Just listen to these false teachers who obviously have either not done their homework on Revelation 2:9 and actually don’t know who today’s impostor “jews” are, or are in reality well-paid illuminati SHILLS who are paid to spew their deception to the gullible American goy:

Jim Bakker is the Ever-Ready Bunny of televangelists.  He just keeps going and going, and going, despite past scandals, and no Tammy Faye.

A couple of facts concerning John Kilpatrick’s “vision” and Jim Bakker’s video that I need to point out to those who love TRUTH:
Israel is 100% controlled by the House of Rothschild – aka the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN from its very inception.
These are the Jews who are “false Jews” – (in reality they are the hosts of Gog and Magog) See Revelation 2:9
All weather-modification and weather control PATENTS developed and perfected by the U.S. NASA scientists during the 60’s are now owned by Jacob and Evelyn Rothschild – and thus the MOSSAD of Israel.
The technologies to control weather (and create earthquakes) was clearly just as problematic to world peace in the early 70’s as nuclear weapons.  In 1976 – the world nations ratified an agreement banning their use.  (If this technology is not a REAL AND PRESENT DANGER and just some wild conspiracy theory – why did the WORLD need to debate it and sign agreements limiting its use??)
Note that ISRAEL would not sign off on any treaty, (just as they will not allow nuclear inspections of its Divona nuclear factory.)  Note that ISRAEL controls the patents and has the ability to not only steer and intensify hurricanes and tornadoes, but also the same technology can absolutely induce earthquakes (especially on the New Madrid Fault).
If America doesn’t do what ISRAEL and ROTHSCHILD demands, they are indeed hit with natural disasters. This is HIGH STAKES BLACKMAIL, GOOD PEOPLE OF AMERICA!
It’s not RETRIBUTION FOR DOING EVIL compliments of a vengeful God, the same Creator and Father who “So loved the World” – (remember, even with his trillions, and earthly power and dominion, Rothschild is NOT God!)
This is pretty much the message I delivered to “The Harbinger” author, Rabbi “Con”  Cahn (who claims to be a born-again Christian, but somehow still LOVES and honors his Babylonian Talmud much more than the New Testament).  Rabbi “Con” is doing a masterful job of blaming God for 9-11, instead of exposing his MOSSAD brethren who were the true culprits.
Please, good friends, help get the TRUTH out!
In Christ’s Holy Name –
True Ott