Joseph Smith is a demi-God to many people. Unlike non-denominational Christians who sing NOTHING but songs of praise to Jesus and Him alone, Mormons sing songs about him during Sunday services, songs such as “Praise to the Man”.   They even occasionally sing songs honoring Smith’s most far-out doctrines such as “If you could Hie (i.e. travel to) Kolob (the distant star planet where Smith’s God Elohim dwells and procreates earth’s spirit children with his harem of spiritual wives.)

I recently attended a Mormon “Sacrament Meeting” and they actually sang this song to open the meeting!

Yet, what did this incredible demigod, miracle man actually look like?

Furthermore, is it true that because of his incredible “righteousness” he was immediately resurrected after his death in the Carthage jail gun battle, and surreptitiously (likely with the immortal 3 Nephites) led the Mormon emigrants to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake in 1847??

I think this video may shed some very important light on these most important subjects!