There are just a few details I would like to clarify:

When I testify in my interview with “Bishop” Earl that the Holy Bible is God’s Word, there is absolutely no doubt that it is of divine origins and that it most definitely has indeed been “translated correctly”.   The ancient texts such as the Greek “Textus Receptus” (aka the New Testament books) have been perfectly translated, and were never altered or changed in any way since the 1st century C.E.  The Dead Sea Scrolls prove the King James Bible Old Testament to also have been perfectly translated.   Nothing “plain and precious” has been lost – and so the declarations otherwise in the Book of Mormon exposes the fraud and deceptions of one Joseph Smith.  See 2nd short video below.

Question to my Mormon friends and family:  WHAT COULD BE MORE “PLAIN AND PRECIOUS” THAN A DETAILED ROAD MAP OF HOW TO GAIN AND MAINTAIN A DEEP, PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST, AND THUS A PURE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS TRUTH?   That’s called “Salvation through Grace” and that message comes out loud and clear in the New Testament text.  It always has, and it always will!  Christ’s GRACE has always been the CORE MESSAGE of His “Church” body – and just as He promised, the GATES OF HELL have not “prevailed against it”.   Instead, also just as He warned, FALSE PROPHETS have constantly perverted His Gospel with false teachings, “channeled texts” (not translated at all) and lying words.

And here is the witness of my BETTER HALF – my sweetheart Joan:

The information on this video is accurate, even though there are numerous typo errors in the text: