Don’t mess with the Irish – the PURE BLOOD of Israel – Mr. Obama!! (They are the TRUE ISRAELITES, not the phony KHAZARS whose backsides you have been kissing since 2008).

Listen to the auburn-haired, blue-eyed Ms. Clare Daly, in her righteous indignation take a pound of flesh from the “Hypocrite of the Century” Obama and his snooty wife Michelle during a session of the Irish Parliament.  Look at the sick look on the face of David Cameron as he realizes he just got a dose of good old TRUTH!

Man, what I wouldn’t pay to see her and Nancy Pee-loosely square off in a debate!

That would make millions on Pay-Per-View, I would guess!  THIS VIDEO SHOULD GO VIRAL!!!! Ms. Daly is right on point!

Email her at:  and tell her you are proud of her!!