This is a most powerful story – a story largely unknown by the American people.   This sordid part of American history exposes so much truth – truth that is extremely important to understand in today’s world.

To the Jewish/Ashkenazi International Banking Cartel (the House of Rothschild) that controls world events, war is nothing but a racket.  It is simply a tool they readily employ to further their satanic agenda of hell.   To them, the “goyim” (human cattle) who suffer, bleed, and die are 100% expendable.

It is very important to watch this 30 minute documentary below.   Here is The Story Behind the Story to remember as you watch this shocking video:

1.   The International Bankers are finally successful in taking over the United States’ monetary supply in the year 1913.   Their private, for-profit corporation is named The Federal Reserve.   The Federal Reserve bankers are allowed to print “notes payable” on their private printing presses, and these “notes” are to be currency, or “legal tender” for ALL “debts” – either public (governmental) or private (the citizenry.)   The “national debt” is born.

2.   President Woodrow (Woody the Woodpecker) Wilson is fully complicit in this monetary coup.   He is also fully complicit in emerging America into the “Great War” four years later.   He not only forces young men into conscription to fight the Banker’s war, he allows the Rockefeller drug cartel to mass vaccinate the troops against typhus fever.   The contaminated vaccines cause widespread death from “para-typhus pneumonia” worldwide.   Years later, the controlled media dub it the “Influenza Pandemic of 1918.”

3.   Clearly, any military leader who unquestionably follows orders, even when it means attacking fellow American VETERAN SOLDIERS, will be rewarded in a powerful way in the future.   It is not a coincidence that the three men who bore arms against their fellow American military veterans – Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower, and George Patton – would each be later hand-picked to their positions in WW II.

4.  In 1924, the Veterans of WWI were promised payments either upon their death, or the year 1945 – whichever came first!    The Federal Reserve had not yet consolidated their power over America.   First they needed to force all competing honest banks out of business by artificially crashing Wall Street in 1929.   Then they needed another stooge president to issue and oversee their “New Deal” while they orchestrated yet another massive war of attrition worldwide.

5.   The 1932 “Bonus Army” event showed that the U.S. Government clearly considers citizens who voice dissent to be “enemy combatants” who can be shot, gassed, or killed by the government as needed – even though their cause is extremely just, and even though they love their country in a powerful way.

No wonder the NSA has unlimited power to spy against all Americans with impunity.   The tragedy is that Americans believe we are still ruled by our Constitution, rather than a secret cabal of elitists.