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According to Revolution Radio’s tracking service, the first show, September 12, had over 168,000 listeners tuned in.    In this first episode, I outlined my experience in producing THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY – and how it originated in Cedar City, Utah, on KSUB Radio with my friend Warren Anderson – how we were offered, then ultimately refused syndication, and then how I continued the format into internet radio format – first with RBN, and then the MicroEffect.

I also share my view that the root cause of much of the evil in today’s world is centered in the veritable “Synagogue of Satan” – as explained in the KJV, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  Please don’t think I am “anti-Semitic” when I point out the truth that the population of today’s nation of Israel has been proven via DNA testing to NOT be the bloodline “jews” of Palestine, but are in reality the bloodline of the biblical “Gog”.   Worse, the indigent PALESTINIANS who have been forced out of their homes, and now occupy GAZA – have many times more genetic markers of ancient ISRAEL than do the “Israelis”.   Talk about upside down and topsy-turvy!


See Science Daily article:

Of course, the powerful LYING VOICES thunder forward with their time-tested formula:  Crucify the messenger with ad-hominem attacks.  Never mind the TRUTH, that the author and the majority of his JOHNS HOPKINS research team are themselves “Khazar” jews – who actually began the study years ago to try and DISPROVE the thesis of Koestler and others jews who had the nerve to postulate the Khazar history.   See

The conspiring Edomites who control the media and most “higher education” circles, would have you believe that Elhaik’s work is shoddy and has been “thoroughly debunked”.  Yet, they skillfully weave only half-truths and outright lies in their “debunking”.  They never delve into the actual SCIENCE and the actual FINDINGS – only that you take their myopic views as GOSPEL!    See

These liars successfully used the same modus operandi to discredit the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” – which they (the poor, persecuted, uber-rich elite Jews) claim was authored by the Tzar’s secret police in the early 1900’s as a “hate propaganda”.  REALLY?   Pretty good blueprint then – for those secret CHRISTIAN police were surely prophetic in their bogus, slandering book, because the “Protocols” have been fulfilled to date TO THE LETTER.   All that is remaining is the final chapter – WORLD WAR III – and the stage is surely set as you read these words!

Are you awake?? I guess the bigger question is:  DO YOU EVEN CARE??  It’s only you and your descendant’s FUTURE WELL-BEING at stake here!

If so, tune in with me every Friday night – and see if you can indeed handle the TRUTH!