I want to state publicly “on the record” that Mr. Lee Bracker, an apparently honorable and intellectually honest gentleman of Jewish descent, contacted me by telephone a month or so ago, asking me to tell him “my side of the story” concerning the vicious slander, nonsensical legal harassments, and personal attacks made against me by two individuals, namely Leonard Horowitz,  and his obnoxiously loud and foul-mouthed “girlfriend” Sherri Kane.    Horowitz is quite simply a Khazarian (Ashkenazi) Jew who labors under the strong mental delusion that he is the literal physical embodiment of the prophesied “Holy Angel of Philadelphia” described in Revelation 3:7-13, and that he alone represents the “Royal Bloodline of David” aka the descendants of the biblical Levi  (See his declarations of this and more in a public interview here: http://www.drleonardhorowitz.com/evolve_interview.html)

Besides wrongfully castigating me personally as a “hate-filled neo-Nazi” solely because I dare to tell the truth about a certain uber-hypocritical subsection of “Jews who say they are Jews, but are not” but are in reality the “Synagogue of Satan”(Revelation 2:9, 3:9) they also hate and attack me because I don’t mince my words.   Here’s more straight talk, dear readers: Having the impostor, non-bloodline “chosen people” (i.e. the global “elite”) of the modern nation of “Israel” hoodwinking and bilking the American people each and every day is bad enough.  But when one of the miscreant “Synagogue of Satan” is doing his level best to lead innocent people down a clearly demonic and destructive path based on outright lies mixed with half-truths, I feel the need to sound the warning voice of reason.  Who wouldn’t want to warn their neighbor that their house is on fire?

Clearly the paranoid rants of these two individuals have resulted in their own self-destructive loss of credibility, it’s not from anything I have said or done.  Here’s a news flash, Mr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane – there are no “cointelpro agents” out to “get you” and stop your “528 love mission” to save the world.    There is no dark “conspiracy” to destroy “your work”.  Mr. Lee Bracker is in no way, shape, or form, employed by myself, and neither is Mr. Alex Studer, or Mr. Ken Adachi.  I have never met, nor do I endorse Tim White and his inflammatory rhetoric.   No, in reality, in the end there is only something called truth and reason – which you apparently have a very short supply of.  Case in point: when Ms. Kane engages an individual she once explicitly trusted to video tape a phone conversation with you on Christmas Day 2010 with Kane’s stated intent being to BLACKMAIL YOU, Mr. Horowitz, I find it most telling that you BOTH do all in your power to keep people from viewing this recording because you well know that it will show the world what/who you really are. Your “gig” would be up quicker than a presidential candidate who publicly preaches morality, honor, and chastity being caught with a hooker.   You falsely call the videotape  “pornography” – which is nonsense – (but I do agree with you that the language you both used on the tape is indeed rated XXX. )

So, this then, is a followup to my earlier post:


Mr. Bracker has done his homework, and used his skills as a videographer to create the following eye-opening documentary film, and I do indeed highly endorse it.  It is remarkably well done and in my opinion, extremely accurate: