His name is Galen Winsor.  He passed away in 2008 at the ripe old age of 82.  He was a Utah boy, born just down the road from me in the little burg called Morgan.  He was also, I submit, a decent and honorable man – who was not afraid to stand for scientific TRUTH.  His lectures during the 1980’s clearly caused the NUKE COPS with their agenda of lies and baseless fears to want to shut him up.  His message is timeless, even more so now!!

Everyone who has bought into the Fukushima FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) Express who believes the garbage that leaking Cesium 137 is causing the great and mighty Pacific Ocean to become a massive dead zone affecting the California coast should most definitely listen to Mr. Winsor’s testimony.  Consider these points:

1.  Winsor would take daily swims in “radioactive Cesium” cooling ponds.  He would even drink the water with NO NEGATIVE HEALTH PROBLEMS!  How can it be possible that leaking this same water into the mass of the ocean would cause huge death and destruction of the hardy marine environment?  (The notion is completely senseless, moronic, and insane!)

2.  If radioactive nuclear waste from nuclear plants is so hazardous, why is it that Cancer Clinics routinely “radiate” cancer patients across this country with many hundreds of times more radiation than is found in Cesium 137 tainted cooling water, and then tout and claim it as health-promoting “treatment”??

Seems there is just a little bit of hypocrisy and deception going on in this country, don’t you think??  Could it be that the corporate media has been lying to We the Collective People for decades?   Is it POSSIBLE there is an EDOMITE DECEPTION at work here too, not just concerning the false flag operation of September 11, but the need to control ALL POWER SUPPLIES??

You decide.  Spend some time watching this incredible video, and then make up your own minds.