I highly recommend listening to Ms. Weir’s hour-long lecture concerning the TRUTH about modern-day Israel.  She has no hidden agenda, no axe to grind, nothing but the honest pursuit of truth with the hope that the senseless slaughter of innocent children will cease!!

Before listening to her presentation, however, keep in mind the exhaustive work of the jewish Dr. Elheik of Johns Hopkins University concerning the genetic pool of those who call themselves “jews” today.   Clearly, the “jews” of Israel are not the ancient Hebrews bloodline.  Dr. Elheik’s study actually proves the the PALESTINIAN PEOPLE have many more genetic Hebrew markers than the impostors posing as “god’s chosen” in Israel today!!!!   In reality, today’s state of Israel are the bloodline descendants of Gog and Magog.   Keep that in mind when you read the end-times prophecies found in Revelation and Zechariah!!!

For an overview of Dr. Elheik’s study, go to:  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130116195333.htm