Take a few minutes and watch this short, incredibly factual video about Dr. Jose Delgado.   Keep in mind that Delgado was the primary point researcher in a Black Ops CIA/NASA/NSA project called MK Ultra during the 60’s and 70’s.  MK Ultra did not die, it just went deep undercover with the NSA.

What the “Dark Matter” program doesn’t tell you is this:

1.  Modern nano-technology has advanced to the point that “implants” in the brain are no longer needed.  Microscopic nano-bots, injected into human beings via vaccine needles can easily be remotely directed to key areas of the human brain.  See  http://preventdisease.com/news/09/100509_injectable_nano_microchips.shtml

2.  You don’t need to totally mind-control EVERY person in America – only a relatively small, yet meaningful percentage.   All that is needed is a few monkey wrenches in the machinery to cause total chaos and strip the gears into declaration of martial law.

3.   All that is missing now for global mind (and thus societal world) control is a massive computer data bank to monitor 7 billion people 24/7 and to orchestrate the agenda.   This is the Utah NSA Center Mainframe – a Cray Super Computer with 2.3 Yottabytes of capacity.  (If a gigabyte were the size of a microscopic paramecium, then a yottabyte is the size of the sun.)


And finally – the Truth about NASA, the NSA, and CIA.   Not only were these “agencies” composed primarily of ex-Nazi scientists from Operation Paper Clip, they receive their structure and marching orders from a group of nine “watchers” – the “Gods of Egypt and Babylon” who were contacted via a seance by a group of nine elitists in the woods of the state of Maine.