In a massive press release Sunday, May 23, 2013, Mormon General Authorities announced a “historic” shift in their traditional uniform rules for Missions and their 70,000+ “full-time missionaries”.   In a nutshell – missionaries will be doing less door-to-door “tracting” and doing much more internet “social media” to spread the message of Grand Poo-Bah Wizard Joe Smith’s “restoration”.

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One of the peculiar historical hallmarks of this organization masquerading as a biblical Christian church for the last century and a half is the cloistering of the “faithful and righteous” young men (and some unmarried young women) on two year “missions” (‘sisters’ serve 18 months).  During this time, “Mission Rules” are strictly to be obeyed – otherwise the young missionary would not be “worthy” to “have the Holy Spirit” to aid him/her in the work of converting gullible dupes into the cult.  Up until Sunday’s “historic” announcement, Mission “rules” strictly forbade the use of the internet in order to not only keep the young hormone-choked missionaries chaste and virtuous, thus being WORTHY of the companionship of Mormonism’s “Holy Ghost”, but also to keep their minds focused on Church business instead of home, hearth, and family.   If this isn’t cult “indoctrination”, then nothing is!

Times, they are a-changing, even in the Mormo Kingdom (the king of the Demons is named Mormo, according to arch-satanist Anton LaVey).   Mormon “apostle” L. Tom Perry declared: “The World has changed; so the nature of missionary work must change if the Lord will accomplish his work.”    Oh really?   You mean that suddenly the internet is OK for young missionaries, “Elder” Perry, even though for the last two decades it has been strictly verboten in every single “mission” field?   Oh yes, I see.  That’s the beauty of having a “living” prophet after all – to make sure to let us all know when God Almighty, the Mormon’s exalted man living on the Planet Kolob completely changes his mind and reverses his once-sublime rules and alters course!

This is yet another very strong clue as to the bogus nature of Mormonism.    False religions can alter and change the rules as is expedient and financially profitable.  Whether its changing its core “revealed” doctrines as to Negroes and Priesthood, Polygamy(aka the New and EVERLASTING covenant), changing and altering its “sacred not secret” temple endowments,  or suddenly allowing its young missionaries to access the internet – it should be crystal clear – Mormon Doctrine changes as the World changes – it is clearly not the infallible spiritual anchor it declares itself to be.    Clearly, it is governed and run not by the Jesus of Nazareth, but the God of this World.   Yet, the King James Bible – God’s truly infallible word, has not changed ONCE!

I served a Mormon mission in Upstate New York from 1978-1980 – so I know my topic.

The world is indeed “changing” – just ask Barack Hussein Obama.  The only thing that is constant is Change – and for the most part, Change is not for the better.   The NSA is setting up shop with its multi-billion-dollar “Data Center” in Mormon Utah.  Quantum Computing will be running the show, and is poised to control human minds and actions like never before.  Indeed, it is clearly time for LDS Inc. to no longer restrict its missionary force from the World Wide Web!!   THEY MUST EMBRACE CHANGE and be a part of the social media phenom!

Listen up, good Mormons, to some simple logic.   Do you REALLY believe that the “Gates of Hell” prevailed against the original, first century, Body of Christ – His original Church, and thus successfully removed His Gospel of Grace from the earth and negated Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for you?  Do you really believe Satan was/is more powerful than the resurrected Christ?  Do you really believe the TRUE COMFORTER, Christ’s Spirit of Truth, was completely removed from the earth by Satan and his demonic minions?  Do you really believe that a complete and total “restoration” of Christ’s Gospel was needed in 1830?   Do you really believe that each and every one of the Christian faiths teaching core truths out of God’s Word – the King James Bible – in 1823 were “abominations” to Jesus Christ, and REALLY, do you believe that Joe Smith’s necromancy, scrying, and “seeking after the faculty of ABRAC black magic” pursuant to treasure seeking was not an abomination to Christ, the Creator? (See BYU Historian Michael Quinn’s seminal book “Early Mormonism and the Magic World View” for proof of Smith’s practices.)    By embracing Mormo-ism, you embrace these core lies that are the very basics of Joe Smith’s “other gospel”.

Yet in spite of all Biblical logic, there is today a small army of over 70,000 fresh-faced young idealists primed and ready to tell you that by means of a supernatural  “burning in the bosom” – a FEELING – that they BELIEVE they experienced, that LD$ Inc. is the “only true and living church” on earth – and you should commit to giving at least 10% of your earnings, and much of your time to them in order to be “exalted”.    They will tell you how wonderful Mormo families are – but don’t be fooled, for that is Satan’s window dressing only.    Just try leaving Mormo-ism and see how Christlike and “loving” these families are!

Coming to a Face Book Chat near you, instead of a disrupting knock on your door.