Here we go again.

The purveyors/promoters of 528 Hz Saturn/Satan Frequency, Horowitz and Kane, filed yet another spurious claim against this INCREDIBLY POPULAR Blog Post with its thousands of hits from honest truth-seekers:

Here is the e-mail I received today from the legal eagles at WordPress:

We have received the following complaint regarding your site After review, we have determined that there is insufficient cause to substantiate a claim of trademark infringement. Therefore, we will not take any action against your site at this time. 

This notice is forwarded for your reference only, and requires no response on your part.

If you have any questions, you may consider consulting legal counsel.

- Your name and contact information; Sherri Kane and Leonard G Horowitz
- 310 877 3002
- Your company name and website, if applicable;
- Identification of the trademark that is allegedly being infringed,
including official trademark registration details and information;
- I have attached our trademark from the USPTO site.
- The URL of the site being reported and the exact
content/aspect of the site being reported;
- A clear and detailed explanation of how the above content is in
violation of the trademark in question, thus creating consumer confusion;

528hz is part of our company logo and what we use to make all of our
natural health products. This is an Anti-Trust matter and it needs to be
removed from the internet.

- I have a good faith belief that use of the trademark in the manner
complained of is an infringement of the rights granted under United States
and/or foreign trademark law;

- A physical or electronic signature of the owner or person authorized
to act on behalf of the owner of the trademark that is allegedly infringed;
- Consent to forward the trademark complaint to the site's owner,
including your contact information, and an option for him/her to contact
you directly regarding the complaint.
- /Sherri Kane/
- /Leonard G Horowitz/


Who can possibly have a mindset so NARCISSISTIC and GREEDY to think that a specific Hertz Frequency can be “trademark” protected??  HELLO!  Trademarks are all about graphics and RECOGNIZABLE MARKETING BRANDS!!!  It has nothing to do with controlling everything about a specific frequency.  It most assuredly is NOT an “anti-trust” matter!   Did you also notice their claim that 528 hz is WHAT THEY USE TO MAKE ALL OF THEIR”NATURAL HELL” Products?  (Oops, sorry for the typo, I meant “health”).  Really?  Who would want to consume products infused with the Saturn frequency???  Don’t you think it odd that they don’t want to DEBATE these TRUTHS, they simply desire above all else – to SQUASH IT AND REMOVE IT FROM THE INTERNET!   Typical response from those who are not pure, and who seek to threaten, LIE AND DECEIVE!!!!

The TRUTH is simply there on the post:

It is undeniable.  If you doubt this at all, simply click on the post, and then click on the 1st video clip of the planet Saturn.  LISTEN TO THE SOUND EMANATING FROM THE PLANET at the end of the 1st  video- and then go down and listen to the Edomite New-Age (rhymes with Sewage) Conjurer making the same 528 frequency with her voice.  Better yet, download a free tone generator to your computer, type in 528, and listen to Saturn sing its song!  Kane and Horowitz want the world to believe this is the “Frequency of Love” – but now you know better.  It seems to me this tone does nothing but foster HATE and resentment amongst “God’s Chosen”.  It surely has done one thing for sure, and that is it has fostered a whole bunch of false accusations against me – including the complete lie and libel that I am “involved in Satanism”.  REALLY????   How can that be when I am exposing the lies of Saturn(Satan) Worship, and the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN itself each and every day??   “Cointelpro”???  Ridiculous!  Straight-shooting TRUTH?  Absolutely!

Remember once again, that the 9 “solfeggio” tones are based on numeric structures, as is human DNA.  By utilizing GEMATRIA – you can discern the base numbers (0-9) that each tones are rooted in.  Look at the number 528:  Add 5 + 2 + 8 and you get 15.  Add 1+5 and you get 6 – the coded number for ANARCHY and REBELLION – and is synonymous with the ultimate rebellious LIAR from the foundation of Planet Earth: Satan – aka the NAIL (6 in Hebrew/Aramaic aka VAU) in the Edomite rituals.   That’s really all you need to know, good readers!!   Just be forewarned, listening to 528 for too long may well scramble some DNA, if not give you a migraine headache.

Given as a solemn witness this day in the Holy Name of Jesus of Nazareth, my Lord, Savior, and Best Friend.  I testify that Christ Jesus is truly IN ME – and He is directing my research and writing on this most important topic!!  Why?   Because innocent souls are being targeted by this nefarious, heinous, dark agenda, and somebody needs to take a stand!

True Ott