It is Many Times easier to Fool People – 
Than it is to Convince People that they have been Fooled!
———– Mark Twain

Peggy Stack reports in the SL Tribune about the NUMBERS of LDS Inc. while ignoring the numbers of Biblical Christian converts worldwide.   Seems kind of short-sighted!!  
Interesting that new a new Mormon “almanac” is born to track and validate the numbers.   15 million LDS members on record, but less than 30% (4.25 million) worldwide are “active”.   OOPS!  
Just a couple of thoughts and questions for Mormon friends and family to  consider:  
1.  Why is it that, according to the article, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists are more successful in their missionary efforts (as far as ‘retention’ is concerned) than the Mormons?   What about the BILLIONS of converts to biblical, evangelical Christianity worldwide? (One-third of the planet identifies themselves as “Christian”.  See  Don’t they count at all? During the last century, BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY converted literally billions of people, and it is thousands of times more meaningful and successful than Mormon missionaries!!!!  Why is it that the Mormons seek first to “convert” biblical-believing Christians in other countries into their false, unbiblical hoax??   Why is it that believing in and following the teachings of Christ as taught in the New Testament is simply not enough??  More importantly, why can’t MORMONS accept the fact that Christ and Him Resurrected is the TRUTH that a full 1/3 of the earth accepts???   
2.  If Mormon prophet David O. McKay was correct when he declared that “no other success can compensate for failure in the home” – and “home is to be an image of heaven” then the Mormon perfected man-who-became-god named Elohim who dwells on his home-base planet of Kolob must be a dismal failure.   Consider that according to Mormon Doctrine, a full one-third of Elohim’s spirit children openly rebelled against him and became the devil and his demonic angels.  Then Mormon Leaders teach that because of their not being “valiant” Elohim’s spirit children born into mortality were “cursed” with “dark and loathsome skin”. Billions of humans are thus cursed by Elohim for not being “valiant” in their first heavenly digs.  Only Elohim’s spirit children who are valiant, true, and loyal will embrace Joe Smith and become Mormons here on earth – members of the ONE TRUE CHURCH AND PRIESTHOOD of Elohim and His Plural Wives.   Do the math.   Of the nearly 7 billion spirit children of Elohim currently residing on planet earth, only 15 million are “Mormon” and then less than 30% of those are “retained” according to the numbers.   That’s less than 1/10 of one percent of this fallen world’s population.   Seems Elohim is quite a failure in redeeming his beloved spirit children!!   Or is it that the convoluted, fictional Mormon Doctrine outlined above is all bogus, just like the “1st Vision” that spawned it???
Doesn’t it make much more logical sense to accept the Biblical concepts and teachings – i.e. that there is no “pre-existence” and  there is no exalted man living on Kolob with polygamous wives creating billions of spirit children; no “flesh and bones” God the Father and humanity’s “elder brother” Jesus who supposedly appeared to a 14 year old treasure seeker in Upstate New York???   Isn’t it more logical that this earth plane is indeed the literal domain of Satan – who Christ (aka Jehovah) called the “Prince of the power of the air” – and more importantly, because of the original “fall of Adam” – all people are born on this planet as CHILDREN OF WRATH – and not “children of God”?   That all humans (all flesh) will one day be resurrected because of Christ’s sacrifice, but not all will accept Him fully and become His SONS – His literal heirs??  Doesn’t that make a whole lot more SENSE in the big picture called reality???
This is so very basic.   Mormonism’s creed declares: “We believe that men will be punished for their OWN SINS, and not for Adam’s transgression!”  Really?   If this creed is true, then why was a Redeemer named Christ even needed then??  If that creed is true, then Jesus came and died totally in vain.  If Christ died in vain, then there is zero validity in the words of Isaiah and the Holy Bible is completely meaningless as well.  If Christ died in vain, then He wouldn’t need to visit His sheep in America either.   Mormonism’s whole Satanic house of cards tumbles to the ground.
Sorry – but I’ll take the Biblical Jesus and stick with HIS TRUTH.