Here is a story of truth and simple honor that you will NEVER see or hear about from what Ms. Bartlett calls simply the  “Corporate Media”.   Over 2000 Palestinian medics systematically targeted and then assassinated by Israeli forces.   Their  snipers kill anyone attempting to assist the wounded and we, American taxpayers primarily, and to a lesser degree Canada and the U.K.  are subsidizing this slaughter of fellow human beings.
We as Americans must ask a simple question, WHY?   The answer is all based on the HOAX that is the modern “nation” called “Israel” that has deceived so many.   The “hoax” is that these imposters are not the ancient Israelites.   They are not “God’s Chosen People” and as such they have zero HISTORICAL right to ANY land in Palestine.  Their basic premise is all false!  Dr. Eran Elhiak of Johns Hopkins University completed a detailed genetic study that scientifically proves this fact.   You can read his paper for yourself at:   Not only does Dr. Elhiak prove the “jews” are not ancient Israelites from Palestine, he also proves that today’s so-called “Palestinians” actually have much more ancient “Israel” blood than the “jews”.
While it’s true that the “jews” of modern-day Israel are not the biblical descendants of the biblical Israelites, but are Eastern European “Khazars” according to the DNA study, it’s also true that they are human beings and as such are also deserving of basic human rights.   They are free to colonize and locate anyplace in the world they would like to – JUST LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING.   However, they should never be allowed to terrorize, and displace other people in the process – and they should not be allowed to do this by means of a generational LIE!
Eva is a very courageous woman to risk her life to help those who cannot defend themselves.
Please forward this on.  Spread the word or it will never end.  “They” the Jewish/Israeli  lobby count on our ignorance of these atrocities as do their puppets…..our elected officials in DC.