Reading the story of Margaret Merrill Toscano’s exodus from Mormonism is heart-wrenching to me personally.   You can read her entire story here:

Margaret writes: “At the very end of the court, when President Blake announced that I was excommunicated, he made what I thought was a very odd analogy (and interestingly one also used by other leaders against dissidents). “You know,” he explained earnestly, “the Church is like a social club. Just as a club has a legal right to set up rules that you have to obey in order to be a member of that club, you did not obey the rules of this club, and we have the right to remove you.” I wondered, but couldn’t say at the time: Is the legal right the same as the moral right? Shouldn’t the group that claims to be Christ’s true church be concerned about the spirit of the law and being something more than just a social club? I remember thinking how ironic Blake’s club analogy was. I realized I would have been better off if I had been a social Mormon only. My real problem was that I believed too much. I cared too much. I cared about doctrine. I cared about the spiritual quality of the community. If I had been only a social Mormon — even an atheist who only attended because of family connections to Mormonism — I would probably never be in this spot. 

Funny thing – my Mormon Stake Presidency counseled me with the same language prior to them excommunicating me for “apostasy” as well, declaring that my problem was: “You CARE TOO MUCH.  President Packer taught us that the biggest problem we will face in our stake is from those members who give a full 100%.  Why don’t you scale back to around 70% or so?”  My response to this was: “So, you’re asking me to be lukewarm??”  Then I quoted Revelation 3:14-16 – and asked them why “Elder” Packer would rather have “lukewarm” membership.

Herein lies the truth – Mormonism is NOTHING BUT A MASSIVE, MIND-CONTROLLING “SOCIAL CLUB”!  Worse, it is a misogynous, male-dominated, chauvinistic social club.  While the Holy Bible has dozens of feminine heroines within its divine pages, the Book of Mormon is notably absent of the same.  There is Saraiah, the name given to the wife of the fictional character of Lehi – but she is far from a heroine.  All she seems capable of is whining and complaining about Lehi’s actions.

Who, pray tell, did the uber-righeous Nephi marry?  Merely a nameless daughter of the evil Laban who Nephi slaughtered when he was defenseless and drunken, all over some brass plates that Nephi was ordered to obtain.  Mormon women only honor the hero of heroes Nephi, never the woman who was equally responsible for siring a great nation.  It is all simply fiction.  There was/is no Zarahemla.  No Land Bountiful.  The “Lamanites” (Amerindians) were/are not “Jewish” – DNA analysis proves it.  The “cornerstone” of Mormonism is simply all a lie.  The Mormon Emperor is in reality standing buck naked while millions truly believe he is clothed in gold.

Really, Mrs. Toscano – you are a bright, articulate, obviously well-educated woman.  How can you not have seen this?

Here’s another news flash – there is no “Heavenly Mother” because there is no Planet Kolob where Father “Elohim” has eternal sex with his vast harem of polygamous wives and mothers to create “spirit children” to come to this earth plane and inhabit bodies.   More fiction from the diseased mind of the false prophet named Joseph Smith.

Yes, this post will be highly offensive to Mormons, but it is simply the unvarnished truth.   The Bible is very clear as to the origins of mankind and the CREATION of this earth.  There is no mention of a “Heavenly Mother” making spirit children by the billions – or Christ would have taught it clearly.  He didn’t mention it,  because it is totally false doctrine.

One of the greatest disservices that Mormonism performs is it teaches the members to not fully trust God’s true and only roadmap – the Holy Bible.  Mormons believe it has “too many discrepancies” to be trusted.   Consider this – if God lives and is unchangeable in His nature and character, would He not give mankind a definite roadmap of instructions?  Would He not protect this divine roadmap from all demons – or is He not powerful enough to make that happen?  Would He ever allow demons to utterly destroy His Gospel and alter His text with “discrepancies”?  Conversely, would not the adversary be the first to whisper lies that the Bible is not trustworthy??

On the latest taping of my TV broadcast, I had to address this with my sweet wife Joan.  For those who may be interested, here is our testimony and witness to those who FEAR “excommunication” from the Great Mormon SOCIAL CLUB!!