, signed by the POTUS and then ratified by the Senate supersede and trump any and all State or Federal statutes (including the 2nd Amendment and Bill of Rights).  This is made very clear in the Constitution itself – specifically, Article 6 states that treaties made pursuant to the mechanisms described in the constitution, (2/3 Senate ratification) are the supreme law of the land:

“All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding.

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. “

There is a 200 year history of case law that deals with the issue of National Supremacy as elucidated in Article 6, including but by no means limited to the following examples.

Ware v. Hylton, 3 U.S. (3 Dall.) 199 (1796): “the Supreme Court held that the supremacy clause rendered null and void a state constitutional or statutory provision which was inconsistent with a treaty executed by the Federal Government”

In other words, if 67 Senators ratify this “treaty” and it becomes the “Supreme Law” of the U.S. – any individual State or County that opposes it will be in open “rebellion” – just as South Carolina and the Confederacy was in 1860.
I submit that is EXACTLY what DHS and Obama’s handlers want!
UN Passes Arms Trade Treaty – Kill It In The Senate
BREAKING NEWS: The United Nations has passed the dreaded Arms Trade Treaty. Obama supports using the U.N. Treaty as a back door to gun control in the United States to do his dirty work and Obama must be stopped.
We CAN stop this international treaty from reaching American soil by killing it the United States Senate. The U.S. Senate must ratify an international treaty for it to be effective. Tell your U.S. Senators that you do not want this treaty in these United States!
Radical delegates from over 150 countries have agreed upon the final details of a binding international treaty that requires countries to regulate and control the export of arms.
Many gun advocates are weary of the language in the treaty including the fact that ‘small arms and light weapons’ are among the included weaponry that could be regulated by the United Nations. They do not trust the UN’s reassurance that this treaty will not affect our current gun laws or our Second Amendment. After all, the UN Arms Trade Treaty had previously been rumored as a replacement of the Second Amendment.
We must make it clear TODAY to the Senate and the White House that the Second Amendment must be protected and that they must reject any and all U.N. Gun Control. Tell them to KEEP THEIR TREATY AWAY FROM OUR GUNS!.
Senator Jerry Moran has given us some confidence but they must be reminded that:
“The U.S. Senate is united in strong opposition to a treaty that puts us on level ground with dictatorships who abuse human rights and arm terrorists, but there is real concern that the Administration feels pressured to sign a treaty that violates our Constitutional rights.”
We must not take his word for it though; there are 99 other Senators that need to be reminded that we will not stand for an international treaty.
With an agreement reached it just has to be signed by Obama, our last defense is the U.S. Senate. Anti Gunners will need a 2/3 super majority in a Senate vote to ratify the treaty. We must therefore be sure to remind every member of the Senate to protect our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms from the overreaching arm of the United Nations.
The uncertainty begins in the discussion of small arms. Where will the regulations on our small arms start, and where will they stop? They are even trying to include ammunition regulations in the Arms Trade Treaty!
Will the United Nations try to impose international licensing requirements, an international registry, or international regulations for the trade, sale, importation, and private ownership of our semi-automatic firearms?
The last negotiations for an Arms Trade Treaty took place in July 2012, just four months before the Presidential election. Obama did not want to take a big stance for global gun control just months before his re-election but now he has made it clear he is for total gun control. He also told voters he would not be re-visiting negotiations for an Arms Trade treaty but here we are.
Since his re-election it has become clearer than ever what is at the top of his agenda; taking our guns away! The Obama Administration has been exploiting tragedies since the election to push gun control at the city, state, federal, and now GLOBAL level.
Our Senate took a stance before the Presidential election when 51 of them wrote Obama a letter saying they would not support an Arms Trade Treaty. We must let our entire U.S. Senate know we do not support international gun control. They must not ratify this international treaty
Sincerely Yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
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