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The Mandela Mythos – Part II

Obama and Thami - the MPD SignerReally – you can’t make this stuff up!  The word BIZARRE is an understatement – but when one considers the TRUTH about Nelson Mandela, things start to make a little more sense, perhaps.

At the December 10 memorial service for Mandela, world leaders, including of course another phony CLE (Communist Lackey Extraordinaire) Barak Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, made their way to the podium to give their tributes.   Immediately to the left of each world leader as they presented their tributes, a South African, official “interpreter” was busily going through bizarre hand signal gyrations that many experts immediately labeled “pure gibberish”.   How exactly did this happen, and is there a “Story Behind This Story” here?   I submit there most definitely is!

First of all, let’s analyze the background history of the “signer”.  His name is Thamsanqa “Thami” Jantjie, and, just like Nelson Mandela and Barry Soetoro, he has quite a sordid history!


Following the memorial service and in response to queries by the media,  “Thami” defended himself in a public interview with the Associated Press.  See

Thami declared he was a legitimate sign language interpreter, and had been duly hired for the event by the AFC (African National Congress).  He also in the same interview declared himself to be suffering from multiple personality disorder (aka schizophrenia) and that the reason for his “gibberish” sign language was because HE WAS WITNESSING ANGELS ENTERING THE STADIUM AS OBAMA AND OTHER WORLD LEADERS WERE SPEAKING!

You must understand that one of the favorite methods of the Mandela terrorist cabal to murder targeted whites was a process they call “necklacing”.  This involves placing an old tire filled with gasoline around the neck of the victim and lighting it on fire.  Over 3,000 white victims died from “necklacing” at the hands of Mandela’s disciples.  This was especially true of Mandela’s wife Winnie – who for years was a key ANC activist.  Winnie Mandela publicly declared in numerous speeches: “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we  shall  liberate this country!”

In 2003, according to the AP story above, Thamsanqa “Thami” Jantjie with a few other “activists” accosted two men found with a stolen television and “burned them to death by setting fire to tires placed around their necks”.  “Thami” never went to trial for the 2003 killings when other suspects did “because authorities determined he was not mentally fit to stand trial.”   Really?

So, here we have an individual involved in “necklacing” individuals to death, and who “authorities” declared was not mentally fit to even stand trial, working for the ANC and not committed to a mental hospital – standing next to world leaders while vividly hallucinating as he is supposedly interpreting the leaders’ speeches???  Indeed, the word bizarre doesn’t go far enough to describe this scenario!

However, on the other hand, it is quite fitting – almost poetic justice – to have a completely fraudulent psycho South African nutcase sharing the spotlight with leaders like Soetoro/Obama while they eulogize Mandela – the African emperor with no clothes.

It fits.





“With the rest of the world, we mourn the passing of revered statesman Nelson Mandela. His courage, kindness and extraordinary moral leadership have been an example to all people. We express our love and sympathies to his family and the people of South Africa as they remember his extraordinary life.”

LDS (Mormon) Church First Presidency

“Today, South Africa and the world lost one of its greatest leaders and freedom fighters with the passing of Nelson Mandela. From combatting the immoral apartheid regime to his time presiding over the country’s peaceful transition to democracy as president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s dignity, courage and conviction made him a lion among men.  Who but Nelson Mandela could have healed such a wounded and divided nation through peaceful means — not violent retribution — and bring South Africa into the modern age where discrimination by race is not tolerated. To his family and the people of South Africa, the world mourns with you.  The loss of such a great man will be felt and borne by us all.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah

Of course, these sentiments reflect the “official” Jewish-controlled mainstream-media propaganda that has so successfully elevated a most despicable communist terrorist agent employed by the Jewish world mafia syndicate into an iconic world humanitarian – a “revered statesman” according to the LDS “1st Presidency”.

Is that a “racist” attitude?  No, it’s simply the truth based on something called the historical record!

For what it’s worth, here are the facts concerning one Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela that are consistently ignored by the controlled media:

Mandela was born in the year 1918 – a “prince” in the Thembu tribe’s “Royal Family”.   He never lacked money, and was educated at the best schools – studied law at two  prestigious universities and became an attorney.  In  1962, Mandela was arrested along with 19 others, half of whom were insurrectionist White  communist/Bolshevik Jews, in a police raid of ANC headquarters at a farm  owned by Andrew Goldreich, also a communist/Marxist Jew, at Rivonia, a Johannesburg  suburb.

So, the fact that is never reported is that at the age of 44, Nelson Mandela was rightfully and duly arrested and eventually convicted of planning and implementing a whopping 221 acts of terrorist sabotage bombings/shootings designed to overthrow the South African government.  HE WAS NOT ARRESTED FOR PEACEFUL,  ANTI-APARTHEID PROTESTING as the duplicitous world media would have you believe!    The evidence presented at his 1963 trial clearly showed him to be an agent of the Soviet Union’s BOLSHEVIK, COMMUNIST, MILITANT JEWS.  In fact, the evidence at trial proved without a shadow of doubt that Mandela joined forces and partnered with a rabid Soviet Communist Jew named Yossel Mashel (aka Joe) Slovo in the year 1961, and together with funding from the Soviet treasury (aka Wall Street Jews), formed a South-African version of the Soviet terror organization called the Cheka.  The Mandela/Slovo version was named the  uMkhonto we Sizwe – aka MK or “Spear of the Nation”.   Sounds pretty peaceful, don’t you think?

The prosecutor at Mandela’s trial, Percy Yutar, testified and presented hard evidence that “confiscated munitions were sufficient to blow up a city the size of  Johannesburg.”  Yutar declared in his opening statement:  “The planned purpose thereof was to bring about in the Republic of South Africa chaos, disorder and turmoil, which would be aggravated, according to their plan, by the operation of thousands of trained guerrilla warfare units deployed throughout the country at various vantage points.…Their combined operations were planned to lead to confusion, violent insurrection and rebellion, followed, at the appropriate juncture, by an armed invasion of the country by military units of foreign powers. In the midst of the resulting chaos, turmoil and disorder, it was planned by the accused to set up a provisional revolutionary government to take over the administration and control of this country

Narrowly escaping the death sentence after his conviction,  Mandela was instead given life in prison at his sentencing hearing in 1964 at age 48.

What needs to be pointed out is the incredible similarities, modus operandi, and stated goals between Mandela’s MK “Spear of the Nation” and the Bolshevik Jewish overthrow of Czarist Russia 50 years earlier, (not to mention modern-day Egypt, Syria and Libya as well)!

Like most valuable and loyal lackeys to the Jewish World Mafia, aka the Illuminati, Mandela was eventually released from prison in 1990 at the ripe old age of 74.    Joining forces once again with his old friend and mentor Yossel Mashel Slovo – who was now the undisputed white Jewish-Communist Party Boss of South Africa according to Wikipedia, Mandela grabbed the reins of power and never looked back!   Mandela quickly ascended to the African National Congress presidency in 1994 and simultaneously became the new “Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks” symbol for anti-racism and “civil rights” world wide – but most especially in the United States.   Just like MLK, his true sordid history and base character was completely ignored and glossed over.   It figures!

At his death, Nelson Mandela was the recipient of over 250 international awards including the Nobel Peace Prize, and the American Presidential Medal.  What most Americans don’t realize, however, is that during his lifetime he was also awarded the Soviet Union’s highest COMMUNIST award at the time, the ORDER OF LENIN – reserved only for the most heroic advocates and defenders of the Bolshevik/communist collectivism agenda worldwide.

For the record – the bottom line of this saga was and is all about Jewish mafia control of the massive gold and diamond mines of South Africa.   The majority of the white, MOSTLY CHRISTIAN Boer farmers that were massacred in the Boer War started the ball rolling as documented in Ivor Benson’s well-written article entitled “The Siege of South Africa” which can be read here:

Also, for the record, here is the official scorecard of CLE (Communist Lackey Extraordinaire) Nelson Mandela’s South Africa since he took power in 1994:

1.  Since 1994, 68,000 whites have been brutally tortured and murdered by blacks in South Africa, in ways too gruesome to describe, including almost 4,000 Boers whose farms were confiscated by savage murderers, a combined area of over 25,000 square miles.

2. South Africa has become a very dangerous Third World country since 1964. It went from being the safest country in Africa, to being the rape and murder capital of the world.  There are over 5,000 murders in Johannesburg alone each and every year.

3.  Unemployment in South Africa was 5% in 1994.  It is over 50% today in December, 2013.

4.  South Africa has the largest number of people infected with HIV/AIDS in the world.  In 2007, over 18% of South African adults, or 5,700,000 people had AIDS. In 2010, an estimated 280,000 South Africans died of AIDS.  When one understands that HIV/AIDS is a creation of warped Jewish “scientists” in weapon labs, and thus is in reality a covert weapon of mass destruction – is it fair to say that Mandela sold out his African people to his Jewish overlords for a “mess of pottage”?

All I can do is scratch my head in wonder at how easy it is for people to be so completely brainwashed by the media and duped into believing a massive lie and in the process calling Evil Good.

Propaganda at work at its highest level!