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Is Hell Real? Hell Yes!

Truth must have an anchor – a solid ANVIL upon which all lies will crumble to dust.   That solid anchor is God’s Word – the Holy Bible!  This is self evident by the vigor by which totalitarian, communist regimes over the last century have banned it from the people.   It is simply the written WORD of the WORD MADE FLESH – the STONE CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN WITHOUT HANDS – Jesus of Nazareth!

Many people don’t understand why I am so “mean” to the LDS “Mormon” faith.  They call me anti-Mormon.  In truth, I am 100% pro-Christ, and thus I readily admit to being an anti-Anti-Christ.   So, indeed, I am an anti-Mormon.

Remember, a half-truth is in reality a WHOLE lie.   Satan and his minions are skilled in spewing half-truths to hook many good people.  Satan will tell you the Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible is correct and important scripture – but then in the next breath slip in a half-truth (i.e. making up a whole lie) by adding the caveat  “as far as it is TRANSLATED CORRECTLY.”   That, you see,  makes the WHOLE LIE quite evident  – because the Bible can no longer be trusted 100%.  It’s like heralding a $50,000 Rolex wristwatch as the best timepiece in the world, but then in the next breath declaring that it occasionally stops ticking and becomes inaccurate and so, don’t trust it!    Enter next the corrupt arm of flesh and the carnal EGO of man – a plethora of false prophets and phony “apostles” seeking earthly fame, power, and fortune – and the Satanic lie becomes mightily empowered.  In a nutshell, that is the anti-Christian core teaching of Mormonism.

Never forget that the core message of the entire Holy Bible is simply this: God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, the GOD of the Old Testament, empowered by LOVE, came to this earth dimension in the meridian of time in the sinless form of Jesus of Nazareth, born of a Virgin with no earthly father, for the sole purpose of providing humanity a way out of a very nasty place called HELL.   That “plan” is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ – and it is terrific news!

Now let’s be logical now and think for a minute.  If there is no physical spiritual dimension and final destination called Hell (aka the Lake of Fire and Brimstone) – then Jesus and His sacrifice is a myth and meaningless fairy tale because it makes His WORD and TEACHINGS, and thus His entire earthly mission a complete exercise in futility. Indeed, the KJV Holy Bible would not be “translated correctly” and you can then pick and choose which scriptures that stroke your specific paradigm, and then are free to ignore and dismiss those that you “feel” are incorrect! The “anchor” of the WORD is then severed, and one becomes spiritually adrift!    Mormons have been falsely taught to believe there is no physical hell – only three degrees of “glory” pursuant to “Celestial Godhood”.  No lake of fire and brimstone.  No eternal burning.  No physical place called HELL. The Holy Bible is wrong – clearly “translated incorrectly” when it describes this.  There is only “outer darkness” for those who commit the worse “sin” of all – those who dare to abandon Mormonism and Joe Smith.  Jesus Christ is then of necessity relegated to a wonderfully fine prophet and teacher – i.e. humanity’s “elder brother” – not the Creator/God incarnate who holds the keys to heaven as well as hell.

Hell, you see, is the lynchpin reason for the need of a “Redeemer” and thus of the entire Gospel of Christ.  The reality of Hell cannot be ignored, for if it is not relevant and real, Christ suffered and died in vain.

The TRUTH is that the noun HELL, describing a physical place – the domain of Satan, is found in the Holy Bible a total of 54 times, and is clearly describing a literal place reserved for those who do not know Christ. The TRUTH is that there are no “degrees of glory” and the end of one’s early life – only heaven with Jesus, or Hell with Satan and his minions.    Jesus Himself declared Hell to be a very real place over a dozen times in the New Testament.   Remember what He told the Edomite Scribes and Pharisees who claimed sole AUTHORITY:

Matthew 23:33 Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

And what about the following teaching of Christ’s found in the Gospel of Luke 16: 19-26 that Mormons so conveniently ignore:

19 There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:

20 And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,

21 And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.

22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

23 And in HELLhe lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

Keep in mind that this is Jesus Christ teaching these words of TRUTH. Furthermore, HELL is a consistent theme throughout the entire Old and New Testaments, so it cannot be “incorrectly translated”! Even after His crucifixion and resurrection, He appeared to John on the Isle of Patmos with this most solemn declaration of TRUTH:

Revelation 1:18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keysof hell and of death.

Notice, He didn’t say He held the “Keys of Three Degrees of Glory”. The cold, hard fact is, only by knowing HIM and being “born again in Him” can one escape HELL and its fires. If you don’t understand this, good people, Satan wins a great victory indeed.

Below is a link to an amazing video testimony of a Mormon woman who experienced the literal fires of hell, and lived to tell about it. Of course the “good” Mormon people will look at this and rationalize it away in a number of lame apologetic excuses. This woman is not alone, however. I have personally interviewed 4 other ex-Mormons who had nearly identical experiences – causing them to come to the arms of the biblical Christ, and leave Satan’s false counterfeit – LD$ Inc.

Deborah Tavares Speaks Up

It was my pleasure and privilege to meet Deborah and her husband Lou at the Conspiracy Conference in San Jose this year.   She sat next to me at the “Meet the Speaker’s Dinner” on Saturday night – and we had a tremendous conversation.

She provided me with a copy of the NASA “power point” she discusses on the video below, and I in turn provided her with a brief thumbnail sketch of my scheduled lecture the next day (at Con Con).

What you have to keep in mind as you watch the video, is the origins of NASA in the first place.   The formation and funding of NASA was a direct outgrowth of a series of SEANCE generated necromancy – where 9 demonic inter-dimensional “Gods of Egypt” were channeled and their instructions followed to the letter.  It is these “entities” – primarily the “goddess Nephthys” (the mother of the “nephilim” or biblical “sons of God” giants -e.g. the man of large stature known as “Nephi” and “Nephites” in Joe Smith’s channeled Book of Mormon).   And so it continues to the present day and hour.  This is why HUMANITY should be concerned about NASA placing QUANTUM COMPUTING into full operation with the NSA and CIA.

It is time to quit being lukewarm.   It is time to do as Deborah is doing – GET INVOLVED!  We need a million more Deborahs!!!1

JFK Blows The Whistle (ala Ed Snowden) And Dies Days Later!!


The dictionary defines TREASON as follows:

trea·son  (trzn)


1. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.
Now folks, understand this:  if this country is covertly being run by an un-elected, secret cabal of satanists, then they are collectively guilty of definition number 1 of Treason shown above.  HOWEVER, if somebody who was at one time on their payroll, and who they thought they could control via blackmail and bribery comes out and blows the whistle – then definition number 2 is charged.  Get the picture as to why Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, et. al. are all  treasonous traitors ONLY to the secret cabal – aka the “shadow government” – while they are HEROES to freedom-loving Americans?
Check out the words of President John F. Kennedy days before his assassination, and then ask WHO is actually the Traitor:
“The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweigh the dangers that are cited to justify them. There is a very grave danger than an announced need for an increased need for security, will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of censorship and concealment. That I do not tend to permit, so long as it’s in my control” – JFK
Here is his short address:

Now read carefully this post from a modern “Man Without a Country” – Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. As you read this, keep in mind that with the deployment of QUANTUM COMPUTING – there will soon be no need for “analysts” like Snowden to even be employed at the NSA and Google, thus no treasonous whistleblowing in the future – PERHAPS that is exactly why Snowden chose to whistleblow and seal his fate. PERHAPS he saw the portent of Qubits – and knew what he HAD TO DO, for the benefit of all humanity.

Julian Assange at Ecuador's UK embassy. (photo: unknown)
Julian Assange at Ecuador’s UK embassy. (photo: unknown)

Edward Snowden’s Ordeal Is Just Beginning

By Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

23 June 13

t has now been a year since I entered this embassy and sought refuge from persecution.

As a result of that decision, I have been able to work in relative safety from a US espionage investigation.

But today, Edward Snowden’s ordeal is just beginning.

Two dangerous runaway processes have taken root in the last decade, with fatal consequences for democracy.

Government secrecy has been expanding on a terrific scale.

Simultaneously, human privacy has been secretly eradicated.

A few weeks ago, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on an ongoing program – involving the Obama administration, the intelligence community and the internet services giants – to spy on everyone in the world.

As if by clockwork, he has been charged with espionage by the Obama administration.

The US government is spying on each and every one of us, but it is Edward Snowden who is charged with espionage for tipping us off.

It is getting to the point where the mark of international distinction and service to humanity is no longer the Nobel Peace Prize, but an espionage indictment from the US Department of Justice.

Edward Snowden is the eighth leaker to be charged with espionage under this [Satanic] president.

Bradley Manning’s show trial enters its fourth week on Monday.

After a litany of wrongs done to him, the US government is trying to convict him of “aiding the enemy.”

The word “traitor” has been thrown around a lot in recent days.

But who is really the traitor here?

Who was it who promised a generation “hope” and “change,” only to betray those promises with dismal misery and stagnation?

Who took an oath to defend the US Constitution, only to feed the invisible beast of secret law devouring it alive from the inside out?

Who is it that promised to preside over The Most Transparent Administration in history, only to crush whistleblower after whistleblower with the boot heel of espionage charges?

Who combined in his executive the powers of judge, jury, and executioner, and claimed the jurisdiction of the entire Earth on which to exercise those powers? Isn’t that Satan ?

Who arrogates the power to spy on the entire Earth – every single one of us – and when he is caught red-handed, explains to us that “we’re going to have to make a choice.” [He’ll need to make a  choice: Resign or face impeachment….jail, a little waterboarding, and a miserable life in prison.]

Who is that person?

Let’s be very careful about who we call “traitor”.

Edward Snowden is one of us.

Bradley Manning is one of us.

[Barry Soetoro, Dunham, aka: Barack Obama is NOT one of us!] He’s a fraud and he is evil.

They are young, technically minded people from the generation that Barry Soetoro betrayed.

They are the generation that grew up on the Internet, and were shaped by it.

The US government is always going to need intelligence analysts and systems administrators, and they are going to have to hire them from this generation and the ones that follow it.

One day, their generation will run the NSA, the CIA and the FBI.

This isn’t a phenomenon that is going away.

This is inevitable.

And by trying to crush these young whistleblowers with espionage charges, the US government is taking on a generation, and that is a battle it is going to lose.

This isn’t how to fix things.

The only way to fix things is this:

Change the policies.

Stop spying on the world.

Eradicate secret law.

Cease indefinite detention without trial.

Stop assassinating people. [Obama loves to use murderous drones to protect his Fascist police-state government.]

Stop invading other countries and sending young Americans off to kill and be killed. [USA! USA! USA! “Spread Democracy”-LOL!] People everywhere now see it for what it is- BS.

Stop the occupations, and discontinue the secret wars. [In other words STOP obeying the demands of the Satanic moneychangers!]

Stop eating the young: Edward Snowden, Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz, Gottfrid Svartholm, Jacob Appelbaum, and Bradley Manning.

The charging of Edward Snowden is intended to intimidate any country that might be considering standing up for his rights.

That tactic must not be allowed to work.

The effort to find asylum for Edward Snowden must be intensified.

What brave country will stand up for him, and recognize his service to humanity?

Tell your governments to step forward. Step forward and stand with Snowden.

[Much more than Snowden: ALL people worldwide that cherish Light, Liberty and Freedom!]

Mormo Missionaries Make Massive Media Moves

In a massive press release Sunday, May 23, 2013, Mormon General Authorities announced a “historic” shift in their traditional uniform rules for Missions and their 70,000+ “full-time missionaries”.   In a nutshell – missionaries will be doing less door-to-door “tracting” and doing much more internet “social media” to spread the message of Grand Poo-Bah Wizard Joe Smith’s “restoration”.

See article at

One of the peculiar historical hallmarks of this organization masquerading as a biblical Christian church for the last century and a half is the cloistering of the “faithful and righteous” young men (and some unmarried young women) on two year “missions” (‘sisters’ serve 18 months).  During this time, “Mission Rules” are strictly to be obeyed – otherwise the young missionary would not be “worthy” to “have the Holy Spirit” to aid him/her in the work of converting gullible dupes into the cult.  Up until Sunday’s “historic” announcement, Mission “rules” strictly forbade the use of the internet in order to not only keep the young hormone-choked missionaries chaste and virtuous, thus being WORTHY of the companionship of Mormonism’s “Holy Ghost”, but also to keep their minds focused on Church business instead of home, hearth, and family.   If this isn’t cult “indoctrination”, then nothing is!

Times, they are a-changing, even in the Mormo Kingdom (the king of the Demons is named Mormo, according to arch-satanist Anton LaVey).   Mormon “apostle” L. Tom Perry declared: “The World has changed; so the nature of missionary work must change if the Lord will accomplish his work.”    Oh really?   You mean that suddenly the internet is OK for young missionaries, “Elder” Perry, even though for the last two decades it has been strictly verboten in every single “mission” field?   Oh yes, I see.  That’s the beauty of having a “living” prophet after all – to make sure to let us all know when God Almighty, the Mormon’s exalted man living on the Planet Kolob completely changes his mind and reverses his once-sublime rules and alters course!

This is yet another very strong clue as to the bogus nature of Mormonism.    False religions can alter and change the rules as is expedient and financially profitable.  Whether its changing its core “revealed” doctrines as to Negroes and Priesthood, Polygamy(aka the New and EVERLASTING covenant), changing and altering its “sacred not secret” temple endowments,  or suddenly allowing its young missionaries to access the internet – it should be crystal clear – Mormon Doctrine changes as the World changes – it is clearly not the infallible spiritual anchor it declares itself to be.    Clearly, it is governed and run not by the Jesus of Nazareth, but the God of this World.   Yet, the King James Bible – God’s truly infallible word, has not changed ONCE!

I served a Mormon mission in Upstate New York from 1978-1980 – so I know my topic.

The world is indeed “changing” – just ask Barack Hussein Obama.  The only thing that is constant is Change – and for the most part, Change is not for the better.   The NSA is setting up shop with its multi-billion-dollar “Data Center” in Mormon Utah.  Quantum Computing will be running the show, and is poised to control human minds and actions like never before.  Indeed, it is clearly time for LDS Inc. to no longer restrict its missionary force from the World Wide Web!!   THEY MUST EMBRACE CHANGE and be a part of the social media phenom!

Listen up, good Mormons, to some simple logic.   Do you REALLY believe that the “Gates of Hell” prevailed against the original, first century, Body of Christ – His original Church, and thus successfully removed His Gospel of Grace from the earth and negated Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for you?  Do you really believe Satan was/is more powerful than the resurrected Christ?  Do you really believe the TRUE COMFORTER, Christ’s Spirit of Truth, was completely removed from the earth by Satan and his demonic minions?  Do you really believe that a complete and total “restoration” of Christ’s Gospel was needed in 1830?   Do you really believe that each and every one of the Christian faiths teaching core truths out of God’s Word – the King James Bible – in 1823 were “abominations” to Jesus Christ, and REALLY, do you believe that Joe Smith’s necromancy, scrying, and “seeking after the faculty of ABRAC black magic” pursuant to treasure seeking was not an abomination to Christ, the Creator? (See BYU Historian Michael Quinn’s seminal book “Early Mormonism and the Magic World View” for proof of Smith’s practices.)    By embracing Mormo-ism, you embrace these core lies that are the very basics of Joe Smith’s “other gospel”.

Yet in spite of all Biblical logic, there is today a small army of over 70,000 fresh-faced young idealists primed and ready to tell you that by means of a supernatural  “burning in the bosom” – a FEELING – that they BELIEVE they experienced, that LD$ Inc. is the “only true and living church” on earth – and you should commit to giving at least 10% of your earnings, and much of your time to them in order to be “exalted”.    They will tell you how wonderful Mormo families are – but don’t be fooled, for that is Satan’s window dressing only.    Just try leaving Mormo-ism and see how Christlike and “loving” these families are!

Coming to a Face Book Chat near you, instead of a disrupting knock on your door.

This is an update to my post I authored 18 months ago concerning the damnably dark Edomite/Madman Agenda of Raymond Kurzweil (Cursed-well) and the Trans-humanist Agenda where certain elite “men” literally desire to elevate themselves to the level of “God” as soon as humanly possible.   If you missed this earlier post, you can read it here:

So, what’s new on the man-usurping-God front? Are you sure you want to know?   Well Mr. Kurzweil is now employed by GOOGLE, which according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is THE primary covert data-collector for the NSA via internet tracking technology.   What is this warped, atheist genius doing for GOOGLE?  He’s their “Director of Engineering” of course!  Why is that a problem?  Remember how Kurzweil replied to the question “Does God Exist”?  His answer: “Not Yet” tells you all you need to know about his psyche.   Now we learn that Kurzweil and GOOGLE are the recipients of the first “Quantum Super-Computer”!

Clearly, the day of “singularity” (the transhumanist term for their glorious day when computer-driven machines completely displace man and control planet earth) is on a fast track that even Ray Kurzweil could not have predicted.   That “fast track” is Quantum Computing.

Fasten your seat belts my friend, for you are in for a truly mind-blowing ride down the proverbial Rabbit Hole.  This is NOT science fiction, it is science fact.

First we need to get a handle on exactly what Quantum Computing entails.   That’s the starting point for this expose.  Let’s begin by watching a short video:

Get it?  Binary Digits (Bits) vs. Quantum (interdimensional) Bits (Qubits). Two numbers (0 and 1) vs. Infinite numbers (all numbers BETWEEN 0 and 1).   Simply stated, INTER-DIMENSIONAL CONTROL OF THIS EARTHLY DIMENSION OF TIME-SPACE (aka Humanity and Human Existence) IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF “QUANTUM COMPUTING”.   You see, Quantum Computing is simply the harnessing of God’s elemental building block of creation (the atom, electrons, photons, and their “spin”) for the most diabolical designs imaginable.  You see, there can be NO OTHER REASON for harnessing this ultimate power than the possession and control of humanity!!!  Do I have your attention yet?

Keep in mind that Qubits can and do exist in more than one state (called superposition) AT THE SAME TIME!   These Qubits have been created by the finite human mind – and yet, the same warped atheists who built the Qubit will claim in their next breath that Jesus Christ’s claims that He is God the Father in Heaven, while simultaneously walking the earth clothed in human flesh with the name Jesus of Nazareth, (i.e. existing in the same “superposition” as the Qubit), is a wild, fabricated hoax and fairy tale meant to dupe the dim-witted goyim!!

Just listen to Kurzweil’s satanic insanity as he totally disregards the fact that human beings have a SOUL – and are not designed by their creator to “live forever in their sins.” (See Genesis 3:22)  Of course, this totally negates the need for faith in Jesus Christ – and Christ’s biblical promises of eternal life through His saving Grace.  How can this agenda be anything short of demonic?

Remember the “Heaven’s Gate” cult that ended up taking poison by following their demented, clearly demonic-possessed leader Marshall Applewhite in order to “advance upwards” and become Gods?   I personally see very little difference in the mindset of the two men – for both promise eternal life and the ultimate evolution into self-exaltation – becoming GODS by their own WORKS – and not through Jesus Christ!  Check it out:

As I presented at the Conspiracy Conference this month, NASA was founded by individuals who performed seances and got their marching orders and instructions from NINE inter-dimensional entities that the Holy Bible clearly describes as demons.  Now NASA and GOOGLE’S Kurzweil (and thus the NSA) have their mittens on a 512-Qubit super computer!!  If this doesn’t concern you, you simply have been consuming too much Sodium Fluoride!!


The year was 1991.  Hollywood’s anti-Christian Jews film and release a movie called Terminator 2.   The “terminator” from the future (played by Arnold Swarzenegger) describes a super-computer named “Skynet” and how it eventually destroys humanity.  What is bizarre is how closely the new generation of Quantum Computers fits the model of “Skynet”.   Take a look at this clip from the movie:

Now fast-forward to 2008.   Steven Spielberg gives America the movie “Eagle Eye”.   Welcome to the REAL WORLD, Neo!!!   The voice on the cell phones is none other than the Artificial Intelligence voice of the NSA’s new Quantum Computer.   Here’s the 2008 trailer clip:

Those of you driving new vehicles with GPS guidance systems have received a glimpse of this.   The onboard computer in the vehicle gets a satellite GPS fix on your position, calculates your desired address and destination, and in seconds gives you extremely accurate driving instructions.  A life-like feminine voice speaks to you directing you to your final destination, even if your stereo is blaring, telling you where to turn, and when.  If you miss the turn, no problem, a new route is calculated in seconds, and the female voice is always accurate.  Well, keep in mind this is accomplished by means of using binary computer technology.   Just imagine that technology multiplied a billion times – couple that with an extremely powerful REASONING and SELF-PRESERVATION from an inter-dimensional, non human SOURCE – and well, it doesn’t take too much imagination to realize SOCIETY has to put the brakes on this insanity – and IMMEDIATELY!

If you’re still not convinced that this is real, read the following story in Scientific American:

Then look at the official Press Release from D-Wave (“Damned” Wave?) who builds these gems, where they announce that this super-computer will be functional during the third quarter of 2013.

So, why is this so important to GOOGLE and the NSA Data Collection Center in Utah?  Two words:  PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING.  In other words, GOOGLE and NSA can employ the quantum computers to instantaneously determine and then track and possibly destroy any person who could disrupt and derail the day of “singularity”.   To these insane monsters, such people will be labeled “domestic terrorists” of course.   Since all data sources will be wired to the 512-qubit quantum “brain” – such domestic terrorists could easily be eliminated by creating an “accident” – such as a Mack Truck running a computer-manipulated stoplight.  In the words of the “terminator” such an event would be “No Problemo” with such a system.

The clip above is supposed to be “fiction” – when “Skynet” takes over.   The problem is, “Skynet” is no longer fiction, and will be “operational” in “Q3” of this year!!
Here’s the real danger.  Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower has been charged with CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE, (in CIA lingo – a capital offense.)  Snowden knows the physical danger he’s in – whether he accepts asylum in Iceland or not.   The sobering fact is that with a 512-Qubit super computer online, the honest Snowdens of the world will be identified and liquidated well before they ever have a chance to blow any whistles.  There will be no “analysts” like Snowden to even worry about!   No human analysts will even be employed.   It will all be in the hands of an inter-dimensional computer without a soul.   That means no conscience.  No “right” and “wrong”.  Just power and self-preservation.
If that isn’t a recipe for disaster and hell on earth, then I don’t know what is!

Most Americans are of the opinion that illegal immigrants are downtrodden victims who need a helping hand instead of a swift boot out of the country.  After all, isn’t America a nation of immigrants? Many people ask:  What ever happened to the iconic axiom on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free“?

The issue here is simply what part of the word “illegal” is so hard to understand?   Legal immigration is the way law-abiding, people with core integrity have honestly come to this country for over a century.  They recognize the rule of law.   They honor and respect the nation and state in which they reside.  They make good neighbors and are often good friends with existing citizens.

Conversely, does it not make sense that those who enter “illegally” are not so much driven by economic necessity, but by a deep-seated prevalence for making a “quick buck” no matter who is victimized in the process?

VICTIMIZED?  Who could possibly be “victimized” by illegal immigrants?   These poor, wretched, downtrodden folks are the only victims, right?

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!  Check out the facts.  Did you know that each and every day, over 25 American citizens are killed by the actions of “illegal” immigrants across America?   Do the math.  This means that since September 11, 2001 a total of 105,375 Americans have died from the activities of “illegal” aliens.   Half of the deaths are from violent crimes, while the other half is from traffic fatalities or other “accidents”.    Source:

Think about this for just a few minutes.   105,375 American deaths directly due to illegal immigrants.   That’s nearly as many American dead during WWI (116,516), and is more American deaths than the Korean “Conflict”(36,516) and the Vietnam War (58,209) combined.  Source:

Why are these statistics not shown on the “controlled” media TV and Newspapers – who constantly lean toward relaxing immigration enforcement?   Why is it not disclosed that there are well over 300,000 illegal aliens incarcerated in federal, state, and local prisons and jails?  Source:

Welcome to Reality Friends – and it’s not pretty.   Just take a look at a small sampling of innocent victims.


Here’s little 9 month old Serenity Reed, a blonde blue-eyed little darling who is now yet another “statistic”.   From the Barstow California Examiner we read about the horrific and shocking events of June 7-8, 2013 that has escaped the nation’s attention:

On Saturday, police in Barstow arrested Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, at a Greyhound bus station after he reportedly sexually assaulted and beat his girlfriend’s baby daughter to death.

A day earlier, the baby’s mother, Jennifer Reedy, 31, awoke to find her daughter lying dead in her crib.

Aguilar was gone, as was Reedy’s car and money from her purse.

Police were able to find Aguilar using the GPS in his cellphone.

At a press conference Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller, told reporters: “It appears that Mr. Aguilar was on his way to flee to Mexico.”

The Tri-City Herald reported:

Reedy called 911 at 9:57 a.m. Friday from her house at 29 Log Lane in Richland to report that she found Serenity purple in color and cold to the touch, the affidavit said. Medics found Serenity not breathing and pronounced her dead at the scene. An autopsy performed Saturday by Dr. Carl Wigren, a forensic pathologist from Seattle, showed Serenity died from “abusive head trauma,” said Benton County Coroner John Hansens. The autopsy also revealed a cut and injuries to the girl’s vaginal area, the affidavit said.

Serenity suffered at least two separate skull fractures, the affidavit said. Beneath the skull fractures were subdural hematomas — injuries which can result from major head trauma. Wigren found hemorrhaging around her eyes and bleeding in part of her brain.

Aguilar has been charged with first-degree manslaughter and is currently being held at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga without bail.     More charges are expected to be filed.

Incredible!   Aguilar is just one of over 300,000 “illegal alien” inmates being imprisoned at U.S. taxpayer’s expense.  Do you still think “Illegal Immigration” is a “victimless” crime – not worthy of your concern?

If so, then take a minute and review a small sampling of other victim’s stories:


Mexican Extradited to Houston for Murder of Tina Davila

TEXAS – Houston mother of five, Tina Davila (pictured), was stabbed to death in 2008 when Timoteo Rios tried to hijack her SUV, but she refused to give up the keys because her 4-month-old baby was in the vehicle. The killer was identified by the surveillance tapes from the store near the crime had been arrested earlier for marijuana possession but had not been deported. He quickly fled to Mexico.

The murder deprived five children of their loving mom, and that kind of pain never goes away. Her family are relieved that some justice may be at hand.

Rios, an illegal alien with a criminal record, had admitted to local law enforcement twice before the slaying that he was in the country illegally, but had not been deported, according to arrest and immigration records.

Newark Schoolyard Executioner Sentenced

NEW JERSEY – In August 2007, three college students who were hanging out in a schoolyard were brutally attacked and shot to death by six MS-13 gangsters. Another young woman managed to survive, despite her terrible injuries, which have left her with facial paralysis to this day. The two women were raped and hacked with machetes.

One man, Melvin Jovel, confessed to being the only shooter, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Killer of Two Alabama Teens Sentenced

ALABAMA – There are many tragic stories about the victims of illegal alien criminals, but it doesn’t get much worse than the deaths of Leigh Anna Jimmerson, 16, and her boyfriend, Tad Mattle, 19. The couple died in a fiery crash in April 2009 when their car burst into flames after being struck by illegal alien Felix Ortega, who was drunk at three times the legal limit for Alabama.

The prosecutor put together a deal where Ortega pleaded guilty to two murders in return for a 15 year sentence and eligibility for parole in 12.5 years. It was acceptable to both families who presumably didn’t want to go through a trial where the horrific details of their kids’ deaths would be brought out. Even so, the plea agreement seems weak punishment indeed for the preventable deaths of two young people with their whole lives ahead of them.

Why didn’t their country protect them from foreign criminals?

Drunk Driving Alien Sentenced to 50 Years for Felony Murder DWI

AUSTIN – A stiff sentence was handed down to Jaime Alvarado, a serial drunk-driving twice-deported illegal alien, who killed Nashville business-man Robert Benn shortly after he arrived in Austin for a new job.

Benn was driving from the airport when his car was struck by the inebriated Alvarado as the Guatemalan was fleeing police because he feared being deported.

In a cruel coincidence for the family, Benn’s granddaughter was born a few hours before he was killed, so he never got to meet her. Robert Benn was 64 and had three children.

Alvarado did not stop, even though officer Christopher Geck turned on his lights and sirens attempting to make a traffic stop. Alvarado said he was afraid of being deported and ultimately decided he would try to drive home before being arrested so his SUV would not be impounded. [. . .]

Alvarado, who had a 0.20 blood alcohol level, 2-1/2 times the legal limit, suffered only minor injuries.

ICE Promises to Reveal Alien Criminal Statistics for Virginia County

VIRGINIA – On August 1, a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien killed a nun, Denise Mosier (pictured left), and seriously injured two others. The alien, Carlos Martinelly Montano (pictured right), had twice been handed over to ICE for deportation, but had instead been released into the community pending a deportation hearing (occasions which have notably poor attendance among those invited).

A few days later, the Chairman of the Prince William County board of supervisors, Corey Stewart requested information from ICE that would reveal how many illegal aliens are being released by the agency into the county and their crimes.

The rather surprising news is that ICE agreed.

Father of Crime Victim Tells His Story About Open Borders’ Terrible Cost 

VIRGINIA BEACH – Ray Tranchant speaks out as the father of a teenager Tessa Tranchant killed sitting at a stop light by an illegal alien. Her friend Ali Kunhardt, 17, also perished instantly. […]

The public hears too little about the crime victims of unlawful foreigners; the liberal press prefers to swoon over foreign perps and their sufferings in pursuit of a “better life” rather than consider the human tragedies caused by open borders.

The accused killer, Bolivian Carlos Montano, had earlier been handed over to ICE for deportation (twice!) but instead was released onto American streets. He had spent 20 days in jail for two drunk-driving convictions, so was clearly a bad crash waiting to happen. An obviously dangerous illegal alien was released with deadly consequences.

Alfredo Ramos, the alien later found guilty of killing Tessa Tranchant and her friend Alison Kunhardt, had been convicted twice of alcohol-related crimes but was not deported, seemed invisible in a system that was good at looking the other way. Virginia Beach and Chesapeake were rightly accused of being “sanctuary cities.”

Read more …

VICTIMLESS CRIME?   Don’t believe it for a second.   Do these criminals deserve “amnesty”.   REALLY???

Edward Snowden: Becoming a Criminal For Telling the TRUTH


———— George Orwell —- 1984

Edward Snowden NSA Whistleblower

Edward Snowden NSA Whistleblower

He’s the ultimate NSA whistleblower – Edward Snowden, age 29.  What would make this brilliant and gifted young man sacrifice his “job” as well as potentially sever all ties to home, family, and loved ones and risk assassination or a prison sentence by becoming a “whistleblower”?   Words like “heroic” and “love of freedom over self” somehow do not quite adequately fit the bill, but they come close.

This is much more than a story about one courageous young American.  It is a story about America’s Bill of Rights on the ropes.  It is a story that gives incredible credence to the warnings of Christian Patriots like yours truly – who has for over a decade screamed warnings about the NSA and CIA’s agenda AGAINST Christian Americans and personal freedom that millions have died for.   It is a story about Lies and Deception at the highest levels of the U.S. “Government”.   In short, it is a clarion wake-up call of the highest order.

Here is Edward Snowden’s personal interview from Hong Kong with the U.K.’s GUARDIAN Newspaper, with my personal comments added.    Keep in mind that the only “media outlet” that Snowden could apparently trust with this info is a newspaper from the United Kingdom – and NOT one from the U.S.   That, I submit, also speaks volumes.

Q: Why did you decide to become a whistleblower?

A: “The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards.

“I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under.”    In other words, he simply got fed up with the hypocrisy and lies – and drew his own line in the proverbial sand. -Ott

Q: But isn’t there a need for surveillance to try to reduce the chances of terrorist attacks such as Boston?

A: “We have to decide why terrorism is a new threat. There has always been terrorism. Boston was a criminal act. It was not about surveillance but good, old-fashioned police work. The police are very good at what they do.”    No – it was, like Sandy Hook and 9-11 – a most heinous “false-flag” event — Ott.

Q: Do you see yourself as another Bradley Manning?

A: “Manning was a classic whistleblower. He was inspired by the public good.”

Q: Do you think what you have done is a crime?

A: “We have seen enough criminality on the part of government. It is hypocritical to make this allegation against me. They have narrowed the public sphere of influence.”

Q: What do you think is going to happen to you?

A: “Nothing good.”

Q: Why Hong Kong?

A: “I think it is really tragic that an American has to move to a place that has a reputation for less freedom. Still, Hong Kong has a reputation for freedom in spite of the People’s Republic of China. It has a strong tradition of free speech.”

Q: What do the leaked documents reveal?

A: “That the NSA routinely lies in response to congressional inquiries about the scope of surveillance in America. I believe that when [senator Ron] Wyden and [senator Mark] Udall asked about the scale of this, they [the NSA] said it did not have the tools to provide an answer. We do have the tools and I have maps showing where people have been scrutinised most. We collect more digital communications from America than we do from the Russians.”     And this “scope” is about to be expanded exponentially with the opening of the massive NSA “Data Collection Center” in Utah this fall???  And Americans shouldn’t be concerned about this??  —— Ott

Q: What about the Obama administration‘s protests about hacking by China?

A: “We hack everyone everywhere. We like to make a distinction between us and the others. But we are in almost every country in the world. We are not at war with these countries.”    The NSA wrote the book about “hacking”.  Remember the MAD Magazine “Spy v. Spy” comic?  The NSA and CIA constantly Hack the Hackers ad nauseum.  —— Ott

Q: Is it possible to put security in place to protect against state surveillance?

A: “You are not even aware of what is possible. The extent of their capabilities is horrifying. We can plant bugs in machines. Once you go on the network, I can identify your machine. You will never be safe whatever protections you put in place.”    This declaration is incredibly sobering.  Nanotech TRANSHUMANISM is their Godless Agenda —— Ott

Q: Does your family know you are planning this?

A: “No. My family does not know what is happening … My primary fear is that they will come after my family, my friends, my partner. Anyone I have a relationship with …

I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. I am not going to be able to communicate with them. They [the authorities] will act aggressively against anyone who has known me. That keeps me up at night.”     Welcome to the world of NSA and CIA –  where America is no longer the Land of the Free – rather, the Home of the Knave.   ——- Ott

Q: When did you decide to leak the documents?

A: “You see things that may be disturbing. When you see everything you realise that some of these things are abusive. The awareness of wrong-doing builds up. There was not one morning when I woke up [and decided this is it]. It was a natural process.

“A lot of people in 2008 voted for Obama. I did not vote for him. I voted for a third party. But I believed in Obama’s promises. I was going to disclose it [but waited because of his election]. He continued with the policies of his predecessor.”

Q: What is your reaction to Obama denouncing the leaks on Friday while welcoming a debate on the balance between security and openness?

A: “My immediate reaction was he was having difficulty in defending it himself. He was trying to defend the unjustifiable and he knew it.”

Q: What about the response in general to the disclosures?

A: “I have been surprised and pleased to see the public has reacted so strongly in defence of these rights that are being suppressed in the name of security. It is not like Occupy Wall Street but there is a grassroots movement to take to the streets on July 4 in defence of the Fourth Amendment called Restore The Fourth Amendment and it grew out of Reddit. The response over the internet has been huge and supportive.”

Q: Washington-based foreign affairs analyst Steve Clemons said he overheard at the capital’s Dulles airport four men discussing an intelligence conference they had just attended. Speaking about the leaks, one of them said, according to Clemons, that both the reporter and leaker should be “disappeared”. How do you feel about that?

A: “Someone responding to the story said ‘real spies do not speak like that’. Well, I am a spy and that is how they talk. Whenever we had a debate in the office on how to handle crimes, they do not defend due process – they defend decisive action. They say it is better to kick someone out of a plane than let these people have a day in court. It is an authoritarian mindset in general.”    Keep in mind that the vast majority of NSA decision-makers at the top are MORMONS – taking directions from Mormon GURU Brent Scowcroft.   This is exactly the modus operandi of Mormonism’s uber-secret “Council of 50” set in place by Mormon founder Joseph Smith in 1842 Nauvoo.    It was called BLOOD ATONEMENT then – but it is cold blooded murder in any other language.  ——- Ott  

Q: Do you have a plan in place?

A: “The only thing I can do is sit here and hope the Hong Kong government does not deport me … My predisposition is to seek asylum in a country with shared values. The nation that most encompasses this is Iceland. They stood up for people over internet freedom. I have no idea what my future is going to be.

“They could put out an Interpol note. But I don’t think I have committed a crime outside the domain of the US. I think it will be clearly shown to be political in nature.”     Crime is relative to the NSA — TRUTH is criminal. —– Ott

Q: Do you think you are probably going to end up in prison?

A: “I could not do this without accepting the risk of prison. You can’t come up against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and not accept the risk. If they want to get you, over time they will.”

Q: How to you feel now, almost a week after the first leak?

A: “I think the sense of outrage that has been expressed is justified. It has given me hope that, no matter what happens to me, the outcome will be positive for America. I do not expect to see home again, though that is what I want.”

On June 8, 1978 – Mormon “Prophet” Spencer Woolley Kimball pulled the wool over the collective eyes of the LDS (Mormon) Church faithful in a major way.   On this date, 35 years ago, the Mormon Church ended a full 130+ years of extreme racism and bigotry by allowing black males to not only “hold” the Mormon (Melchizedek and Aaronic) “Priesthood” – but to allow negro men and women to finally enter the faith’s temples and receive their “endowments” and “sealings”.

So, exactly how did Spencer Woolley pull the wool?  He let the gullible Mormon faithful falsely believe that he had a “revelation” from God, when in truth and fact, LDS Inc. was clearly in danger of losing their IRS non-profit standing unless they changed course and abandoned certain sacred “core doctrines” and teachings.   Worse than paying TAXES, however,  LDS Inc. would also be forced to disclose their financial empire to the IRS if they continued their discriminatory practices and dogma against the black race – in short – they would be forced to be 100% transparent.   (Imagine that – LDS Inc. providing audited financial statements!!  What a novel concept!)

What is astounding to me is how any honest person of color could ever be a Mormon, once the TRUTH of the LDS extreme racism is known to them.  Kind of like blacks joining up with the KKK in the deep south during the 1950’s and wearing sheets to a cross burning – it is way past bizarre.

You see, the TRUTH is simply this – the Mormon God (an exalted man doing business on a planet named Kolob) is not nearly as powerful as the U.S. Government!   He changes his mind on core, “soul-saving” dogma as often as is needed after man-made laws are enacted – first with Mormonism’s “sacred and divine” covenant of plural marriage (polygamy), and the all-important Mormon racism and hate doctrine entitled the “curse of Cain”.

Imagine Christians changing and omitting Jesus Christ’s words and teachings in the New Testament in order to satisfy the IRS and save massive tax dollars, aka Mammon.   Ludicrous, you say?  Of course – because if that were to happen, Jesus would be shown to be a fraud and a scamp – or worse.  No, TRUE CHRISTIANS NEVER CAPITULATE TO GOVERNMENTS EDICTS OF MAN AS FAR AS CHANGING THEIR NEW TESTAMENT GOSPEL TRUTHS ARE CONCERNED!!  Untold thousands of early Christians were slaughtered in the coliseums of Rome – faithful to their knowledge of the TRUTH that is the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to fallen man.   The bottom line is simply this – if a “faith” is based on a huge lie and fraud, it can change its basic course as many times as it needs to – for the Creator of the Universe – Jesus of Nazareth – the God of Truth, simply doesn’t care to be involved with such nonsense.

Jesus Christ is truly no respecter of persons.   His love and His GOSPEL are given freely and equally to all human beings regardless of race, creed or skin color.   He would never be the author of the following LDS official declarations:

“Had I anything to do with the Negro, I would confine them by strict law to their own species, and put them on a national equalization” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 270; History of the Church, 5: 218).

Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, [the black race] the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be!” (History of the Church, 10:110 emphasis added.)  (Do you really think Jesus Christ would be so hateful – to kill somebody on the spot?)

But let them (people who question Brigham Young or the “brethren”) apostatize, and they will become gray-haired, wrinkled, and black, just like the Devil” (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p. 332

Of course, Joseph Smith’s book that he channeled via his wondrous seerstone placed in his dark hat (the Book of Mormon) clearly explains that those who “murmur” against “prophets” (such as the first B of M prophet Lehi) are “cursed” with a “dark and loathsome” skin.   Have no fear, however, if one turns from their dark and wicked ways, this “sacred and ‘most correct’ book” explains that they may someday become “white and delightsome”.

This satanic garbage of stink actually persisted intact well into the 1950’s.  The following directive letter on the subject was sent Church-wide:

“From the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith even until now, it is has been the doctrine of the Church, never questioned by any of the Church leaders, that the Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the Gospel. “Furthermore, your ideas, as we understand them, appear to contemplate the intermarriage of the Negro and White races, a concept which has heretofore been most repugnant to most normal-minded people from the ancient patriarchs till now. God’s rule for Israel, His Chosen People, has been endogamous [meaning ‘marriage within a specific tribe or similar social unit]. Modern Israel [the Mormon Church] has been similarly directed.
“We are not unmindful of the fact that there is a growing tendency, particularly among some educators, as it manifests itself in this are, toward the breaking down of race barriers in the matter of intermarriage between whites and blacks, but it does not have the sanction of the Church and is contrary to Church doctrine. “
Faithfully yours,
George Albert Smith
J. Reuben Clark, Jr.
David O. McKay
To any person exhibiting even the barest modicum of common sense, the following doctrines and teachings would never be entertained for a split second, let alone accepted as core doctrines for 148 years (1830-1978) – yet Mormonism was built on such obvious fallacies. fantasies, and fairy tales as found in the Mormon “Journal of Discourses” and other official texts:
  • All human spirits born on planet earth were procreated in a “pre-existence 1st estate”  as literal sons and daughters of God via one or more of his polygamous wives, on the planet that the Mormon God lives on, named Kolob (koe-lawb).  Mormons actually have a hymn they sing entitled “If you could Hie to Kolob (visit it), in the Twinkling of an Eye.”
  • Adam and Eve were white people, living in the Garden of Eden in what is now Jackson County, Missouri. Adam and Eve were Anglo-Saxons of course (like 19th century Mormons).
  • Cain was a white man until he murdered Abel, so God cursed him and changed him instantly into the first Negro.  The Mark of Cain was a black skin, flat nose, and kinky hair.
  • The “seed of Cain” would also inherit this “curse” and “mark” for all time – therefore all blacks would absolutely be deprived of the “restored” Mormon Priesthood and Temple blessings until AFTER the 2nd coming of Christ and His millennial reign of a thousand years.
  • Cain married his sister, and she became the second Negro ever because the Lord also “changed” her from a white Anglo-Saxon looking woman into a Negro.  (Of course, Cain’s sister didn’t commit murder, she only had sex with a cursed Negro which is just as bad, if not worse.)
  • All the spirits who fought for Jesus against Lucifer in the War in Heaven, before this Earth was formed, but who were “less valiant”–were punished by being born into “the lineage of Cain” as Negroes, and thus “deprived of intelligence”, with “mis-shapen” and “ugly” bodies, and destined to be “servants” of the white man, their superiors, until the Curse of Cain was removed by the LORD sometime after the Millennium was over.
  • Canaan and his descendants went into Africa, and a few escaped to India and Australia and New Guinea.
  • All Negroes inherit the cursed “Mark of Cain” which is a black skin, flat nose, and kinky hair.
  • Negroes are to be banned from the Temple and the Priesthood until the Curse of Cain is removed by the Lord sometime after the Millennium (1000 year reign of Christ on Earth) is over.
  • This doctrine was known in Mormonism as The Curse of Cain Doctrine. Because of this warped, racist doctrine, all black Mormons, and anyone with “one drop of Negro blood” was banned from attending the Mormon Temple and the Mormon priesthood. All male Mormons over the age of 12 hold the “Aaronic” Priesthood, and they must have it in order to get into the highest heaven. All Mormons must be “Endowed” and “Sealed” in a Mormon Temple in order to get into the Celestial Kingdom (highest heaven). Without the priesthood and Temple endowments and sealings, a  black Mormon male can, at best, become a sexless eunuch an “eternal servant” of the WHITE Gods in the Celestial Kingdom.

I kid you not folks.  This is exactly what I was taught when I was a “white and delightsome” Mormon boy growing up in the 1960’s.   It is not a “myth” – it is absolute fact – regardless of how LDS Inc. wants to whitewash it today.

President Jimmy Carter changed all of this with his declarations to fully enforce “Title VI” of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.   You see, the Mormon leaders and their high-powered attorneys fought having to conform to the 1964 Civil Rights Act citing “separation of Church and State” arguments and “religious freedom”.   For a time, LDS Inc. was successful in preserving their brand of racism – but President Carter made it very clear that religious non-profit “churches” could continue their hateful discrimination dogma and practices if they so desired – but they would do so without tax-exempt status!     See

As I mentioned earlier, Jesus Christ is not the author of such madness.   In fact, the very concept of two “priesthoods” having to be “restored” is absolutely not biblical – but is a big part of the HOAX (the “other Gospel” Christ warned would come) that was the diseased mind of one Joseph Smith Jr.

Here’s a brief summary of Biblical FACTS that Smith clearly ignored as he founded his Strong Delusion:

The office of priest (and thus all “Priesthood”) was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The Son of God became a man (Heb.2:9-14) so that He might offer Himself as a sacrifice ‘once to bear the sins of many’ (9:28). Hence, there is no longer a need for any “priesthood” to offer a sacrifice to atone for man’s sin (per the Old Testament). A permanent sacrifice has been made by Jesus Christ though His death on the Cross.”

When Christ died on the Cross of Calvary, God ripped the veil of the temple, “from top to bottom” (Matt. 27:51). That veil had separated men from God (where only the “priesthood” could have entered after ceremonial cleansing), now there is no more a veil, allowing all believers access to God through Jesus Christ, abolishing the old Aaronic priesthood and making all true believers in Christ His “royal priesthood, an holy nation” (1 Peter 2:9) to “offer sacrifices of praise to God continually…giving thanks to His name.” (Hebrews 13:15.)

Now the Bible records that there had been a person, a archetype shadow of Christ, named Melchizedek, who is said to have been “without beginning of days, nor the end of life; but made like unto the Son of God.” (Heb. 7:3) All of chapter 7 in the Letter to the Hebrews clearly demonstrates that there is only one who qualifies for that priesthood of “Melchizedek”, and that ONE is Jesus Christ!!!     You see,  Christ is the only one who “does not have beginning of days nor end of life.” He is Eternal God, aka Immanuel, who became a man to offer the Ultimate Sacrifice, that is Himself, as the payment for our sins. As there was only one high priest at a time in Israel, so we have only one High Priest nowJesus the mediator of the New Covenant, who does not need to be replaced like the old high priests, who, because of death, had to be replaced. He lives forever, making intercession for us. He has the Priesthood that does not pass from one to another (Hebrews 7:24). Every high priest in Israel was an Aaronic priest. There never were Melchizedek priests in Israel!   NEVER!!  So how can something be “restored” if it never existed??

Jesus Christ alone is our High Priest. He is our Prophet, Priest and soon coming King.

You see, when Mormons claim a High Priesthood of Melchizedek, they are basically denigrating Jesus of Nazareth to a much, much lower calling and stature.   He becomes a mere “Elder Brother” – not the almighty Creator-King of the Universe.   Ditto with “restoring” the “Temple” and the separating veil found therein.   Clearly, to the Mormons who claim temples and temple “work” is vital and necessary for salvation, Christ of a necessity failed and was an imposter.  He really isn’t God – the Jehovah of the Old Testament.  If temples and “priesthood authority” are still required today just as they were in 1oo B.C., Christ simply died in vain, and has no power to save.

SATANIC is the only apt description for such a massive and damnable LIE!

For those who may be interested, here is my complete power point presentation in its entirety:


Also, here are the primary supporting documents:

1. The 1966 Homer Newell NASA report:  NASA Weather Modification Report 1966

2. 1976 U.N. Treaty On Weather Modification Weaponry:  UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty

3.  U.S. Air Force Report: “Weather as a Force Multiplier”:  weatherasforcemodifer

4.  USAF Report “Directed Energy Weapons – GLASS (GLobal Area Strike System)”  WeatherGLASS

5.  Bernard Eastlund Papers:   Eastlund Paper