Mormons want to be counted as “normal” Christians in the very worst way. To this end, they produce half-true “documentary” films in order to brainwash gullible people who don’t do their homework.   The REALITY is, they AREN’T “normal” and never will be unless and until they quit lying and abandon their pagan/satanic non-biblical practices and core beliefs.

Without a shadow of a doubt – Joseph Smith the founding Mormon “prophet” was a bare-faced liar and an adulterous womanizer.   He never saw nor conversed with “God the Father and Jesus Christ”.  Therefore the “foundation” of Mormonism simply crumbles and the entire structure collapses.

Just look at Josephs Smith’s own writings and history.  He claimed to have seen God in 1820.  Then he claimed to have been given the “lost priesthood authority” in 1829.  Then he organized his “Church” in 1830 with 6 original members.  Then in 1832, he receives a “revelation” that is canonized as “scripture” by the Mormons.  This “revelation” is found in “D & C Section 84”  Verses 21-22 declares: “And without the ordinances thereof, and the AUTHORITY OF THE PRIESTHOOD, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh; – FOR WITHOUT THIS (the authority of the priesthood), NO MAN CAN SEE THE FACE OF GOD EVEN THE FATHER, AND LIVE.”    OOPS – that’s what happens to charlatans and con men – it becomes hard to cover up a lie.  You see, Joseph Smith NEVER declared he had seen The Father and Jesus Christ at all until the year 1838!   Until then, his official, church-creating “story” was he had only seen an “angel” named Nephi!

I am amazed at the degrees of lunacy exhibited by lost Mormons as they try to explain this truth away.  I have heard them declare “Section 84 only applies to grown “men”, not to 14 year-old BOYS!”    Really??  They also the echo the distortions of apologists at FAIR and FARMS who explain away this core truth by classic misdirection.  They would have people believe that the subject of D&C 84: 21-22 is not the “PRIESTHOOD” but rather – the “power of godliness” that simply means a pillar of light.   Then they support their position by quoting Joseph Smith’s fraudulent “Book of Moses” in the Pearl of Great Price – instead of course, of the Holy Bible.   Regardless, it is clear that “the power of godliness” doesn’t happen either without the “Mormon Priesthood”.  Completely fallacious argument!  See

My response to them is simply to show any pre-1838 missionary tract put out by Joe Smith and company that speaks of a “1st Vision” consisting of a meeting with The Father and Christ with the boy Joseph.   They can’t produce this, because it simply doesn’t exist – unless of course, the employ the master forger Mark Hoffman to make one up.  I have researched countless letters and early 1832-35 “conversions” stories, all of which were based on the “ministering of angels” claim of Joe Smith – and the Book of Mormon that supposedly came as a result of “angel visitations”

Even Joe Smith’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith tells the TRUTH about this from her own diary and memory.  She wrote in 1844 after Joe’s death the following historical account:

“The 3 harvest time had now arrived since we opened our new farm and all the our sons were actively employed in assisting their Father to cut down the grain and storing it away in order, for winter One evening we were sitting till quite late conversing upon the subject of the diversity of churches that had risen up in the world and the many thousand opinions in existence as to the truths contained in scripture. Joseph who never said many words upon any subject but always seemed to reflect more deeply than common persons of his age upon everything of a religious nature.

This After we ceased conversation he went to bed <and was pondering in his mind which of the churches were the true one> an but he had not laid there long till <he saw> a bright <light> entered the room where he lay he looked up and saw an angel of the Lord stood <standing> by him The angel spoke I perceive that you are enquiring in your mind which is the true church there is not a true church on Earth No not one Nor <and> has not been since Peter took the Keys <of the Melchesidec priesthood after the order of God> into the Kingdom of Heaven The churches that are now upon the Earth are all man made churches Joseph there is a record for you and you must get it one day get it There is a record for you and Joseph when you have learned to keep the commandments of God but you cannot get it untill you learn to keep the commandments of God <For it is not to get gain> But it is [p.336]to bring forth that light and intelligence which has been long lost in the Earth Now Joseph <or> beware <or> when you go to get the plates your mind will be filld with darkness and all maner of evil will rush into your mind To keep <prevent> you from keeping the commandments of God <that you may not succed in doing his work> and you must tell your father of this for he will believe every word you say the record is on a side hill on the Hill of Cumorah 3 miles from this place remove the Grass and moss and you will find a large flat stone pry that up and you will find the record under it laying on 4 pillars—<of cement> then the angel left him”

Of course, the LIARS in SLC couldn’t let this stand – so “apostle” Orson Pratt edited Mother Smith’s original book, and re-published it in 1853, suddenly including a word-for-word account of the 1st Vision written by the mentally diseased Joseph Smith in 1842.   DECEPTION – what a terrible thing!!

Here’s what “Meet the Mormons” should really tell you: