If there’s one thing our dysfunctional government excels at, sending out mixed signals in order to paralyze and confuse We The People has got to be at the top of the list.

On one hand, “National Security” is something most Americans agree with.  However, when used as a smoke screen for a group of International Banking Elitists to literally control the world – “National Security Agency” quickly becomes the worst nightmare of the free world.

Watch young Matt Damon vocalize the problem in the movie Good Will Hunting back in 1997 – four years before the FALSE FLAG EVENT of September 11, 2001.   Since 9-11, the NSA has become exponentially more dangerous to world Freedom than ANY “terrorist” organization or nation in the world.   Not by accident – but by carefully planned design.

Good Will is most definitely lacking in the NSA.   If you value what little personal freedom you still enjoy, the question is:  WHY SHOULDN’T YOU PROTEST NSA, and DO IT VIGOROUSLY?

Next, let the following two “Public Service” videos from Belgium sink in.   These give a glimpse of how NSA’s collected data WILL be used against Christian Patriots.   Keep in mind that when it becomes operational, the NSA Utah center will be infinitely more powerful than a small bank of computers on a street corner in Brussels.

Now see how easy it is to FRAME a Patsy!