I want to make it clear that though I fight against SIN – I most certainly do not fight against the SINNERS – for all mankind are sinners in one way or another.  Those who are part of the LGBT community are first and foremost human beings who deserve to be treated with respect.

It has been my experience that those of the LGBT persuasion are for the most part victims.  At some point in their formative years, hormone development was altered or changed.  Emotional issues were not dealt with and the combination of factors produced adults with desires that deviate from the norm.   I strongly disagree with the contention that people were “born” gay or lesbian.  No, it is a person’s life experiences that causes them to believe they are who they are.  And it is believing you are the way you are, that indeed, you become the “way you are”.

Christ is the model.  He hated the sin, but showed love and compassion for the sinner.  Can we do anything less?  However, the institution of marriage must not be  mocked – for by doing so, we are mocking God.

Below is a public letter I sent to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial Staff

RE:  Legalizing Gay Marriage – A Biblical Perspective

It appears certain Federal Judges have forgotten that the foundational basis of law that the framers of the U.S. Constitution originally held inviolate was none other than the King James Holy Bible (The KJV).  It also appears that too many U.S. citizens have likewise strayed from the principles so clearly taught in the pages of God’s Word.   “Political correctness” has become synonymous with ignoring the principles and precepts found in the pages of the Holy Bible.

Herein lies the real hidden danger to society:  when a nation’s moral fabric becomes frayed and tattered, that nation ceases to be great.  As Alexis de Tocqueville declared many years ago: “America is Great, because America is Good.”

So I must ask Judge Shelby and other judges, federal or otherwise: “Does God exist?”  If your answer is in the affirmative, then why are you ignoring the basic societal codes of morality that He has given mankind?  God’s eternal nature concerning marriage never changes.  It is the mind of imperfect man that is changing, not God’s laws.

The plain biblical truth is that God ordained marriage to be a holy union between a man and a woman.   This is one of the basic, core doctrines of Christianity.  God created the man Adam, and then created a female named Eve and the first marriage forever established the law. It was never God’s design nor intent to sanction anything else.  God didn’t give Adam an animal, or another man to be his marriage partner – He gave a woman.  What is it that makes Man think he can alter or change God’s plan and design?

Sin is best defined as any action that separates a human from God.  Historically “sin” is also what constitutes illegal actions under our judicial codes.  The biblical “sin” of murder is not tolerated in our society, neither is theft and fraudulent activity.   Just ask Jerry Sandusky if homosexual pederasty in a public shower is publicly tolerated or not.

Those who advocate and promote homosexual and lesbian marriages say it is all about tolerance and love.   It’s not sinful to love someone of the same sex, they declare. They want society to believe they were “born that way”.  In other words, they want society to sanction the biblical sin and by so doing declare that God made a mistake.  God doesn’t make mistakes, however.  It is imperfect men that err, not God.   Equating sexual preferences and carnal desires with genetic traits such as skin color is a grievous error.  Just because a married man is continuously sexually attracted to other women doesn’t mean he should act on his hormone-driven impulses and wreck a marriage through adultery.   Sin is sin according to the KJV.  At what point does society allow pederasty as well as sodomy to flourish in the culture?   What’s next – allowing robbery, rape, and murder to go unpunished because a person was “born that way”?   The bible is clear – all humans are born sinners.  It is how we deal with those impulses that matters most!