It’s truly amazing to me how so many good Christians are missing the boat concerning the origins of our modern bibles.

They rationalize that the Bible should be more “readable” – and not have such “archaic” language – and so they abandon the King James Version in many cases.

Then you have the Mormons – who advocate the King James bible, but only reference select verses that they twist completely away from the overall context of the entire volume.  Worse, they place significant doubt in the mind of the individual that they can’t completely trust the KJV – because it wasn’t “translated correctly”.   (WRONG!)  Then, they place MORE emphasis on a completely fictitious text channeled from a necromantic “seer stone” in a darkened hat by a known treasure-digger who labeled his work “the most correct book on earth”!

Furthermore, remember as you watch this short video that Mormonism’s founder Joseph Smith claimed his “Book of Mormon” magical text that appeared “by the gift and power of god” in his darkened hat was originally written, not in Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic – but in something Smith labeled “Reformed Egyptian”.    Remember what the King James Holy Bible says concerning relying on spiritual things from Egypt. (Assuming that the premise of the B of M is accurate – why would a “righteous” Nephite named Mormon choose a form of pagan Egyptian text over the Hebrew writing that the “Brass Plates of Lehi” supposedly utilized??)

Only two bibles indeed exist.  Just as there are only two supernatural beings to choose to follow – the biblical Jesus or his adversary named Satan.  I submit that Satan doesn’t need to alter things much – just a little bit of alteration of truth is often all he needs – in order to plant false teachings into the human psyche.