Many people will not think this story such a “big deal” – but they are mistaken, for this story is truly a microcosm of the SATANIC MINDSET currently in charge of the NSA, DHS, and the CIA (as well as most other FedGov operations).   It is the driving force behind the “Scowcroft Faction” of LDS (Mormon) and anti-Christian, “Jewish-Askenazi” Power-Brokers operating as a tandem evil force with absolute immunity behind the curtain of world politics; the very faction that in reality brought us the terror attack of September 11, 2001, and the “War on Terror” immoral and illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.   It is quite simply the face of what is wrong with America today!

Their mantra is: STIFLE FREE-THINKING, and STIFLE ALL DISSENT AGAINST THOSE IN “AUTHORITY” – no matter how wrong and misguided the actions of those operating in positions of carnal authority may be.  It is why conscientious whistleblowers like NSA analyst  Ed Snowden and Bradley Manning are today criminalized and demonized, rather than honored and praised for their heroism and integrity to simply tell the truth and expose criminal activity and coverups.

The Mormon (LDS) Church is full of hypocrisy.  They systematically program the minds of their youngsters during youth meetings they call “Primary” to “Choose the Right” – often giving them cute little CTR rings to remind them to be honest and full of integrity at all times.   Then when ADULTS seek to follow their consciences and “Choose the Right” – they are whacked over the head and told they are “apostate” for thinking and acting on their own – especially if they publish and promote books and papers “not officially sanctioned and approved” by the LDS Totalitarian Authorities in Salt Lake City!  I kid you not, friends, this is happening daily in Utah the home of the NSA Data Collection Center!!

Mr. Denver Snuffer wrote and published a book titled “Passing the Heavenly Gift”. gives us this synopsis of the book’s content from Snuffer:  “Mormonism has undergone four distinct phases. The first began in 1820 and ended with Joseph Smith’s death in 1844. The second began upon Joseph Smith’s death and ended with abandonment of plural marriage, publicly in 1890 and privately in 1904. In the third phase Mormonism denounced as apostasy its practice of plural wives, marking the first time an orthodox practice became grounds for excommunication. The fourth phase began with David O. McKay and is still underway. In it Mormonism has adopted corporate management techniques to consolidate and direct central church decision-making. The first phase was innovative and expansive, continually adding doctrine, scripture, teachings and ordinances. Subsequent phases have curtailed, abandoned, even denounced earlier teaching and doctrine. Phases two through four have all abandoned doctrine. Growth in these subsequent phases has been defined in terms of political influence, financial gains, cultural inroads, and population growth; while the underlying religion has been curtailed. Today, marketing the institution has become more important to Mormon success than preserving the original religious content. The changes from phase to phase have completely transformed Mormonism, sharing a vocabulary but redefining the terms. Modern Mormonism has now institutionalized change. For the first time in this book Mormonism is candidly described in terms which track the changes by examining doctrine, teachings and practices. Interestingly, the passing of the heavenly gift was anticipated by Joseph Smith’s prophecies and the Book of Mormon”.   (Emphasis added.)

HMMMMM!   Seems to me that Denver Snuffer has hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head.  NO WONDER LD$ INC. IS SEEKING TO MAKE HIM A PARIAH AND AN EXILE!   By so doing, the rank and file Mormon minions will be much less eager to listen to a convicted “apostate”!

Unfortunately, Brother Snuffer has missed seeing the forest for the trees.   His documented “four phases” provide ample evidence that Mormonism is nothing but a MAN-MADE, FALSE RELIGION from its very inception, and thus is rooted in the deepest of all frauds!    Jesus of Nazareth’s Gospel of Grace is unchanging and solid as a rock – and has endured for nearly 2000 years.   It has never changed nor varied since the Day of Pentecost!   His Words as recorded in the New Testament were accurately preserved from original texts, as were the teachings of His Apostle named Paul.   There was never any need for “restoration” – because the Good News of Grace was never “removed” from this earth.  Christ’s Good News of Salvation (the GOSPEL) has never been lost – and the Gates of Hell has never “prevailed against it”.  To teach and believe otherwise makes Christ Himself a Liar and a Fraud – and if that is the case – what is the need then for any “restored Gospel of the Fraud of Jesus” by one Joseph Smith???   Jesus was and is the Last High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek – He was indeed resurrected from the dead, AND HE LIVES STILL – so thereby any claims to the contrary are meant only to deceive and distort!

Denver Snuffer will likely continue to stoke his own false pride and ego by wrongfully believing his calling from God is to cleanse the wheat from the tares within the false cult called Mormonism – but that is simply more delusion.   If the root of the grain is corrupt (which Mormonism clearly is) – there is no wheat to separate.  It is all a tare and a STRONG DELUSION from the very outset!

Brother Snuffer – for what its worth, my advice is simply to LET IT GO!   Use your talents to promote the BIBLICAL JESUS, not some phony institution governed by fallible men, and watch your life change for the better.

In 2003, I went through the same “disciplinary” process that Snuffer is experiencing now.    My “Stake President” had earlier informed me that Mormonism is not a “democracy”, but rather my SP made it very clear that LD$ Inc. is a theocratic dictatorship – with zero room for any honest questioning of the almighty leaders.   I then asked him what would happen when the “prophesied” stone of Daniel 2 (the LDS Church according to their false teachers) “filled the whole earth” and all lines of separation of Church and State were erased – what then?  Would excommunication be replaced with execution ala the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia??  Would all educated “thinkers” need to be permanently silenced??   His answer chilled me to the very bone: “that would be a good thing – Brigham’s way of dealing with dissenters (aka blood atonement) would necessarily be restored, just as polygamy would – and God’s Kingdom would rule the earth just as the Prophet Joseph foresaw!”

You see, that is the TOTALITARIAN GOAL of these satanically deluded monsters.  Now you know why NSA is so welcome in Utah’s “Zion”.

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