In an earlier post, I explained how the hz. frequency of magnesium, in essence the “Lamp of Life”, is the number 36.  I also explained that 36 is a “perfect 12th” (on the musical scale) of the hz. frequency registry of 432.   (36 X 12 = 432).   432 multiplied by 60 (the hz number of Calcium) gives us the number 25,920 – the exact number of years in the “grand procession” orbit of our solar system through the 12 stellar constellations of our mapped universe.

Did you know that scientists have discovered and recorded actual frequency sounds that are being emitted from the expanse of space?  Did you know that specific quasars, pulsars, and star systems are in fact pulsing and “singing” with a unique sound all their own, and are doing this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Did you know that the vast majority of these specific hz frequency sounds are all tuned to A = 432 hz?  In other words, when combined together, these cosmic notes perform music that harmonizes perfectly with the “celestial” or heavenly tone of 432 hz.  It is little wonder, now, how 432 hz. music brings greater spiritual “awareness” as it awakens the human soul and provides a more powerful spitual connection and conduit to God.

See this amazing video clip – and learn how whales and ancient Tibetan healing bowls likewise harmonize with the tone of A = 432:

This clip was posted on YouTube by a gentleman named Keith Groom.   He gives his story concerning his awakening to music specifically performed in the 432 key.   As a former Mormon, I must add that much of my awakening to biblical truth and to becoming sanctified by KNOWING and becoming ONE WITH the biblical Jesus of Nazareth came by way of music – in much the same way as Mr. Groom explains in his video.

For those with spiritual “ears to hear” – listen to Mr. Groom’s words, set to 432 music as a backdrop: