ISIS –  The “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”? Give me a break! The “Israeli Subversion of Independent Sovereignty” is much more accurate! However, according to a 2002 document from ISRAEL NEWS, ISIS is the name of a subdivision of the MOSSAD called Israel Secret Intelligence Service.  It figures.  It’s amazing how they don’t even seem to cover their tracks anymore!  See full story at:






The MOSSAD/CIA acronym names for their creations are starting to lose originality.  However, the deeper occult symbolism of ISIS should not be ignored.

In case you didn’t know, ISIS is another name for the primary false goddess of the Satanic Illuminati.   She is the primary keeper of the Satanist’s BLACK MAGIC spells.  She is the Moon Goddess of the witches.  Her symbol is the waning moon (as depicted on the Mormon Nauvoo temple stones as shown below).  ISIS is simply the QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD!


Isn’t it fascinating that Barry Soetoro (aka the Obama) waits until the 13th anniversary of the MOSSAD (aka ISIS) False Flag attack on the WTC to announce and begin bombing Syria in order to further demonize the ISIS Cult???  With Russia’s alliance with Syria, one has to wonder if the September 11 bombing of Syria will lead to WWIII.