I was born into a devout LDS (Mormon) family on Sept. 28, 1959.   This is what is known in Mormon lingo as “born under the ‘covenant’.   I served as a missionary for two full years in Upstate New York, where I was a mission leader (Assistant to the Mission President, and Zone Leader) and worked on the Hill Cumorah Pageant in a very high level.   After my 2 year stint, I returned to Utah, married a sweet Mormon girl in the Manti LDS Temple, and started a family.   I lived Mormonism 110%.  So, why did I abandon it?  Simply stated, I came to know the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth in a very personal way.  In short, I became a Christian!  In short, my soul seeks the TRUTH, and I learned of His saving Grace through knowing Him!

Here is my witness and solemn testimony to any Mormon who is honest in heart:   The LDS “church” is nothing but a complex mass mind-control experiment with the fallen angel Lucifer and the immortal CAIN as its Director and CEO!   Here are the irrefutable and completely provable facts why this is true.

As an “active” Mormon, I was “called to serve” in Ward and Stake MUSIC positions, including Stake and even regional choir direction.   I am skilled in musical instrumentation, and often played advanced organ and piano selections for Stake and Regional “Conferences”.   It was in that capacity that I was invited to Church Headquarters in SLC in the spring of 2003 to witness the incredible new Schoenstein organ (built by a Jewish company in San Francisco) at the massive conference center.   I testify that I was told at that time that this organ was incredibly “special” – in that it actually produced “complex tones that cannot be heard by the human ear, but only FELT by the human heart.”   I was stunned by this revelation, because this is the basic concept behind E.L.F. (extra low frequency) mind-control experimentation at the heart of the CIA’s infamous MK Ultra experimentation directed by ex-Nazi Josef Mengele!

I proceeded to acquire test equipment, and verified to my deep chagrin that specific E.L.F. waves are indeed generated during LDS General Conference sessions, and broadcast to all in attendance.  These E.L.F. waves produce a wave of euphoric emotions in the people attending – especially to certain people who are more genetically disposed to their effects.  “The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning” indeed – but the “spirit” is artificially produced and manufactured!    Moreover, I was able to quantify and prove that these mind-altering waves are also employed during Temple “rituals” (especially the “endowment films” – all older “temples” were remodeled and rewired so that the ElF waves could be more effectively deployed) and are even broadcast over the LDS Church’s massive dedicated SATELLITE NETWORK to all “Ward and Stake Centers” worldwide!   I now had conclusive proof why I, and so many good LDS people had such warm and fuzzy FEELINGS when attending meetings and watching Temple endowment films.   I also felt violated and defrauded in no small way!

Also at this time, I had uncovered hard evidence concerning the events in 1857 called the “Mountain Meadows Massacre” – and, though it grieved me deeply, I could no longer in good conscience continue to support the clear and present fraud and danger that is the mind-control cult of Mormonism.  I realized it is not a mere, harmless, social club.   I could live with that.   I learned with absolutely zero doubt – that it is a deeply powerful Luciferian power and priesthood that is not to be taken lightly.   In short, it is a deeply evil and occult organization!  In October of 2003, I demanded in a letter to LDS headquarters that my name be removed from the LDS membership rolls.

Now, thanks to DARPA and new technological advances, concentrated E.L.F. waves and “organized stalking” voice-to-skull technologies have reached new heights.   Individual freedoms are being attacked as never before.  The question now is not how many people are being mind-controlled, but rather, who are the few who are not?

Billboards are cropping up exposing the truth and scope of this problem, and magazines are carrying letters to Obama begging for this all to stop.   And yet, it continues unabated, and those who are awake and aware are labeled “fools” and “nut-jobs” as they are targeted daily by these MEASURABLE AND QUANTIFIABLE, insidious weapons.

HELP US DEAR JESUS – HELP US – for you are our only hope!

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