Imagine for a minute that you have critical “insider” information that would allow you to absolutely corner a vital world stock market.  You make your move, and as a result you amass incredible wealth and power.   Over the next century, your sons, cousins, and “elite” bloodline allies continue manipulation of worldly principalities and powers.  Your posterity fulfills your dream of world conquest, and now your “House” controls the lion’s share of gold and other mineral “real wealth” on  planet earth.   Your posterity, your “House”, follows your economic blueprint to the letter, and employs your family’s accumulated vast wealth to strategically bribe key government officials – and in 1913, your agents successfully establish a private central bank to control the distribution of “currency” in the wealthiest country (as far as natural resources) in the world – the United States of America.   Now you have a stranglehold on the PEOPLE – for you have established a very devious and subtle means of plundering their wealth by printing paper “notes payable” out of thin air, and saddling the PEOPLE with usury (interest) on what is in reality, little more than a standardized measure of value that is used to expedite and facilitate trade and commerce; a medium of exchange that the control and issuance of should be the primary task of honest government – free of debt and without accumulating interest.    You then collect your ill-gotten gains, your “usury” (aka Plunder) by means of a direct tax on the people’s  INCOME.  Of course, America’s wise founding fathers knew this little trick of the powerful “House”, (they knew how it had been used to control the government of Great Britain) and so they made it one of the very cornerstone tenets of their governing constitution.   Thomas Jefferson, for one, feared such plundering parasites more than he feared “standing armies”.   (As did Abraham Lincoln, and as did John Kennedy.)

Of course – what I described in this first paragraph is not “imagination”.  It is not “speculation” – it is not “conspiracy theory”.  No, it is simply historical fact.  The “House” is the “House of Rothschild”, and the central bank is the corrupt “Federal Reserve”.   The private, for-profit corporation that collects the plundered booty from the PEOPLE is called the “Internal Revenue Service”.

So, what does all of this slick chicanery have to do with the U.S. Department of Education, and the process of “accreditation” of America’s Universities and Colleges?   The answer should be self-evident, even to the most brain dead of Americans.   The philosopher Goethe said it best: “No man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely believes that he is free.”   You see, the “elites” can only maintain their economic control and mastery over the masses of humanity they are systemically plundering if the “goyim” herd is kept largely ignorant and clueless as to how they are enslaved.    The victims MUST not be allowed to come to a full realization of how they have been manipulated and thus robbed blind!  Thus it becomes critically important to the elite’s agenda of control, to establish a monopoly to direct and standardize the slaves’ EDUCATION as a safeguard of and to continue their gigantic central bank money trust.   The bottom line is, its all about money and power – aka, the Demon the Holy Bible calls MAMMON!   Indeed, the love of Mammon is the root of all evil!

The truth is that the Federal Reserve’s elite families have been operating a massive “confidence” game since the year 1913.   Like any fraud, its level of success is completely dependent on the targeted “marks” remaining ignorant of exactly what the components of the con are, and how it operates to rob them.  The worst fear of the professional charlatan is having their victim fully aware and informed!

Take a look at the historical timeline of the past 100 years, and you can see exactly the steps taken that has led to the modern state of events in America today – and how “accreditation” of higher education is so very critical to maintaining such a massive con!

Step 1: The Money Trust called the “Federal Reserve” and their sister private corporation, the “Internal Revenue Service”  are formed in 1913 for two primary reasons: to issue “debt money” to the American public, and then to collect the plunder (aka interest) on the totally scandalous and unnecessary “private bank notes” loaned to the government.

Step 2: The House of Rothschild eliminates  many of their regional and historical competitors by fomenting the “Great War” (aka World War I).   Rothschild stooge and lackey Woodrow Wilson follows his orders to the letter, and he institutes the “draft” and conscripts millions to put on a uniform, pick up a gun, and  fight the banker’s war for profit on French soil thousands of miles away.

Step 3:  Great War veterans realize in 1924 that they were substantially shorted in their promised military pay.   Instead of hard currency, they are given ‘soft’ Federal Reserve “promissory notes” that will only  be able to be cashed in 21 years later (1945), or at the veteran’s death if that happened first,   Five years later, the Federal Reserve abruptly manipulates and freezes credit lines and brokerage firms’ margin accounts.  As a direct result the U.S. stock market crashes, and non-Federal Reserve “member banks” are forced out of business en masse.   In the depths of the “Great Depression” – WW I veterans march peacefully, but vocally, on Washington D.C. in the year 1933.  Called the “Bonus Army” their tent city is eventually attacked and burned, and the veterans are gassed and eventually disbursed with toxic chemical weapons;  the government forces attacking their fellow American ex-servicemen are led by Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and Dwight Eisenhower.   While this top story is dominating media stories, the Federal Government formally declares bankruptcy in the same year, and is completely restructured by Rothschild agents into a for-profit corporate entity governed by a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) rather than a republic governed by a constitution as originally established.

Step 4:  Largely due to “Great War” reparation payments forced on Germany – Adolf Hitler rises to power and stimulates the economy by utilizing Rothschild capital from Wall Street bankers to build and update existing factories that in turn churn out a massive Luftwaffe air force, U-Boat-rich navy, and modern, well-equipped army that nearly conquers all of Europe in a massive “blitzkrieg” of “shock and awe”.    Generals MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower are touted in the controlled media, and become national heroes.   Of course, nothing consolidates power and generates massive profits quicker for the banking elite than a world war, and following the Korean Conflict, the Rothschild-dominated Federal Reserve has total and complete monopoly power in the United States.  The Federal Reserve NOTE PAYABLE becomes the “World’s Reserve Currency” following the elites’ conference at Bretton Woods in the year 1945 – exactly the same year in which the “Bonus Army” bonds were scheduled to turn “hard”.

Step 5:  With the consolidation of their Notes Payable becoming debt instruments WORLDWIDE – the goal of the elite following WWII and Korea is to spread their interest-bearing notes far and wide through vast government as well as personal deficit-spending.     President Eisenhower enacts the “GI Bill” – and suddenly billions of Federal Reserve “notes” are systemically channeled to “worthy” Colleges and Universities.  In his final television address to the American public in 1961, Eisenhower issues a solemn warning against the “military-industrial complex” and their far-reaching agenda concerning the consolidation of  power and influence expanding primarily to university campuses.

Just as the House of Rothschild usurped control of America’s money system, they likewise took control of America’s core educational institutions via what is known as “accreditation”.  The Rothschild agents established private, for-profit, regional “accreditation” boards.   Without “accreditation” – no college or university would be declared eligible to receive their share of the massive “GI Bill” largesse of Federal Reserve, interest-bearing notes payable from the corporate entity known as the U.S. government.   Of course, to receive the coveted “accreditation” status, each college or university had to strictly agree to subscribe to the required, uniform  DICTATES of the Rothschild agents as to what “core” subjects would be allowed to be taught and how they were to be taught.   Any rebellious deviation from this dictated “core curriculum” resulted in accreditation “probation” – and if not immediately rectified, all federal “grants” and funding would be suspended and the institution would quickly be demonized and black-balled in the controlled media.  This would be a death sentence for most institutions, and so they made sure they stayed “compliant”.     “Accredited” status means that the institution was contractually obligated to not teach “false and incorrect” ideas such as the divine creation of the world as found in the Holy Bible – while “Darwinism” and “evolution” became the only “correct” truths that “accredited” institutions could teach and promote.    Blind loyalties to their respective “Alma Mater” (meaning “fostering mother”) were ingrained and fostered in the minds and psyche of the students.  Very few dared to question what was taught in the sacred, ivy-covered walls of the most elite, the “Ivy League” schools.  “If the University is fully accredited — then everything they teach is 100% true and correct” quickly became the mantra engrained into the minds of the American public during this era.   Conversely, any institution that was NOT accredited by the Rothschild boards became automatically synonymous with deception, fraud, and even criminal malfeasance in the minds of most Americans.   This is especially true where universities with “schools of Medicine” and “Juris Doctor” law degrees were “accredited” for the really big Rothschild money – for this is the “holy grail” of the Rothschild elite.   Conversely, any institution attempting to teach “alternative” modalities and healing via nutrition could never hope to receive “accreditation” and federal funding, and were often the primary targets of the governing “boards” to destroy.

A classic example of this is the study of Chiropractics.  Early Chiropractic colleges such as Palmer College in Iowa were continually mocked and demonized by the “accreditation establishment” as being bogus and fraudulent solely because of their “unaccredited”  status.   Chiropractic graduates with diplomas hanging on their office walls (which were duly earned of course) were mocked and declared to be imposters fraudulently pretending to be “doctors” –  and the gullible public largely bought into these lies for a couple of decades.

The fact is that many “unaccredited” post-graduate institutions (that do in fact legitimately provide viable courses composed of “alternative”, often overlooked and buried TRUTHS and are not mere “diploma mills”) are in reality more honest and legitimate than their Rothschild-cartel-controlled competition because they fully understand exactly how “the game” is played; they make a conscious decision to retain their intellectual, spiritual, and moral integrity and not partake of the corrupt Mammon that comes with subjective, liberal-agenda-promoting “accreditation”.