Mormonism’s Professional Spin-Doctors are at it again.

In their latest official “essay” – the Mormon PR Machine wants the world to FALSELY BELIEVE that the idea of Temple-Worthy Mormons becoming GODS and running their own planet similar to earth, is all simply an offensive, wrong-headed “cartoon” depiction.    See official LDS “Essay” at:

Notice how they “cherry pick” the King Follett speech given by “The Wizard” (I refuse to call him ‘prophet’) Joe Smith?  Notice how they ignore the fact that CLEARLY Joe said God was once a man like us – even though just 14 years earlier, in 1830 – Smith clearly and quite correctly taught that God had always been God, and that He was God from eternity to eternity – i.e. no beginning, and no end.  Quite a radical change, don’t you think?  (Why would a man who had supposedly seen and conversed with God the Father AND Jesus the Son make such a tremendous and stark change in his core doctrine in a little over a decade??)
Notice how in this “essay” they cleverly never discuss the historical realities of the  “Kolob” planet doctrine either – and the MANY speeches given over the decades by Brigham and other LDS authorities that once Mormons become exalted – they will govern their own planets just as “Father” does the planet called earth.   The TRUTH is that Mormon leaders have long and vociferously echoed Joseph Smith’s declaration that “God the Father” (aka Elohim) operates from the surface of a mystical, nether planet somewhere near the Milky Way called Kolob.
Notice also how they”twist” and depict certain quotes from “early Christian Fathers” to imply that they too believed in the exaltation evolution, as if the “Christians” of the 2nd and 3rd Centuries once had it right, but that over time this vital truth was “lost”.  HMMM.
Of course there were pagan garbage falsehoods that crept into the early Roman churches.  After all, Constantine was a pagan SUN GOD WORSHIPPER and was driven completely by political and monetary ideals when he “converted” to “Christianity”.   The salient question is – was this doctrine ever originally taught by Paul or any other original apostles in the true, original Christian Churches?? The answer is an emphatic NO!!
However, the concept of Man Becoming God and EXALTING HIMSELF BY HIS OWN WORKS, has long been a central tenet of satan-inspired EGYPTIAN texts such as the Nag Hammadi.  This is exactly what Christ meant when He declared:”For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted”.  Luke 14:11
Just because a specific pagan/satanic doctrine is OLD, doesn’t mean it is correct and spiritually beneficial.  Furthermore, Satan can and often does appear as an “angel of light” – and he would be the one teaching such doctrines – and SPINNING THEM as necessary.   After all, this was the basic lie he whispered to Eve: “You shall be as Gods”  (Genesis 3:5).
This “planet called Kolob” has always been a central tenet of Mormonism, no matter how hard they try to spin it away – the TRUTH remains intact:

Lyrics To Mormon “Hymn” If You could Hie (i.e. travel) to Kolob   (Mormon Hymn # 284)

  1. If you could hie to Kolob  In the twinkling of an eye,
    And then continue onward With that same speed to fly,
    Do you think that you could ever, Through all eternity,
    Find out the generation, Where Gods began to be?
  2. Or see the grand beginning, Where space did not extend?
    Or view the last creation, Where Gods and matter end?
    Methinks the Spirit whispers, “No man has found ‘pure space,’
    Nor seen the outside curtains, Where nothing has a place.”
  3. The works of God continue, And worlds and lives abound;
    Improvement and progression Have one eternal round.
    There is no end to matter; There is no end to space;
    There is no end to spirit; There is no end to race.
  4. There is no end to virtue; There is no end to might;
    There is no end to wisdom; There is no end to light.
    There is no end to union; There is no end to youth;
    There is no end to priesthood; There is no end to truth.
  5. There is no end to glory; There is no end to love;
  6. There is no end to being; There is no death above.
    There is no end to glory; There is no end to love;
    There is no end to being;  There is no death above.
  7. Text: William W. Phelps, 1792-1872

There is “NO END” to Mormon spin-doctoring and mind-control techniques either, it would appear!   Now listen as the BYU Chorus performs this uniquely Mormon “Hymn” as they WORSHIP AND ADORE their corporate CHURCH LEADERS who they falsely believe hold the “KEYS TO CORPORATE KOLOB”!!!  The SERPENT is indeed subtle indeed!