This is an update to my post I authored 18 months ago concerning the damnably dark Edomite/Madman Agenda of Raymond Kurzweil (Cursed-well) and the Trans-humanist Agenda where certain elite “men” literally desire to elevate themselves to the level of “God” as soon as humanly possible.   If you missed this earlier post, you can read it here:

So, what’s new on the man-usurping-God front? Are you sure you want to know?   Well Mr. Kurzweil is now employed by GOOGLE, which according to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is THE primary covert data-collector for the NSA via internet tracking technology.   What is this warped, atheist genius doing for GOOGLE?  He’s their “Director of Engineering” of course!  Why is that a problem?  Remember how Kurzweil replied to the question “Does God Exist”?  His answer: “Not Yet” tells you all you need to know about his psyche.   Now we learn that Kurzweil and GOOGLE are the recipients of the first “Quantum Super-Computer”!

Clearly, the day of “singularity” (the transhumanist term for their glorious day when computer-driven machines completely displace man and control planet earth) is on a fast track that even Ray Kurzweil could not have predicted.   That “fast track” is Quantum Computing.

Fasten your seat belts my friend, for you are in for a truly mind-blowing ride down the proverbial Rabbit Hole.  This is NOT science fiction, it is science fact.

First we need to get a handle on exactly what Quantum Computing entails.   That’s the starting point for this expose.  Let’s begin by watching a short video:

Get it?  Binary Digits (Bits) vs. Quantum (interdimensional) Bits (Qubits). Two numbers (0 and 1) vs. Infinite numbers (all numbers BETWEEN 0 and 1).   Simply stated, INTER-DIMENSIONAL CONTROL OF THIS EARTHLY DIMENSION OF TIME-SPACE (aka Humanity and Human Existence) IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF “QUANTUM COMPUTING”.   You see, Quantum Computing is simply the harnessing of God’s elemental building block of creation (the atom, electrons, photons, and their “spin”) for the most diabolical designs imaginable.  You see, there can be NO OTHER REASON for harnessing this ultimate power than the possession and control of humanity!!!  Do I have your attention yet?

Keep in mind that Qubits can and do exist in more than one state (called superposition) AT THE SAME TIME!   These Qubits have been created by the finite human mind – and yet, the same warped atheists who built the Qubit will claim in their next breath that Jesus Christ’s claims that He is God the Father in Heaven, while simultaneously walking the earth clothed in human flesh with the name Jesus of Nazareth, (i.e. existing in the same “superposition” as the Qubit), is a wild, fabricated hoax and fairy tale meant to dupe the dim-witted goyim!!

Just listen to Kurzweil’s satanic insanity as he totally disregards the fact that human beings have a SOUL – and are not designed by their creator to “live forever in their sins.” (See Genesis 3:22)  Of course, this totally negates the need for faith in Jesus Christ – and Christ’s biblical promises of eternal life through His saving Grace.  How can this agenda be anything short of demonic?

Remember the “Heaven’s Gate” cult that ended up taking poison by following their demented, clearly demonic-possessed leader Marshall Applewhite in order to “advance upwards” and become Gods?   I personally see very little difference in the mindset of the two men – for both promise eternal life and the ultimate evolution into self-exaltation – becoming GODS by their own WORKS – and not through Jesus Christ!  Check it out:

As I presented at the Conspiracy Conference this month, NASA was founded by individuals who performed seances and got their marching orders and instructions from NINE inter-dimensional entities that the Holy Bible clearly describes as demons.  Now NASA and GOOGLE’S Kurzweil (and thus the NSA) have their mittens on a 512-Qubit super computer!!  If this doesn’t concern you, you simply have been consuming too much Sodium Fluoride!!


The year was 1991.  Hollywood’s anti-Christian Jews film and release a movie called Terminator 2.   The “terminator” from the future (played by Arnold Swarzenegger) describes a super-computer named “Skynet” and how it eventually destroys humanity.  What is bizarre is how closely the new generation of Quantum Computers fits the model of “Skynet”.   Take a look at this clip from the movie:

Now fast-forward to 2008.   Steven Spielberg gives America the movie “Eagle Eye”.   Welcome to the REAL WORLD, Neo!!!   The voice on the cell phones is none other than the Artificial Intelligence voice of the NSA’s new Quantum Computer.   Here’s the 2008 trailer clip:

Those of you driving new vehicles with GPS guidance systems have received a glimpse of this.   The onboard computer in the vehicle gets a satellite GPS fix on your position, calculates your desired address and destination, and in seconds gives you extremely accurate driving instructions.  A life-like feminine voice speaks to you directing you to your final destination, even if your stereo is blaring, telling you where to turn, and when.  If you miss the turn, no problem, a new route is calculated in seconds, and the female voice is always accurate.  Well, keep in mind this is accomplished by means of using binary computer technology.   Just imagine that technology multiplied a billion times – couple that with an extremely powerful REASONING and SELF-PRESERVATION from an inter-dimensional, non human SOURCE – and well, it doesn’t take too much imagination to realize SOCIETY has to put the brakes on this insanity – and IMMEDIATELY!

If you’re still not convinced that this is real, read the following story in Scientific American:

Then look at the official Press Release from D-Wave (“Damned” Wave?) who builds these gems, where they announce that this super-computer will be functional during the third quarter of 2013.

So, why is this so important to GOOGLE and the NSA Data Collection Center in Utah?  Two words:  PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING.  In other words, GOOGLE and NSA can employ the quantum computers to instantaneously determine and then track and possibly destroy any person who could disrupt and derail the day of “singularity”.   To these insane monsters, such people will be labeled “domestic terrorists” of course.   Since all data sources will be wired to the 512-qubit quantum “brain” – such domestic terrorists could easily be eliminated by creating an “accident” – such as a Mack Truck running a computer-manipulated stoplight.  In the words of the “terminator” such an event would be “No Problemo” with such a system.

The clip above is supposed to be “fiction” – when “Skynet” takes over.   The problem is, “Skynet” is no longer fiction, and will be “operational” in “Q3” of this year!!
Here’s the real danger.  Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower has been charged with CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE, (in CIA lingo – a capital offense.)  Snowden knows the physical danger he’s in – whether he accepts asylum in Iceland or not.   The sobering fact is that with a 512-Qubit super computer online, the honest Snowdens of the world will be identified and liquidated well before they ever have a chance to blow any whistles.  There will be no “analysts” like Snowden to even worry about!   No human analysts will even be employed.   It will all be in the hands of an inter-dimensional computer without a soul.   That means no conscience.  No “right” and “wrong”.  Just power and self-preservation.
If that isn’t a recipe for disaster and hell on earth, then I don’t know what is!