Its quite amazing how the Edomites of Hollywood make heroes out of the most despicable of anti-Christian villains.

Such is the case with the movie V for Vendetta.

A number of individuals showed up at our 4th of July NSA protest sporting the Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the movie.  These well-meaning individuals were duped into thinking that Guy Fawkes’ mask symbolized protest against tyrannical government.  Nothing could be further from the truth, actually.

Below is a neat little video that explains what really happened on Nov. 5, 1605 in London.   However, even this video is missing the most important motive for the “Gunpowder Plot”.  Above all, it was to destroy the 56 select men who God had hand-picked to bring the HOLY BIBLE to the masses.  The Pope and the military order of the Jesuits didn’t want God’s Word to be massively available to the common man – as it would greatly erode the Papal Power-base in England while boosting Protestant freedoms.

The TRUTH is that if Guy Fawkes and his Jesuit conspiracy had been successful, King James and his team of 55 men would have been killed.  There would be no “King James Bible”, and the very face of the World would have been terribly altered.

Now you also know the truth about the current JESUIT soldier – Pope Francis – and the fact that UFOs are primarily DEMONIC inter-dimensional entities.  Little wonder why the Vatican is complicit in UFO coverups.